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06 Aug 2018 15:44:20
Sorry to be that guy but for me its time to remove Mourinho. I would rather keep a happy Pogba, Martial, Shaw, Rashford ect and have someone encourage and build a team rather than Mourinho spending hundreds of millions on short term "success". His current attitude just stinks of his last season at Chelsea. He seems to have already lost the players and it won't be too long before he has a go at the doctor.

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06 Aug 2018 15:52:16
Lost the players based on what evidence? They all seem happy to me.

06 Aug 2018 16:03:42
Martial Is desperate to leave, Pogba's agent has been meeting with other teams, Luke Shaw can't put a foot right, I'm assuming Rashford can't be happy with his game time last year. The whole defense often gets bad mouthed in the media.

Granted a lot of this may just be paper talk but If my manager at work was consistently bad mouthing me, my work, my work ethic and saying that me and my colleagues are not not good enough then I don't think I would be very happy.

If I had a choice of a happy Pogba and Martial staying or Mourinho at this time I would much rather keep the first 2. Another manager may be able to bring the best out of them.

06 Aug 2018 16:12:57
If a player isn't happy playing for Man Utd then they need to leave. I didn't realize that we are now in the making random players happy business.

06 Aug 2018 16:13:13
Luket, rashford is still young and raw and is not expected to shoulder the responsibility of starting every game. Seeing him being given the no10 I think puts to bed the idea he may want out and a lack of faith from the club. As the Donald would say 'fake news'.

06 Aug 2018 16:45:45

What are you talking about? Jose out is one thing but to list players that uve decided are unhappy.

Pogba never really wanted utd, justb a stepping stone, shaw is useless and has been under 4 managers, martial could fall in a bucket of tits and look like he only managed to suck his thumb - he's that miserable naturally and rash, rash is home grown and loves utd. he's seemes happy in the actual photos I've seen in the rags.

06 Aug 2018 17:05:22
Question is, will any new manager get more out of the current squad? I assume the reason there are no new ins is that to buy we need to sell. In which case, name a manager (in the top half) who has come in and not spent heavily to generate better success on the pitch? The big challenge we have had this closed season is that we haven't been able to shift the fringe players who need moving on so that we can give more game time to the next generation and hire quality. Both the World Cup and the fact our fringe players are on massive wage packets has meant no new ins. That's not the managers fault as he isn't involved in negotiating wages.

06 Aug 2018 17:19:06
Maybe you're all right. I have never wanted to see Mourinho in the job since day one so my judgement is probably clouded. I'm 29 and this is the only season in my life that I am coming in with no hope of winning the league.

I really think we would be better off with a young exciting manager who can build a squad rather than demanding over £100 million be spent each year and then ignoring the ones we brought the year prior. Mourinho's negativity and attitude just sucks the life out of the club for me.

Fergie always said that no one is or should be bigger than the team. Mourinho for me is proving that wrong. No matter the score on the weekend its always his comments that make the news.

06 Aug 2018 17:45:25
Rashford not happy with games? Does he want to play less, can't play many more than he did last season. I'm sure he was out most used outfield player for us.

06 Aug 2018 17:58:21
From the bench!

06 Aug 2018 18:21:05
Mikeymike there are a few managers. I know everyone always goes to Leicester winning the league, Spurs have had a net spend of about 20 million since Poch took over and they have progressed. Burnley have improved a lot with very little spend. I know our squad is not as good as City's but i believe it should be preforming a lot better. I don't think the players fit the styles Mourinho wants to play.

In regard to the transfers I totally agree we need to clear space but I worry with the players we are linked with if we are moving forward. Maguire had a great world cup and a decent season last year but does that warrant the massive fee or will we just end up with another player in 2 years we can't move on due to wages. Boateng has had injury issues for the past few years. Dalot looks promising but is unknown at this level. Fred looks very good though.

06 Aug 2018 18:29:18
Indeed Danny C. Maybe he wanted to start for other clubs too.

06 Aug 2018 21:07:14

Did the club put Beckham before SAF? If they had what would have been the outcome? If you put players in front of the manager it is a very steep slope, next manager does something the players done like or asks them to do something they don’t want to do they know a quick sulk gets the manager the boot, then it will repeat. The board should make decisions on the tenure of a manager but not because some players sulk.

06 Aug 2018 22:37:06
True Redman. Beckham thought he was bigger than the team so he was moved on. SAF knew that nobody should be bigger or more important than the team or the club yet in the media everyday we don't hear about the results or the players we only ever hear about one thing, Mourinho.

Granted I have only lived through 4 Man Utd managers but i don't remember any manager at any team that has that sort of influence.

07 Aug 2018 02:08:37
luket. haven't you noticed that about 90% of "stories" from so the called "news" media are just negative trash stories. don't read too much into it. a good example was the martial and his newborn. journos (if you can call the leeches journos) tried to make it look like martial was missing training. its unfortunate but bad news seems to sell better. creating drama for profits sake.



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