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10 Jun 2018 02:18:49
A few thoughts on Pogba today:

He had a frustratingly typical game today in the friendly vs the US. A few moments of brilliance, mainly his cross to Giroud in the first half and a fancy nutmeg, but otherwise, often invisible.

But what stands out is that he is not a tempo setting player. Besides his great physical gifts and technical ability, he does have good footballing instincts. But Pogba is not a pass and move player, he rarely surprises the defense with his speed of thought.

He is just so damn good on the ball, that most of the time he doesn't have to bother playing quickly. He thinks he can shield the ball, and turn on most any defender, and most of the time he is right.

The downside is that he is not thinking ahead that well of finding spaces to drift into, and play one touch to a runner. He ends up slowing the game down because he takes so many touches. But all of this is very correctable. He just needs to play in a team that plays more on the front foot, and be given the freedom to play by his instincts more.

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10 Jun 2018 06:11:38
Or could it be he likes being centre of attention, likes to admire his work (which can't be denied is sometimes top banana) and probably needs a player to shove a rocket up his jacksee (metaphorically speaking of course) to wake him up, because i reckon he's stealing a living off club and country at the moment, i think he only works to about 60% of his capacity, which is enough to give him some leeway on the hope he gives more, but on the other hand he gives just enough to frustrate even the most forgiving fan, simple solution, get in a bully of a player to educate him or get used to grinding your and counting to 10 again.

10 Jun 2018 06:41:39
He’s clearly talented, imagine him playing alongside Roy Keane. Keane would have scared the pants off him and maybe that’s part of our problem, we don’t have that force of nature in the dressing room that demands players perform. Maybe it’s a different era but we had a lot of players who set very high standards and demanded the same of their team mates.

I like Pogba, I just want him to be the player we think he can be. It’s time for him to step up.

10 Jun 2018 07:20:03
Agree with all that's been said. But especially with what Class posted. I was delighted when we signed Pogba. I thought he was going to be the midfield master that we've been craving for years. However, i think he's a lazy player who does dictate the pace of play but not in the right way, as he slows the pace and does not want to make the surging runs or expend any energy.
I've got to say that I've been hugely disappointed with his attitude and work rate. I posted many months ago that he seems more interested in his hair style and Twitter account than football. And sadly, this is the truth and he does not seem to want to improve as a player. We saw during the 2nd half at City what he can do. But he's got to put the effort in every match for the duration of the match.
Unfortunately, i don't think he'll change and at present he's a passenger in our team. If he insists on playing at half pace and energy, then i can't see him at United for long and frankly i don't want to see him playing for us if he's not that bothered.

10 Jun 2018 08:42:20
AAA exactly my same view.
I really like Pogba and think he can be great and the captain that we need. However he is currently too preoccupied with himself and probably think he is bigger than the club. I hope it’s just only the weather as some people said. But if he continues like this I really think we should move him on and invest on some others.
I really hope Pogba clears his head and start as the senior player that we need. He is skillful and intelligent. I am even fine with his media activities but he need to pull his socks up whilst in the field.

10 Jun 2018 10:01:34
I just think he simply isn't capable, shame.

I'm sure we have all come across people in life that we think if only they could 'focus' they would be incredible at what they do. The fact is people return to type if given the opportunity and football is one of those beasts which allows for a lot of free time and a lot of switching off in that spare time. It's like saying if only that bird I dated didn't turn into a psycho after 2 glasses of wine, but she does and she can't help it! If she won't stop drinking then you just accept it or move her on. We can't afford to accept it, we certainly can't rely on it as it is not in Pogba's nature to be consistent.

Little anecdote - When I was young I played football at a very high standard and all the best players never made it for one reason or another as far as I know, (certainly none at the top levels despite being elite teenagers), mostly to do with commitment levels and when you are young you often get anomalies with growth spurts etc - in fact the best technically and physically gifted player I have ever played with (and seen), would run rings around everyone at 16 and was even making the first team players in training look like mugs when allowed to train with them (some of which were seasoned internationals) . This African kid never actually went on to kick a ball professionally as far as I know, in fact one day he just didn't turn up for training and we didn't see him again. The club were doing everything to get him back but all we were told is that this guy didn't want to play anymore. I don't know if there was more to it or not as he was African and I doubt us kids would have been told the full story - I'm not exaggerating either, the kid was out of this world good!

Pogba will just be another of that long list of players that occasionally give you a Basic Instinct tease, but often revert back to their base instinct, he just doesn't have the umpf in his personality to lead a team, too bothered what other people think and needs too many other things to be perfect for him to perform consistently. Goldilocks player and we don't half the 'just right' formula and he doesn't deserve it anyway as he doesn't seem to have the personality needed to be the top dog.

10 Jun 2018 10:30:00
He put far more effort in last year and was far more disciplined in terms of his defensive duties. Maybe having guys like Zlatan and Wazza in the dressing rooms meant we had the personalities who'd get on his back and he'd listen. Nobody in the squad now would have the balls to confront him. Carrick has the respect of the players but it isn't his style. We used to be blessed with leaders who would fight to the death for the badge. We've replaced players poorly and replaced their personalities dreadfully.

10 Jun 2018 11:10:30
Good post Beast 👍.

10 Jun 2018 12:40:13
Interesting the posts alternate between criticism of the manager and then our players and then repeat. We are coming back, we finished second. Jose Is building a squad of the ashes of the last few years. Lighten up a bit guys!

10 Jun 2018 19:51:52
Agreed 666. If Pogba decides to dedicate his life to football, then he'll be a world beater. Only time will tell.



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