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07 Aug 2018 09:24:10
What's up guys reading your page and wanted a couple of opinions. To get it out of the way I think you guys are fooked. But I don't want you to be.

I think you've the third best squad in the league. City first Liverpool second slightly unproven but through rose tinted glasses I have us on par to city, then you guys.

My first issue though WAY too many attacking options all potentially should be playing but none of them playing to their best arguably. Rashford Martial Lingaard Sanchez Lukaku Mikhitaryian plus others and that doesn't fit into 3/ 4 especially when most want to play 9/ 10 and they certainly all do not fit into 1/ 2 spots. I think a decision needs to be made and some of these need to move on.

Defence needs strengthening. You're good defensively because if set up but how you play stifles your attackers because if you played more expansive your defence would be exposed. I think this is your biggest problem honestly. Side note what happened Bailly thought he looked decent? . Problem is I don't think you can afford the best defenders while having so many attackers earning crazy money, I know you guys are the richest club but it has to stop somewhere. You're clearly looking to strengthen but let's be real, Mina/ Maguire won't solve rubbish. Alderweireld if at prior form will certainly help. I also think a proper protective midfielder would help massively in this department but am not aware of efforts in this area? Finally I also think Herrera is key in midfield from the point if I think he is your best player at retaining the ball in midfield allowing the team to move out of the defensive shape.

Full backs also definitely need improving IMO but probably not going to happen this window. Also get shaws head right and play the kid again not 100% what's going on here.

Final point, the manager. As aforementioned I get the defensive football to protect your defense which has issues even though it puts me to sleep, mourinho sees it as best chance of results and that's his job. If however over this window and January your defence + midfield improves and you still see bad football well then clearly we've got a problem and you need to get rid of mou at this point.

They're an opposite reds thought on where I think its possible for you guys to do well, however on current trajectory I see you challenging for fourth more than first. Which I do not want to see as I would love to challenge and beat you guys to the title.

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07 Aug 2018 10:07:28
As long as we have Mkhitaryan on the right we will be fine mate so don't worry about us, I can't see him going anywhere any time soon.

07 Aug 2018 10:10:45
Good post.

I dislike Mourinhos style. Personally i'd prefer to attack.
The pkayers we have could rip teams apart. instead it sit back and hopefully get a goal on the counter attack.

Before we played you at Anfield last season, we looked immense.
The game their changed it for us. Liverpool were there for the taling and Mourinho parkd the bus.

After that, it felt like the players didn't believe Mourinho had confidence in them.

07 Aug 2018 10:17:26
If you are going to pretend like you know what you are talking about at least take the 30 seconds to google our current squad. Mkhitaryan? Get outta here.

07 Aug 2018 10:31:51
Yeah forgot about that honestly GDS2 . Throw mata in instead. Now that I look at your squad though you actually need wingers? Unless you tell Martial you're the one to be our pacey winger which I think you should do? Could solve some issues if he's willing. Him to stay wide one side Sanchez to drift from the other lingaard in the middle behind lukaku?

Problem is I feel rashfird martial Sanchez and lukaku all want to play up top and mata lingaard and pogba all want to be in behind, hence I'm saying decisions need to be made on what your plan is going forward.

07 Aug 2018 11:15:12
On par with City.

Is this year going to be your year?

07 Aug 2018 11:16:36
It's Lingard.

I would just have a read of our page over the last few weeks, I think you will get most of the opinions you want from everyone, your opinion is clearly going to be massively biased in the opposite direction.

Appreciated that it is not just a 'banter' post but this team that is 'fooked' finished above your amazing side last season, so let's see how we go, the expectations are high at Liverpool and seemingly extremely low at United, the PR exercise Liverpool do every summer is in overdrive whereas the press are telling anyone who will listen how terrible United are, when the truth is somewhere in the middle.

07 Aug 2018 11:50:59
Wow I thought it was a half decent post lol. We really seem to be on the defensive here guys, I don't think his post meant any malice.

07 Aug 2018 11:51:09
Are you taking the miki.

07 Aug 2018 12:23:25
Thanks Ay3 I did still say you have 3rd best squad and clearly stated my opinion on Liverpool was biased. Gds2 it was quite clearly banter the "fooked" part. I gave opinions on what I thought you had to do to challenge and what I thought would happen if you did not.

At the moment I'm not seeing any opinions in response a few just dismissing the post as I forgot a player left in January. I was over here up for a discussion and tried to give an unbiased view but obviously you guys aren't felling the best at the moment!

07 Aug 2018 12:48:50
Shane I guess you came here because you felt your team has done a great bit of business and united are in more bad state. So you came here to play the nice guy and give your honest 'unbiased' opinion ;-) :-P.

Best wishes for the new season mate, hopefully united surprise everyone in the next two days. I still believe we will finish above you.



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