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29 Jul 2018 16:32:09
Toxics out in full force.

Forget football. Go watch some cricket for a week. England will play us (India) in a test match. You guys beat us in the ODIs and i expect the same in the longer format. Go enjoy that. May be that will take your mind off things for sometime.

Honestly guys, how do you live with yourself day in day out with so much negativity in your head.

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29 Jul 2018 16:54:09
So criticize mourinho for his constant moaning you are toxic. I wonder what mourinho is then, he has already called out valencia for being injured too much, criticized woodward for not spending enough and martial for not getting back as soon as his baby was born and called most of the team barring alexis that is currently in US rubbish. All this and season hasn't even begun.

29 Jul 2018 16:55:27
Thanks for the tip. Here's my tip for you United Addict. Go and pick a game, any game at random from 1994-2012 involving Man Utd. Then come back and tell me if it wasn't more entertaining than the very best game you have seen Jose's Utd play (1/ 100 chance Jose's was better and that's if you cheat) .

BTW - Cricket is having to evolve quickly in order to keep support from drifting off on account of boredom (5 day game is on it's last legs as well as are most county matches with more people turning up to watch Sunday League Pub Football matches than County Cricket games) .

There are many of us that have supported the team for decades, good times and bad - never has it been so depressing being a fan that wants to enjoy the football we play rather than endure it! So I hope the Toxics do what they do best, because the club is in a bad way football wise and rather than burying their head in the sand they need to be proactive and do what needs to be done.

People that are addicted often struggle to look at things objectively.

29 Jul 2018 17:31:50
UA - not sure who is "toxic " in your opinion or how you reach the conclusion that people have so much negativity in their heads, but this is a site about man utd football club where the majority want success with style from our team. Its pretty obvious from your post that your pessimistic attitude does not put you in the same category:enjoy the cricket!

29 Jul 2018 17:53:26
Valencia, as captain of this club, should be returning to pre-season without being over-weight. And on Martial, it's literally his chance to show Mourinho he deserves an opportunity, he is still an employee of the club and should be respecting his contract and now his child has been born he should be fighting his way into the team. Players have it way too easy nowadays.

29 Jul 2018 18:01:35
United Addict. This has to be the single most futile post I've read on this site.
Our manager has basically called the whole team, management, fans as being useless. He's refused to answer questions on our title chances. And you're telling us we're negative and toxic. That is utter tripe.
If toxic is what we need to get rid of this man who is hell bent on destroying our club, then toxic we are. And by the way, many of us on here have supported United through thick and thin, promotion and relegation since the late 60s. So we have a slight inkling when things are not quite right. Forgive us for listenning to our manager writing us off completely and getting a bit depressed with his tedious interviews and tactics.

29 Jul 2018 18:11:37
Scholes - Maybe the players (like many fans) have had enough of the manager!

29 Jul 2018 18:24:03
Or maybe you just don't read too much into what jose says as Ed002 has already mentioned.

29 Jul 2018 18:24:48
CSM, have you seen the teamsheet in the US. What do you expect? I bet 7-8 of these won't be in the team come 10th August. And by the way, i didn't mention Jose in my post. Get your head out of his ass for once.

Beast, you and i have different definitions of entertainment. I am a winner and i would rather win 1-0 then keep losing 4-3. So i don't care if its 1994 or 2018. I enjoy seeing my team winning. I would hate to be Arsenal and entertain folks rather than being competitive. Mind you we were second to a record shattering City side. We all knew we had a few loopholes to fix which the board has so far failed to. As for Cricket, its the game that's evolving not the strategies. What you are saying is that we should have a football game of 20 min? To your point of what Toxics do best, if you had kept your mouth shut during LVG, you wouldn't have got Jose in the first place. So sometimes when you don't have anything good to say, its better to be silent and see how things unfold.

Cookyman, tell me that the posts on this page fills you with happiness. I am sure most will rejoice the day Jose goes. I will back the next manager same way i did Lvg and same i do for Jose. Manchester United has no god given right to be succesful but i am sure every person on its payroll works hard for the same, including Jose. He is playing the media if you have followed him for a decade and a half you come to know these things. He is asking for investment. Half the population wanted Pogba gone before the world cup and now everyone blames Jose for not getting the best out of him. Jose has simply said that Pogba needs to have the same commitment when playing for us which he has for France. He wanted Sandro and we want a LB, did the board get him? Bale? Go figure mate. I am hardly a pessimist. Rather the opposite.

Overreaction to this PR excercise in US is absolutely mind boggling. Judge the team including the manager during the season.

I will enjoy cricket, football, swimming, hockey, golf, badminton everything that i like to watch or do. I simply get on with life rather than keep cribbing like a small child.

29 jul 2018 18:51:04
united addict-plenty of posts to both amuse or bring a happy thought provoking bit of banter on the page. again at no point did my post mention getting rid of jose, it was simply an observation/ opinion that we as a club don't seem to be as adept at getting our preferred targets as quickly as we have over the previous years- not specific years but in the past. quite an open and non confrontational post. ed002 rewplied and as i answered the intent was to discuss/ debate peoples thoughts- at no point did i become obnoxious or toxic to you or others but your sarcastistic crap regarding toxicity and watching cricket was uncalled for. you have never and won't ever be in a position to tell me what to watch that is one certainty in this and every forthcoming transfer window. regarding your pessimism you stated your team would probably lose in regards to cricket :that is not exactly optimistic. like others on here you made a comment then tried to justify it going off at a tangent. i have never come onto this site for argument or confrontation as i am adult enough to realise that football is like about opinions, and they are like arseholes- everyone has one and am replying to one!

29 Jul 2018 19:45:13
I'm very much Jose IN because he has made us better and relevant on the pitch again. That is my opinion - many disagree and let us know most days. So, let's try something new.

Who would you replace him with? Now bear in mind that some people are not available, whilst others would not be interested.

What managers that are realistically available and interested are better because I genuinely cannot think of anyone.

29 Jul 2018 20:56:31
This site shows that once people have an opinion it's very hard for anyone to change it . Some want Jose gone before a ball is kicked and some will back him no matter what even if it's tripe .
He came second he duznt deserve the sack however he has to serve up better stuff than he often did . I hope people have an open mind and let's see what happens and form our opinion based on that .
To know if it's a success or not you need to first know what yr guideline is, for me a challenge for top spot, not based just on league position coming second but knowing yr out of it by Xmas and ending up 20 points behind isn't a challenge for top spot for me, I want come Easter to atleast think we have a chance . City broke records last season but whoever is top and however many points they have it is the yardstick to judge against, that's cuts both ways the leaders may have a much lower haul . In Europe I can accept elimination to a big team full of star players as only one can win it but personally I don't want us affraid of teams like Seville again, Seville were a better team than we thought but I thought we were far too timid with them .

29 Jul 2018 21:22:36
Most sensible thing I've seen posted on here for some time Slate. Top post, agree with all of it.

29 Jul 2018 22:02:07
Slate great post pal.

29 Jul 2018 22:25:26
Great post, Slate. I'm just struggling to reconcile the feeling of loyalty towards José, when he would have dumped us like a hot potato to go to Paris.

29 Jul 2018 22:40:29
Its Jose. What more can we say? Is there better out there who are available? I'm not so sure. Is the club in the best shape since SAF left? No doubt.
End of the day its about actually playing the game. After really thinking about it, I can't call for a manager to be sacked before a ball is kicked. Especially with the lack of options we have. Its a big job and we can't get someone in who isn't up to it. The last 5 years have shown that. It dosnt take a lot these days to wreck a club but it takes the best part of a decade to recover. Give Jose until Xmas unless results don't go our way. Is that not the most logical way to look at it?

29 Jul 2018 23:50:11
dont read too much he is taking the pressure off the players and trying to force the board to invest in the first team squad. he's probably told Martial the opposite to what he said in the post match interview.

The comment about Valencia was blatantly at the board. seems like he wanted a right back.

29 Jul 2018 23:44:03
united addict as regards cricket i would rather watch paint dry.

30 Jul 2018 05:54:12
Scholes has valencia ever had weight issues or fitness issues before, if someone has these issues especially a player who has always been a model professional you should be handling this inhouse.

Martial had his baby on thursday i think, are you seriously saying that the minute the baby is born he should be jetting off to another continent where we have 2 games to play and 1 of which martial won't even be eligible for. Look at how a similar situation with clyne is being handled by klopp, there is a reason why klopp doesn't face player revolts the way mourinho has to at every job.

UnitedAddict most of the team are kids and reserves what do you expect in a world cup year? But if that means the manager is well within his right to call them rubbish, then you and mourinho seem to have found a management book that no one else in the world refers to. Pep is in the same boat as mourinho but again look at what his comments were on the same issue, Mourinho blames everyone but himself for his issues and is needlessly aggressive, it seems his fanboys are employing the same strategy. Also Mr. Winner what exactly did we win last season?



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