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28 Aug 2018 09:51:10
23 shots yesterday and on the whole a more attacking performance yesterday.

Are the people who said theyd be happy if we lost but played attacking football satisfied?

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28 Aug 2018 10:29:17
It was better than the first two games, so happier. But the performance couldn't really be described as 'attacking' could it?

Going from 10% attacking intent to 25% is improvement, but it's not what you'd expect from Utd going forward, nowhere close.

28 Aug 2018 10:42:23
I think Mourinho set up the team brilliantly and it's the players who have let him down, again, just as they did last week.

Lukaku missed a sitter yesterday, his goal could have totally turned the game around, just like he did last week against Brighton, although last night was easier than 8 days ago.

Another player who doesn't deserve to wear the jersey anymore is Paul Pogba, his inability to play simple football is mind-numbing. He wants out, sell him. We wanted him back, he doesn't want to be here. I think it'll be fair to him and the club if he was to leave now.

I think Matic looked off yesterday, maybe because he isn't match fit, maybe Andreas should have started yesterday.

Anyway, I don't fault Mou in either of the losses, it's the players who seem to be doing a really good job of making Mourinho looking worse that what he actually is.

28 Aug 2018 10:46:36
i don't think you can call that performance attacking.

we were running round like headless chickens, didn't have a clue what to do when we got in the final third, countless times the crossing was poor again

the first 5 minutes we were pressing trying to play the ball quick,

but after the lukaku miss we were poor yet again.

the only players looking like they gave a damn, were shaw and lingard, and to be fair to fred at least he was trying.

our big game players were missing yet again.

we can all give jose the blame but again the players were below par. mistake after mistake, i don't even think we made 5 passes before losing the ball.

already we have a mountain to climb, burnley away is a must win. top 4 is going to be a struggle already.

the players need to wake up.

28 Aug 2018 10:51:45
Raghav - There is more to management than picking a team and watching them for 90 minutes. He is meant to be preparing the players, physically and mentally - we look unprepared. Yes the players should man up, but they reflect the manager. We seemed to use up all our energy in 45 minuts, which is bad fitness and game management. Heads dropped at the Kane goal as well.

The manager is more responsible than the players as he picks them, tells them what he wants them to do and prepares them for this. One or two players have an 'off day' for other teams, but for us it's 2 or 3 players have a decent day, the rest don't turn up almost every week. BIG problem.

Remember the numerous chances Alli had, in fact Lindelof gifted Alli the virtual same chance Rose gifted Lukaku - Spurs were just as guilty of missing great chances as well.

I wouldn't want to work under Jose, we only see glimpses of what he is like, but if he is like this in public then it must be horrible being managed by him if you are on or close to his ever expanding 'naughty list'. He has lost the players imo, just like at Chelsea.

28 Aug 2018 11:16:24
I think it’s completely Jose’s fault yesterday. Spurs missed some sitters too, plus should of had a pen.

In order to make a point about how the club didn’t back him in the transfer market, he dropped the two cbs from the first two games (one from the squad entirely), and played a midfielder in defence. Our defenders have zero confidence because the manager has repeatedly intimated that they are not good enough. We were left with a back 3 that have never played together in a game against one of the best attacking sides in the league. The first half was a mess with both sides making mistakes, and generally looking like a bunch of nervous kids. Second half Spurs came out and dominated. Jose’s response when 2 nil down was, as usual, to bring on Fellaini and lump it up the field.

So we played with slightly more attacking intent, but got hammered. It all looks like his final half season with Chelsea. Jose lashing out at players, a disjointed team, and confidence shot throughout.

28 Aug 2018 11:29:13
Wondered when this would appear. Simple answer, yes. Would you not prefer a little bit more urgency, compared to that insipid performance last week. However, I'll say again. Playing good football and winning, don't have to be mutually exclusive. And one usually follows on from the other.

28 Aug 2018 12:06:11
I suppose there is that way of looking at it as well Danny your point is not lost on me despite my more optimistic posts this morning.

28 Aug 2018 12:07:40
One word answer : Yes.
A step in the right direction.
1.Defence needs addressing - I think most agree. I do not think recent
signings have improved us so far - these are José's signing that he must take responsibility for. Until this is properly sorted, bad as they can be Smalling and Jones have to stay.
2. We did everything better except put the ball in the net. Story of the last few years. I know we have multiple attacking options but we desperately need a competent goalpoacher.
3.Fred is not a finisher, at least on the right.
4 Lindeloff? Is this the same as the WC Swedish International or a twin brother?

28 Aug 2018 12:36:06
That’s the issue DW, players like Lindeloff are capable of playing much better than they do for us. For me this is an issue of confidence. Our cbs have spent the last two months listening to the manager publicly state that they are not good enough, this has a knock on effect, and decisivness is replaced by second guessing - the worst thing for a defender. Look at the difference in Shaw’s game now that Jose isn’t criticising him after every game. At a certain point it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy - the more the manager criticises/ blames the cbs, the less likely they are to play to their best.

28 Aug 2018 13:27:12
I think danny makes a really good point.



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