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04 Aug 2018 11:34:20
If Pogba leaves and no central midfielder is bought in to replace him, we will have the same amount of midfielders as last year with AP and Fred being brought into the squad. The Pogba money could then go on to a right sided midfielder - Bale or Willian. Thoughts?

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04 Aug 2018 11:46:45
Think the Bale ship has sailed and wouldn't want to pay over the odds for willian . Agree it is an area that should be strengthened but can only see Pogba going if we possibly do a deal regarding a player from potential buying club. That is based on replies/ responses on here and nothing else ;just the way I read it.

04 Aug 2018 11:49:03
Whilst I have no issue with Pogba leaving, that is based on us bringing in a world class alternative. He really frustrates me as he has it all in his locker, but is far too inconsistent for a team like us. Pogba could occasionally pull a rabbit from the hat, for the money we should get for him we should buy a more consistent magician. If we don't we will suffer, because we already lack creativity and composure in midfield, Pogba brings this some times. What he lacks is energy/ desire, so if we can get somebody with charisma and the willingness to work we should be fine and I'll be thankful to see the back of the 'Pogba Show' as it's tedious.

Can't help but feel Vidal would have been fine for a couple of years at the price Barcelona paid. Maybe Kroos as well as the manager seems to like him and he has grown on me. Banega looks tasty as well. I'm saying older players as Jose prefers these to young ones of course. Pulisic, Veratti, Sidibe and Rose would be the four signings I'd make if it was down to me - all debatable of course.

Most pressing issue is full backs, CM irrespective of whether Pogba goes and definitely RW. Same as the past 3-4 years though. 99% of people can see where we fall short, but time and again the club ignore or do nothing about these key issues. All I read about is CB's, but that area whilst not perfect is something we can leave be whilst we address much bigger issues with the team. I have no idea what we are playing at.

04 Aug 2018 12:30:40
Beast to be honest, if Juve were PP next club I wouldn't be upset at Pjanic and Sandro coming our way as part of some sort of deal.

04 Aug 2018 12:31:30
The only person I would like too replace pogba now at this late stage of the transfer window is Eriksson from Tottenham. Be a great buy. Plus he is proven in the league. I think any1 else is too much of a gamble. Maybe Eriksson and Toby for martial +cash. What do you guys think?

04 Aug 2018 12:33:36
I absolutely don't want pogba to leave but if he does, willian is a definite for me.

04 Aug 2018 12:39:33
My thoughts.
1. Pogba to stay.
2. Bale never. Probably unavailable anyway.
3. CB or RW? We have had a massive hole rt side for 2/ 3 yrs but had the 2nd best defence last yr so if we intend signing a 29 yr old would prefer willian to Toby.
4. RB we have Tony tfm and diadlot LB Young, englands lb plus Shaw. LB may need to be looked at next season but not this season.
5. Jose to stay. 2 trophies 1st season runners up in league and cup last season and yet people still say we aren't making progress.

Is everything perfect at the club. no. but the new season is almost upon us so let's get behind the club the manager and the players and wish all of them the best for the season.

04 Aug 2018 12:44:18
Pogba can leave if he wants. He hasn't done much at United for us to miss him. He never wanted to come to us and has shown he doesn't want to listen to what the manager has to say for him to improve his game then he can go where he wants.

There is ni point keeping a unhappy playe4 for another year. If there is a chance to move Pogba on and get Dembele from Barcelona and Toby from spurs then we will be fine this year.

I actually think Perera has looked good tmin pre-season and Fred might surprise a few of us.

04 Aug 2018 12:49:03
Eriksson is great if he is given time but then again so can be the passing of shelvy at newcastle. he dissappears if he gets closed down/ hassled imo. TA has never seemed a good investment at the figures quoted given his age but he is a good player and it looks probable tbh. I think most would want pogba to stay if he performs to his potential but the signs do look ominous.

05 Aug 2018 11:34:10
I’m honestly shocked at the willingness to allow pogba to leave. Yes he doesn’t perform as consistently as a Keane/ Scholes etc. But only de brunye/ silva and Eriksson has better combined goals/ assists last season and those three did it playing for more games and all in a more advanced position that pogba.

He looked a terrific player under allegri and conte and also for France. It’s only under Jose’s safety first belt and braces tactics that seem to stifle him. He shouldn’t play without any responsibility but we should be giving this lad the freedom to express himself. We’ll regret it if we let him go, people asking for New shiny players to come in with no certainty they’ll perform instead of developing the huge talent we have is ludicrous. Kroos we don’t know who he’ll perform in the premier league. He’s not blessed with pace so him and matic together don’t fill me with excitement, SMS is unproven for that sort of money and have we seen anything to suggest he’s better than pogba? He didn’t blow me away at the World Cup. Ramsey! Behave yourself.

Give pogba a break and get behind him. Whatever you think of him I’d say he cares more about our club than the present incumbent of the managers seat.



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