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16 Jul 2018 16:22:55
Interesting listening to the newest Sharkopod but looking at it, I'm starting to see why ED002 thought getting Jose in was a huge panic by United after LVG.

If United get rid of Pogba and Martial, which they are trying to do, then we are going backwards. Jose has the ability to demotivate anyone who isn't fully developed as a player. You can say it's the players fault but under LVG Martial and even Luke Shaw looked like they were going to be amongst our most influential players, then Jose comes in belittles both of them, strips them of all confidence and now they are both looking to leave/ being forced out.

As for Pogba, we have seem him do everything for France and be that complete player that we wanted. Work rate, intensity, better decision making, it's Jose's job to get that out of him.

If Jose has convinced the board to get rid of Pogba (which according to the Sharkopod it looks like he may well have) we will be getting rid of THE stand out player of our team. A player that has just got man of the match in a world cup final. Can you imagine being one of our other players and hearing the news that 'Pogba is being sold but don't worry we kept Fellaini'. You would be so demoralised, I know I would be.

Another reoccurring theme in the Sharkopod was a conflict between Jose and the board. It looks like Jose keeps wanting 'experienced' players and the club keep blocking or aren't committed to the moves due to low resale value. I personally agree that the players he's looking at are incredibly short term minded, but from the perspective of the board, if they don't agree with the managers methods, then he shouldn't be in the job.

From the outside, the club looks a mess to me and in the next couple of season I think we're going to implode like Chelsea in 2015/ 16. I truly hope I'm wrong but I can't understand selling our two players with the most potential in our squad.

Great managers get the best out of their best players, Jose at the moment is the destroying them.

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16 Jul 2018 16:57:32
Fist of all sacking of LVG was down to supporters (toxics fans), the club had no other options than sacking him due fact supporters were turning on him.

I did listen the Sharkopod, I didn't hear were it suggested Mourinho has conviced the club to sell either Pogba and Martial.

In case of Pogba I think Ed002 had put this clearly, all parties ( Pogba and club) see this is the right time to move on.

Martial wants out and the club won't be against is will, which for me is better way. The club has tried to extend his contract unsuccessfully ( Martial agents did say that) .

Both are good players with great potential, but things are not working at utd. I can't say letting them go would be going backwards as this will depend on who replaces them, so you can't come to conclusion as they haven't moved yet and we don't know their replacements.

16 Jul 2018 17:19:13
we turned on LVG because his football was atrocious and he was rubbish.

16 Jul 2018 17:24:45
Ah, the revisionism of the LVG era begins. In a few weeks, I'll be reading that his football style was like a breath of fresh air, innovative and forward-thinking. We were just to dumb to see it.

16 Jul 2018 17:51:19
Personally I think the board is stuck in a hole when it comes to Jose and the changes he wants made to the squad. Selling young, valuable players and replacing them with experienced players on high wages with little resale value is never going to happen when Jose's position isn't exactly secure. If he were to leave the next manager would have a tougher task then when Jose took over.

Nevertheless, the club has to bring in players that they know Jose wants to work with. If Jose thinks he isn't being backed he may have a 15/ 16 esque meltdown as you say.

I think the smart route for the club is to stump up the cash required for Alderweireld and Sandro/ Max. This would give us a more than capable squad and if things haven't improved by next summer, time for Jose to go.

16 Jul 2018 19:21:32
O agree completely with RedNeck. Selling Pogba and Martial will be an absolute disaster. If we're going to replace martial with Mbappe, then it is acceptable, but we wont.
How on earth are we allowing a manager who will not be here this time next year, to sell one of the best midfielders around. And replace Pogba with who? Savic? He's not fit to lace Pogba's boots. Pogba is coming to the stage in his career where he's maturing, and we want to sell him!
I too think the club is going in the wrong direction. I've been saying it for two years. It looks like we're not learning from past mistakes and it seems that Mourinho is going to be allowed to turn the club into a laughing stock and saddle us with players on high wages that are impossible to get rid off.
I've already written the next two seasons off as i can't see any progress will be made this year.
If that is what toxic is, then so be it. But I'm not going tp spend well earned money to massage the huge ego of our manager, when we all know he's in the wrong on most things.

16 Jul 2018 21:10:52
The glorification of Martial again, a player who has not shown that he has what it takes to be the major game changer United need, disappears when it matters too often for me. For sure he shows plenty of skill at times but so did Peter Barnes. The French National team didn’t recognise the immense talent and he had the summer off. Will he realise what he has or will like Ravel Morrison let it go to waste? We need winners, players who get us over the line and Martial just hasn’t shown that, only so many times can you take a horse to water. No doubt he will score a great goal and all the drooling will start yet in the other 9 out of 10 games he will float, failing to make a real impact. It’s his talent, it’s up to him but owes performances to us not the other way round.

16 Jul 2018 21:19:08

Martial has everything to prove

He hasn’t shown anything to build a side around. Keep him and see if he takes that step up but I really don’t think he had shown a reason to get so wound up about. Building around Pogba is different, but he needs pace on the right to give the outlet.

16 Jul 2018 22:13:06
While Pogba is undoubtedly a World Class player, there are too many conditions attached to getting the best out of him: play him on the left, needs a Kante or Matuidi next to him etc

Jose is not one for allowing such indulgences - he wants warriors and people who’ll run through a wall for him. Maybe another manager would be more lenient towards Pogba. However, JM is our manager, like him or loathe him, and he is under intense pressure to achieve success by the fans, media, board etc, hence why he likes to bring in experienced players whom he can rely on.

Not saying this is right but can understand why JM lost patience with Pogba - and I think Ed002 did say a while ago that there is a realisation at the club that his future belongs in Spain or Italy.

{Ed007's Note - Would a truly world class player need certain conditions and certain players beside him to perform?}

17 Jul 2018 07:42:45
Ed07 no and to be honest he doesn't it's all excuses .

{Ed007's Note - I've never watched Pogba and thought to myself that he had a great game and when you spend that kind of money you expect a player that will boost the squad's overall ability. I don't think Utd would be a poorer team without Pogba and that says it all for me.}

17 Jul 2018 08:47:15
You’re right of course Ed007: maybe we’re all blinded by his potential not what he has actually achieved yet.

It’s up to him whether he develops into a world class player - hope he does it for United. If not, another season of frustration and accusations.

{Ed007's Note - At 25 now Pogba should be at the top of his game but when have you ever seen him dominate an opposing midfield? All the razzmatazz surrounding Pogba seems to blur the lines between hype and his actual ability.}



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