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03 Aug 2018 08:13:17
I'm surprised about the negativity around the potential signing of Yerry Mina.

I'll start by saying he isn't the centre back I would sign. However, he is an ideal player for the system Jose likes to play. He is dominant in the air in both boxes. Strong in the tackle, a defensive wall. He isn't phenomenal at playing the ball out from the back, but he isn't awful either.

A lot of the stick seems to come from the idea that he hasn't succeed or played much at Barcelona. In that respect you have to understand the regulations in la Liga. Spanish top flight teams can only have 3 "non EU" players registered in their squad. Last season this was Coutinho, Mina and Paulinho. Messi has taken duel citizenship due to the period of time he has lived in Spain (needs to be at least 5 years) . Suarez has duel Italian citizenship though his Italian wife. The signing of Arthur put Barcelona over their limit, until Paulinho was sold.

So as it stands, Coutinho, Arthur and Mina are Barcelona's three non-EU players. However, they would like to sign Vidal, so another must leave.

There are regulations about how many non-Spanish players you can have on the field at anyone time as well. This further limits the amount of game time a non-Spanish non-EU player can get when attempting to break into a Spanish club sides first team.

Also just because a player doesn't suit one team or one league that doesn't mean they won't suit a different team or different league.
Several pundits have claimed Mina looks suited to the EPL, and in any ways I agree with them. He has quick feet, reacts wells, and is a colossus at both ends of the pitch. He has 6 goals in 15 international games as a CB.

That ability in both boxes will suit Mourinho's style.

With both Smalling and Rojo looking likely to leave bringing a new CB is obviously an area of need.

Alderweireld is clearly everyone's first choice. However, I can understand the clubs reluctance to spend 75m on a 29 year old who'll be available for 25m next summer. Is he that good that he's worth 50m for one season?

So I can see why the club would explore other options.

Is Mina the best option, I'm not sure. But if he is to join maybe it's best to wait and see how he performs for us before we go writing him off. Remember how many people scoffed at Barcelona signing Paulinho last summer. Yet he has one of their best players last season. Let's give any new lads a chance before we write them off.

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03 Aug 2018 08:29:28
I'm with you on this Shappy!

03 Aug 2018 08:34:22
He can't defend, that isn't writing him off it is just a fact.

03 Aug 2018 08:39:32
Waiting to see how they perform before writing them off seems like a novel idea Shappy 😉.

03 Aug 2018 08:57:52
Totally agree all round Snappy.

03 Aug 2018 09:22:43
I agree with most of that shappy. The difficulty i have with it is that would make 3 signings grant excluded that have no epl or top level experience and that's high risk if they take time to adjust which they will.
None are top level proven on a consistent basis. We have 2 23yo cb's already with great potential. They need an old head beside them imo.

03 Aug 2018 09:29:23
Didn’t realise that La Liga had limits on the number of non Spanish players in the side.

Wish we had clear criteria in England in this issue to protect our players a bit more.

{Ed002's Note - It is not non Spanish players.}

03 Aug 2018 09:46:38
I didn't think he was great at defending Shappy. He's tall a d strong and that immediately puts him in Mourinho's good books.
I thought he gave away a lot of fouls during the WC and together with the rest of the Colombian team, was playing rugby style football more akin to the 3rd division.

03 Aug 2018 09:49:51
Mina is a gamble imo but that's football and most signings are .
Look at pogba huge talent huge price tag after 2 seasons the manager wants shot?
A lot of people thought pogba would be the missing part of the jigsaw, seems the jigsaw is getting bigger .

Biggest question for me is can we get the best out of the players we have? If we can we are in for an entertaing season.

03 Aug 2018 09:55:50
Being negative about a potential signing isn't the same as writing off a new signing. He hasn't signed for us yet and I hope he doesn't. But if he does, I'll keep an open mind, support the player and hope he proves my initial thoughts wrong.

03 Aug 2018 10:01:13
I don't know a lot about him either but I wouldn't be surprised if UTD don't go back in for TOBY in January anyway.

One frightening development in last 24 hours concerning incoming players the 2 words no football fan wants to hear . Jerome Boateng! However good or mad Mina is the one thing in his favour is he can't be as bad as Boateng . can he?

03 Aug 2018 10:17:44
Well I gave them the two primary targets, that they couldn't sign. Insisted on another one so I gave them Mina. No worries I don't plan to play him I will use Matic as CB. So it doesn matter if he is good or not.

03 Aug 2018 10:22:26
I understand your point Shappy but this deal makes absolutely no sense to me.

World Cup aside he hasn't played much football recently, I think he only started about 6 games for Barcelona by all accounts. He's relatively inexperienced so the thought that he'll hit the ground running and become the bedrock of our defence is fanciful at best. Coming to a new country, joining a new club without any pre season preparation, playing in a different league he's bound to need time to settle and acclimatise. It's taken Lindelof over 12 months and he's still no nearer cementing his place in the first team.

Forgive my figures but I think Barcelona paid around £10m for him last year. They are now asking over £30m for a player they've hardly played and are desperate to off load.

We already have decent options at CB. What we really need is a first choice player that will improve our team immediately, hit the ground running and become the linchpin and leader of our defence. (That is if we're serious about challenging for the league in the immediate future) .

Mina in time may prove to be a very shrewd signing but he's a big risk and not for the here and now. We'd be much better offloading Darmian, Rojo even Smalling or Jones and using the money to offset Alderweireld.

We're just as likely to end up with a £30m flop, probably on massive wages that we can't move on rather than finding the rock of our defence. It's a risk not worth taking in my opinion and I'd much rather see Jose pair Bailly with Lindelof if we can't get our first choice. It smacks of desperation to me. In any case if Jose wants to play 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 I think a RW is much more important for the balance of the side.

03 Aug 2018 11:15:27
I get what a lot of people are saying, he wouldn't be a player I would look to bring in either.

I just think it's ridiculous on here at this time of year. One minute everyone is crying over no signings being made, sreaming that we should have made signings already and we should have back up choices if our first choices don't work out, and we can't expect Mourinho to succeed without new players.

Then those same people kick up a fuss when we likely to sigh a player as it's not the one they wanted.

Wake up people you support a football club, and you have no say over who that club signs. You can write to Santa and give him your wish list, but it's Ex Woodward, Jose Mourinho and the United board who decided on who we sign.

It's fine having an opinion on a player, I agree with many of the well put points about Mina. Yes it will likely take time for him to settle, yes it is experience we are missing more than anything, and from what I have seen he doesn't look like the ball playing defender many of us want or feel we need.

However, I disagree when people say he can't defend. Based on what? You might have only seen him in 2-3 games maximum. No one can make that sort of sweeping statement and be accurate on such a small sample.

He has qualities that suit Jose Mourinho and his style of play. We don't concede many goals from open play. There are several reasons for this such as sitting deep and in numbers providing little space for the opposition. Where we did concede was at set plays, which is one of the reasons Smalling was picked so often.

Mina is a beast in the air, and would go some way to solving one of the key defensive weaknesses we had last season. It might not be what you want to see, but I have repeatedly told you Jose won't change his style and will look to improve the implementation of his style rather than change it.

If you don't like this kind of signing then you don't like Jose football, which is fine. I don't like his style of play and would hope to see a more expansive style with centre backs who are more comfortable on the ball. We won't see that under Jose though. So you'll just have to be happy with the signings that work for Jose football.

03 Aug 2018 11:15:50
Agreed Dlib. Also Alderweild or McGuire for me. I think Barcelona are pulling a fast one, i was not impressed with him at all.
As the posters say, we need a player that knows the league and is used to the surroundings and lifestyle. Both Alderweild and McGuire fit the bill perfectly. We just need to get rid of Rojo and one between Smalling and jones.

03 Aug 2018 11:28:28
People are saying he can’t defend but on what basis? I know I certainly haven’t seen him play much football, but Barcelona are a damn good team. Maybe that’s why he’s not playing or he’s a defender who doesn’t suit their style. Vidic wouldn’t have suited playing for them.
How do we know he wasn’t looked at before Barcelona signed him.

03 Aug 2018 11:33:42
He is highly rated and i would certainly sign him above Maguire but if we have a chance of Toby then he should be the one we should go after.

I also think Lindelof and Bailly will be our firsr choice cb this year.

{Ed004's Note - I was against it at the start but after watching the formation in pre-season I think Willian and Alderwerield could transform us. Would be massive upgrades}

03 Aug 2018 11:54:20
Fully agree AAA.

Shappy - Your right mate I think Mina is more of a Jose type defender and I don't buy into the idea that just because a player doesn't make it at one Club they can't be a success elsewhere. you've emphasised the positives, I've just highlighted the negative's which in my opinion outweigh the positives. you've already said that you wouldn't sign him yourself, just giving your opinion on why he might be a target which I fully agree with. Great debate anyway!

03 Aug 2018 11:53:04
Not seen that much of him but played with a lot of heart at the World Cup. Looked a warrior against England. Let's hope he can settle in and adjust to the culture, if he's signed of course.

03 Aug 2018 13:18:26
As shaps say fans have no choice who we buy so just sit back and enjoy .

03 Aug 2018 13:58:49
I agree with u ed, Toby is needed and definitely need a right winger if we are going to be keeping Valencia as our first choice right back and Dalot is very young .

03 Aug 2018 14:17:33
What if we got both him and Toby? Unlikely but who knows.



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