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07 Aug 2018 17:44:14
Woodward should not be in control of our transfer negotiations. It is clear that since Fergie and Gill left we have not had a clear and consistent transfer policy over a period of 3 managers now.
Absolute scattergun approach from our club regarding transfers.
We used to accuse others of identifying transfer targets by copying us, yet the same could now be levelled at us, sanchez, Fred in the recent past.
Woodward has had what at least 8 transfer windows and there have been few he hasn't made a mess of.
Look at the positive change in our neighbours transfer policy since begiristain has come in.
We need a radial overhaul in the same manner, enough is enough.

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07 Aug 2018 17:54:52
What is it in particular that you haven't like Ross?

The players ed has bought? The amount he has paid for them?

Is it a case where you want him to spend more because United have consistently overpaid. Maybe Woodward doesn't want to do that anymore.

07 Aug 2018 18:05:05
Its not ideal that's for sure.
I don't lay all the blame at woodwards door to be honest.
I said the other day key depts in the club are not aligned. The coach the ceo the board are not on the same page imo it looks like they are not even reading the same book.

A month ago i said that the board have 3 choices and it looks like they have chosen the worst one imo

1. Back the coach 100% sell who he doesn't want buy who he wants within teason where possible.

2. Sack the coach and get another new one.

3. Do a fudge job and do neither. Which will end up with an unhsppy coach and squad and supporters who are not getting 1 thing or the other.

We have on the fudge side at the moment with an unhappy coach 2 star players that want out. A bunch of players the manager doesn't want and hardly plays. A crap style of football that won't improve drastically without getting players in.

07 Aug 2018 18:38:29
Hi angel, no nothing to do with money for me.
Just the scattergun approach that has been evidenced since moyes, i. e. Fellini and Mata, why were both bought, what plan did these 2 players fit into or were they just at the time the best that we could have gotten, i. e, moyes as manager.
Under lvg we brought in a lot of mid level players, rojo/ blind/ darmian/ schneiderlin who were not good enough for our club.
Players like schweinsteiger and Falcao who had serious ijury concerns at the time and should not have been signed but were because of the shirts they would sell, i. e. Big names.
Di maria who did not want to be here, out of the above he is one of the only 1's I still would have signed based on his skill and form alone, just obviously didn't work under lvg.
Depay, martial and shaw clearly did not/ do not have the character at their age to play for the club.
Hererra has been the best if lvgs for me
Not all of Jose's have worked out either but they have definitely been of a better quality.

We have singed has beens and never beens for huge amounts of money on huge wages.
Alderwerield/ kante/ vidal/ mane/ salah/ sane/ de bruyne/ Ricardo rodriguez/ godin/ O dembele (before he went to dortmund) etc etc etc were/ are the type of players we should have been targeting.
Look at city, look at their transfer policy, they are making a joke out of us.

07 Aug 2018 18:43:41
Ken you have that much better than I but I am in complete agreeance with you.
My rant directed at Ed only is prob not accurate, it seems to run deeper, who even knows who runs the club, I have no clue.

07 Aug 2018 18:51:11
I'm sure sly sports had that as their headline the other day 'scatter gun united' or something alike. No matter who we sign we are still going to be Manchester United and we will support them. We have been spoiled in the fergie era and football has moved on. Should we change the players or the manager or even Woodward? That's a decision that we don't get to make we can only debate about. It's the board and the owners that make these decisions. If anybody is to blame it's them. We should all at least try and be a bit more positive towards the team and not want to replace most of our squad every season and cheer them on even when we aren't winning.

07 Aug 2018 19:07:47
Hi Danny, shooks you got me, copied the whole thing from sky sports, spelling mistakes and all 😂.
We have wasted money and regressed (certainly not progressed) the club I believe direclty because of our terrible (is this a better word for you? ) transfer policy.
We have overpaid on players in no way suitable for our club that Fergie would never have sanctioned the purchase, we have tried to cut corners, it has not worked, be that with players or managers.

07 Aug 2018 18:33:26
Agree fully with Ross and i can't see how anyone can disagree. It is Woodward job to get the players at a decent price and give them reasonable contracts. He's overpaid for most players and stuffed us with some high wages and that's why he can't get rid of the crap players.
Ken, you've hit the nail on the head. When we've needed strong and positive action, Woodward has fudged it.
I'm all for getting the best and giving them what they want, as we can sell them whenever we want (eg pogba) . But when we're getting average players, aka rojo, smalling, jones, shaw and giving them stupid wages, is it any wonder no one wants to buy them?

07 Aug 2018 19:38:59
Ross, doesn't really help that we have had quite a few different managers over the last number of years. Man united also had a manager at the club for such a long time that he had an overall plan and view and rebuilt many squads. Probably had a major say in who to sign. Then moyes is in, different approach, transfer ideas, LVG, who I believe also said he hasn't had to pick transfer targets since his time at Ajax And then Jose.

I think United haven't adapted like other clubs, DOFs and head scouts who draw up targets. We still rely heavily on the managers input where as clubs such as Bayern, Barcelona and Real all see their managers as just coaches who come and go.

I also feel ed becomes a bit of a scapegoat.

Also, city's transfers work well because they have always been willing to pay more than anyone. Their owners kind of guarantee that. We don't have that luxury regardless of how well we are doing as a business.

They also seem to be a bit further ahead in the recruitment side.

Going by the eds input, so do we.

07 Aug 2018 19:39:08
Danny good post.
I think the vast majority support whoever pulls on the jersey and want a win regardless of who is playing.
I am not a fellaini fan but when he got the last min winner i jumped as high as the next man.
Im not a shaw fan but if he plays lb this season and brings a new dynamic to the team and fulfills the potential some think he has then ill be delighted to asmit i was wrong.

Id be doing all i can to keep pogba and to resolve the tensions that exist. But if that boat has sailed and he is adamant he wants a move then i'd sell him.

I would not make the same effort to keep martial. But if we don't get our price then keep him and hope je gets a chance to shine.

We all want the team to be successful. We all want to see better football.
But this window has not pleased jose yet.
Couple of positives pereira looks kike he has developed nicely and will provide good competition for matic this year with the hope of taking over.
Tuanzebe looked good and got a great loan move.
Shaw looks like he will get an extended run.
Fred looked comfortable in his 2 short showings.
If the squad is not added to and if shaw does not improve dramatically and if dalot doesn't take over from tony then we will have more of the same i feel.

07 Aug 2018 19:46:05
AaA. Therein lies the problem. We have been told the club are open and happy to move on shaw smalling rojo darmian blind mata martial and pogba.
All those players are on top money and with a couple of exceptions are not wanted by any top clubs.
This makes it hard to shift them unless the fee is rexuced to the selling club substantially.
Smalling in my opinion would be a great asset for many epl clubs and i'd rather keep him than blow the family silver on big harry M.

07 Aug 2018 20:30:31
If the board and the coach aren't on the same page they need to sack him .
Do people really think that every manager gets all the players he wants or that every club aren't open to players moving on if the correct offer is made?
Read the pages on the site of other clubs every set if fans want xyz sold or xyz bought that's just footy.
This is just a case of getting the excuses in early .
As Angel says above at inter and Madrid Jose had very little say on transfers.
A lot of clubs hire a manager to coach there players not run the club.
You would think we were looking at relegation reading the above its a bit embarrassing.

07 Aug 2018 20:56:18
Jred we know you hate mourinho, give it a rest.
You cannot say that our transfer policy in the last 5 years has been anything other than abysmal.
The club has no structure since Fergie left, there is no plan in place, there is no development plan, lvg like him or not was the closest we got to this.
A big problem is that managers have been allowed the freedom to make some of these signings also but for players who were either not good enough ever or were not good enough anymore.
In my opinion rather than overspending on players not good enough or past it we should have signed the likes of Alderwerield/ kante/ vidal/ mane/ salah/ sane/ de bruyne/ Ricardo rodriguez/ godin/ O dembele (before he went to dortmund for much less and built a fantastic team.
Maybe then we would not be struggling to sell/ stuck with young/ darmian/ blind/ schneiderlin/ smalling/ rojo etc etc etc.
I really don't understand how you can disagree, it's as clear as day that the club has been mismanaged.
Just to note I've supported our club since 1986 so this is not about getting shiny new players, this is about our philosophy or lack thereof.

07 Aug 2018 21:09:09
You have just listed a load of shinny new players .
Mane was mentioned on the site as was alderweirield but they weren't big enough names .
Salah, no body on the site wanted him after Chelsea.
Very easy to say we should of bought xy and z .
If pogba was still at juve people would want us to sign him or Miki who was Dourtmund player of the year as was kagawa .
Your getting mixed up with bad buys and players not playing well.
Dembele? Struggled at Dortmund struggled at barce could be going to his 4th club in 4 years . 21 years old questionable attitude, talent but doesn't work hard enough for Jose. The stereotypical shinny high profile player .
We have no god given right to win things .
L8fe after fergy pal . Bit scary eh.

07 Aug 2018 21:09:23
By the way, I'm not saying lvgs plan was a good one, it wasn't, he signed a lot of these overpriced players but it did seem to be a plan nonetheless.
Its just he should not have been the one making it but perhaps a Dof or transfer committee or perhaps just a competent board.

07 Aug 2018 21:09:45
Rosspique you changed your name?

07 Aug 2018 21:33:26
Jred i agree entirely if the board won't let jose run the team as he sees fit they should sack him.

08 Aug 2018 00:46:03
Jose works for United that's it, it's man United not Jose United.

As ed has said he has been backed by the board as Jose has said no manager gets every thing he wants tho .
The moaning on here is pathetic .

I love the Jose needs the players he wants.
Jose wanted fellaini the same people suddenly say he shouldn't be in the team .

3rd season millions spent backed by the club this is Jose team and it's time to deliver.



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