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22 Jun 2018 11:51:41
10 years of greatness, 2 poor games in the World Cup and everyone is slaughtering Leo, WOW! i'm so sure there wasn't this reaction when he dragged his team through the 2014 WC and CR7 got knocked out in the group stages.

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22 Jun 2018 12:11:22
Scholes fair point . Just the 45 goals Messi this season .
What a striker aguero is tho.

22 Jun 2018 12:18:27
He also dragged them through the qualifying stage with a hatrick I the last game.
Still the best in the world in my opinion.

22 Jun 2018 12:24:07
It's a tough debate, which is better Ronaldo or Messi. As such there is always hyperbole around both good and bad performances for either of them.

International football does throw up a different perspective on the debate. Portugal have managed to win their first international honours with Ronaldo in the side. Whereas, an arguably better group of players in Argentina haven't been able to win anything with Messi in the team. Although it must be said they have made it to 3 or 4 finals in that time.
So an argument can be made that Ronaldo has done a better job on the international stage than Messi has currently. I think that is a valid argument, albeit there are so many variables that it becomes hard to fully prove one way or the other.

I find the whole concept of which is better rather strange. I think it could be indicative of the constant need to create division in modern society, forcing people to choose one camp or the other which no middle ground. We have seen it on this site in the form or Jose in or Jose out. With no middle ground.

In reality the middle of the scales is always the most balanced. But that isn't an acceptable stance in modern society you have to pick either side in its most extreme form.

I try and stay as balanced as I can. With the Messi and Ronaldo debate?

Who is better? I say does it matter? We are being treated to see two of the best ever players grace the game at the same time. Invariably you'll probably find neither would have reached the heights they have if the other didn't exist pushing them on.

Ronaldo is a special player, blessed with genetics that give him the ideal frame and build for a professional athlete. Combined with his determination and drive to succeed he has made the maximum of his talents and is a role model to all aspiring footballers.

Messi is blessed with the kind of natural poise and talent that very few have. He also has phenomenal drive and determination to overcome the limitations of his genetics to become the player he is. He is capable of things only the greatest can muster. Moments of pure brilliance.

Who's the best really does come down to who you prefer and nothing more. You can justify it however you want, but at the end of the day it is just one personal opinion of over 7 billion personal opinions no more valid than the rest.

Argentina are likely to exit the world cup early this year, and rather than revel in their failure IL be a little sad that we will be denied any chance of seeing those moments of magic from Messi in what will likely be his last world cup, or at least his last world cup where he can be the main man rather than a bit part player.

I know England are unlikely to win the tournament so all I want is to be entertained, a world cup without Messi will probably be a less entertaining world cup. So in my opinion we all lose if that happens.

22 Jun 2018 12:24:43
Not sure how you can say he's the best in the world when he's literally miles behind Ronaldo in terms of personal accolades now.

Ronaldo might not be the all-around 'better player' but he's the single most influential player this sport has ever seen and that can't be disputed.

22 Jun 2018 12:35:23
Well said Moon. A world cup without Messi will be less entertaining lolll. I have been more entertained by russia then i have by watching Messi. He really sulks when he plays for argentina, he is one of thos players that will blame his team matrs rsther thrn taking responsibility and doing it on the big stage.

Ronaldo relishes responsibility where as Messi gets under pressure.

In all honesty Argentina is a team full of superstars like the England team when we had Beckham, Rooney, Scholes, Neville, Gerrard, Lampard and Ferdinand but we couldn't win a tournament because everyone used to play in different teams and each wanted to be a star in the team.

Where as teams like Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Germany play as a team althought Germany have been pretty whack this year but i believe they will come good.

22 Jun 2018 12:40:28
Its obvs Ronaldo, when Messi does it in the Prem and wins something at international level then we can have a discussion, not even a debate anymore.

22 Jun 2018 12:44:08
He's never hot the same heights country as he has for club. Maybe the effect of xavi and iniesta has been underestimated. He didn't exactly drag them to the final in 2014 either. His performances waned as the tournament went on.

22 Jun 2018 12:44:40
Miles behind Ronaldo in terms of personal accolades Moon? They've got a similar amount of individual trophies and Messi has more team trophies aswell (bearing in mind Leo is 2 years younger) . On Ronaldo being the 'most' influential player this sport has ever seen, didn't Maradona win Argentina 2 WC's pretty much all on his own? Not to mention what he did for Napoli.

22 Jun 2018 13:00:42
There's a toss of a coin between them but right now it has to be Ronaldo.

22 Jun 2018 13:15:46
Argentina are not a team full of superstars, Singh. Aguero and Messi are the only 2 in last night's starting XI, imo.

22 Jun 2018 13:22:10
The irony of Singh saying Messi sulks but completely ignores what Ronaldo does when his team-mates don't pass him the ball, i. e. saying i'm possibly leaving Madrid when Bale scored the 2 goals against Liverpool.

22 Jun 2018 13:31:41
So Messi has to do it in the Prem WRD? let's discredit Iniesta and say Fabregas is better as he did it in both La Liga and Premier League?

22 Jun 2018 13:58:26
Also Singh, Argentina have attacking 'superstars', not a team of superstars like you say. The rest of the defence is incredibly average.

22 Jun 2018 14:00:49
If your comparing them then yes you have too, as stated stats and trophies similar so where do you differentiate, Messi has never done it in another league like Ronaldo and has never done it on the international stage like Ronaldo so therefore there is only one winner.

22 Jun 2018 14:05:14
He takes responsibility and performs where as Messi flops. that's the big difference, sulking is in human nature but some come out on top and some just and continue to sulk to make people feel sorry fr them.

22 Jun 2018 14:12:31
Agree Scholes. Many of us would say that Paul Scholes was one of the if not the best midfielder in the last 20 years but only played in England. Similarly Paolo Maldini is probably the best defender of all time but never left Italy or played outside of the Milan team. I don't think Messi needs to play in England, Germany, Italy etc. he is undoubtedly one of the greatest of all time.

I get the argument that he's succeeded with Iniesta, Xavi and others alongside him, but Ronaldo has hardly played with poor players. Both are phenomenal and raised the bar in terms of consistency and ability to determine matches season after season.

The only question I ever have with Messi was how much his ability etc. was a result of the growth hormones he had as a child. I'm not a medical expert but there are some suggestions around whether he'd be anywhere near the same player without them. Ronaldo is simply down to his hard work and desire to be the best.

22 Jun 2018 14:14:14
The thing with trolling is when you throw the stone you must not except rose in return.
Ronaldo's Portugal aren't favorites all this time but Messi's Argentina is. That's why Messi's international records are played down.
Messi doesn't have fighting spirit of Ronaldo. You can say it easily. For all the talent he doesn't have the heart. You can tell from his body language. As a captain he needs to marshal his troops instead it's his shoulders are down first in the team.
Both are different players. Each have different qualities in which they are the best. So enjoy yourself till they play.

22 Jun 2018 14:14:53
Yes, not like Ronaldo sulked in the last WC is it?

22 Jun 2018 14:15:52
One takes responsibility and the other flops, did u say that in 2014 aswell?

22 Jun 2018 14:17:44
With that logic Kroos is better than Iniesta and Xavi WRD?

22 Jun 2018 14:25:40
Lubo Moravcik was better than both of them.

22 Jun 2018 15:30:50
The Prem and La Liga are the best leagues in this world and one has done it in both leagues the other hasn’t plus one has done it internationally the other handy so to me it’s a no brainier, we are comparing Ronaldo v Messi so I’ve given my reasoning for why as they have both won lots etc, Messi is undoubtedly great but in comparison he falls short for me out of the two.
Ronaldo drags his country thru where Messi Just does not, can you say Messi would leave and have the impact Ronnie had elsewhere, he’s not done it to compare so one Jas’s the edge, in the case of Ron v Leo there is one clear winner.

22 Jun 2018 15:31:26
I really don't know why you would make such a statement it's ridiculous. Messi like Ronaldo record speaks for its self.

22 Jun 2018 15:56:28
Messi 9 league titles
Ron 5 league titles (only 2 at Madrid)
Messi 4 CL
Ronaldo 5 CL
Messi 5 ballon d'oh
Ronald 5 as well.
Messi 552 goals 637 games for club
Ron 573 goals in 763
Messi 80 goals in a 149 for country
Ron 85 in 152 for country
Not much in it really.

22 Jun 2018 16:37:12
Ronaldo all the way. Much better human being.

22 Jun 2018 16:38:33
Think someone has a man crush, or shall I say fetish?

22 Jun 2018 16:41:44
Jred u forgot Cr7's euro title, that is a big tilt.

22 Jun 2018 18:23:35
its only like messi copa america title mbd.

22 Jun 2018 19:28:57
I never, Messi obviously never played in the euros so I left it out .
Same as Messi Olympic gold or copa finals .



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