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22 Jul 2018 10:39:35
I am starting to feel concerned for the coming season. Two weeks on Friday is our first game and I don't see a championship winning team as things stand. I know there is still 18 days left in the transfer window but whoever we may buy needs to be integrated into the club and with the World Cup absentees I feel it is starting to get late for making us bridge a gap to improve quickly enough to challenge. We need a good start.

We can bury our heads in the sand but we cannot ignore the aggression Liverpool have shown in the market, they are displaying the same sureness of direction City did in recent years and it is hard to see how we would finish above them or City this season. I can't see the same sureness of direction in our board. What is Woodward doing at the moment, answers on the back of a postage stamp.

It will take something collossal to surpass teams that are already organised like City and Liverpool. Woodward needs to display there is a direction and not just in terms of commercial acumen in the boardroom.

{Ed033's Note - If you think Manchester United can't win the Championship, then there is a problem.

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22 Jul 2018 10:59:44
Red man your right, I was thinking about this. Woodward a good man for the business side of the game.
Like last year with perisic could have bought him on the cheap and this year did we rush in to buying fred, I thought by now at least 4 or 5 would have been sold.
If we sell pogba has he an upgrade lined up.
Lot of question marks for me.
We need a director.

22 Jul 2018 11:34:32
Perisic didn’t want to come to United by all accounts? How have we rushed into buying Fred? Jose has already said the deal was looked at for a long time, he was obviously identified and we went and got him early in the summer.
How do we all know that Woodward is sitting with his feet up doing sod all. For all we know, he could be working on 2-3 transfer deals.
Liverpool sign a couple of players and United fans fall to bits with worry. Remember Klopp has spend close to £400 million and produced zero trophies.
I’m not Jose’s biggest fan, don’t particularly like him to be honest but he wins things, has done for 15+ years. My betting is we have 2 more quality signings through the door before the window shuts and they won’t be named that have been speculated by all the media either.

22 Jul 2018 11:44:33
I've got to admit I'm feeling a bit nervous now with only about 2 weeks to go and only 1 first team signing we all no what we need player wise and there's lots of talk about players who we are after but it seems like we in no rush. but still couple of weeks left and we have players to promote if we don't do anything else hopefully the youngsters can show on pre season why they should be in the team.

22 Jul 2018 11:54:40
So a lot of talk about United not doing the business right, Woodward and Mou are apparently just wasting time and not buying the players whom they should be buying.

We bought two players, Fred and Dalot. The latter is one for the future, I mean I will hope he can dislodge Valencia at RB this season, but if he doesn't, then I hope he is given a fair chance to prove himself worthy.

Everyone has written off Fred, like literally, written him off. And can anyone tell me a good enough reason for that? Do any of the posters know enough about him, that they feel United have made a mistake? According to Ed 002, we rushed into buying him and that could mean two things; either he has an injury, which we have completely ignored or we could have signed another midfield players AKA Mr. Toni Kroos who seems to be the one midfielder that Jose wants to buy as well.

If the problem is, that we will have too many midfielders to choose from, then I personally feel it's a damn good problem to have. As a manager, if I can choose between Pogba, Fred, Kroos, Matic, Herrera, Fellaini, and the other youth academy guys, then I'd be quite pleased with the depth that we have.

As far as other teams as concerned, the likes of Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, even Arsenal, they will buy players and whether we like it or not, they will buy some good players and some bad players. Chelsea are sort of in another transition with a new manager coming in and they are still trying to sort out their striker hassles, Arsenal have bought a couple of good players, Liverpool have spent good money on the one player they needed the most (GK)

And the fact that we haven't sold any of our players, then that just tells you about the quality of the players that we have. Bang on average. If we can't sell Smalling to any other club, then that just tells you how poor the player really is. Players that want to sulk, because they have to work hard to impress the boss should also leave (personal opinion) . The fact that Alexis has stagnated Martial's and Rashford's growth is just crap. How can a player let some other player decide if he will develop into a better player or not? Yes, Alexis did disrupt our game and he might not have been the player we should have gone for, but guess what, he is here and he will probably be here till December. If he gives us his 100% without cribbing then I'll be a happy man.

We have about 18 days left for the Transfer Window to be shut, we don't need big names to walk through the door, we want players who would improve us. United, at least in the post SAF era have not said no to offering money to players, so I'd request fellow posters to not worry about Woodward not spending the dough.

22 Jul 2018 12:01:26
Could have bought perisic last July cheaper than we could now.
Ed002 said we might have rushed in to buying fred.
But you might know something the rest of us don't.
I'm not panicking just yet.
And ibra should have never got another year added on.

22 Jul 2018 12:03:04
Leahy nobody wants our players. The club are trying hard to sell a few but nobody is prepared to pay decent money for them.
I thought we pulsed ajax pants down getting what we got for blind.

I mean who would pay decent money for them as per ed002 jones shaw darmian martial and smalling are all for sale. Jesus martial has said he wants to leave and we havnt had 1 offer revealed which surprises me to be honest.
I would have thought there would be interest In smalling from the botto. Half epl teams at the very least but so far nothing.

Still plenty of time.

22 Jul 2018 12:32:10
There are still 18 days left that's true, but if we're going to buy, then we should buy top players only or very young good players. We don't need more squad players aka rojo, smalling, Jones, Darmian etc.
If we want to compete, then we need a goid cb, McGuire or Verane and a world class forward, Mbappe. If we buy these two, we will have addressed most of the problem positions.
But, will we buy this calibre of player? We've spent £72m and sold Blind for £18m. So we should have lots in the potty to spend on two major signings and we still will get some return if we sell rojo and Darmian.
If we don't buy, then i agree with RedMan that PL is out of reach. In fact top4 is debatable.

{Ed007's Note - Harry McGuire? Him or Varane, hhmmmm tough choice that but at least there would be someone to deflect the flak away from Smalling and Jones if you sign McGuire.}

22 Jul 2018 12:51:43
Leahy - I don't know anything more than what you know or what the Eds know. All the transfer knowledge I get is from this website and from you guys. My only point about Fred was that we should not write him off just yet, and that too on the pretext that we could have signed someone else.

Maybe we should have bought Perisic last year when he was cheap, but maybe he didn't want to come or maybe Inter had no intention of selling him. I don't know for sure.

I agree with Ibra not getting another year / 6 months with us, that was a complete waste. But why bother about things that have already happened?

Ken- I agree with you, we see ludicrous news about us getting linked to players, but none and absolutely none of our players are ever linked with a move away. Heck, even Pogba is not in the news as a potential target for any side? You're right, we can't sell players if no one wants to buy them.

AAA - I'd stay away from Macguire, overrated English defender. He's not United material.

22 Jul 2018 13:00:18
If we do not sign a World Class LB and RB then we will not compete for the title or CL.

Gone are the days where they were the last on the team/ sheet, least significant positions. Those two positions are the most important now in football from my perspective, certainly to this disjointed Utd. They dictate whether you will be a threat going forward or a side-side isolated team of individuals. If they support the midfield quickly at the right times, it means the team can attack in numbers, it provides outlets and opportunities for players with the ball. Playing with two converted wingers who do the bare minimum every week is not good enough for the 3rd/ 4th year on the trot.

They do not know when to attack, they are uncomfortable defensively, Valencia is dodgy on the ball, Young is predictable. Both are reluctant to cross the ball, both look for the easy pass, and to check back. They need defensive midfielders to cover their lapses, which means our attackers end up trying to beat 6 defenders as we attack with 3 men maximum. Yes they are committed, work hard, experienced - but they handicap the rest of the team, the fact that there are worse performers than them every week should not give them a pass - because they are virtually almost bringing nothing to the table!

22 Jul 2018 13:23:36
Spot on beast. Jose has asked for full backs for 3 windows now.
Liverpool in cl final with a poor midfield and keeper so tjey spend 100m on 2 midfielders and 65m on a keeper and 15m on shaqiri to cover salah and mane.
City did same last year.
Nobody was calling pep out for not getting the best out of what he had.
Nobody calling klopp out sayi g just make karius and milner better.
But couple of people on here are saying jose shod get more out of the players ww have. i'm saying there is no better to come from young jones smalling darmian valencia shaw jessie herrera fellaini mata and if you want to see pogba lulaku etc perform better then surround them with better players just like klopp is doing and pep did and chelsea are doing . Those managers had no person people telling the. Just improve what u have. Klopp cl final and brought in 3 1st team starters including a reacement potentially for the captain that led them thete because a blind man could see henderson is not good enough over a sustained period
Terrible squad we have full of holes and average joes. Big over achievement coming 2nd last year.
We won't compete to win anything work the squad as it stands.
Even getting rid of those mentioned above and replacing them work youth puts is In a stronger position imo.

22 Jul 2018 13:37:09
Good post beast.

22 Jul 2018 14:15:33
Top post Ken and Beast.

22 Jul 2018 14:53:25

22 Jul 2018 17:29:13
We will see what Jose is made of his 3rd year now, 3 summer transfer windows millions spent time to deliver.



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