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05 Jun 2018 00:00:25
Interesting to read that the French fans are thinking very much like the United fans with calls for Pogba not to make the first XI. It leads me to ask whether there is something of the Balotelli about him? A player with incredible skill and physical attributes but whose demeanour and attitude invite controversy and ultimately undermine his progress.

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05 Jun 2018 00:55:14
I don't know too many united fans who want pogba out of our first 11. Whos going to replace him, mctominay?

The reality is pogba started the season off in good form when we played with the slightest hint of freedom and tempo, then got injured, came back played superbly well against watford and arsenal away, got sent off then mourinho decided to start one of his pointless arguments with his players again and signed alexis sanchez with no real thought about how he was going to use him. As a result pogba form tailed off significantly similar to martials.

The comparison with balotellli is unwarranted, as pogba has in no way invited controversy the way mario did. Has pogba thrown darts at youth teams players, set off fireworks in his bathroom and started fights with his teammates and manager?

No he just has the audacity to have an expressive personality, use social media a bit too much and earn lots of money.

05 Jun 2018 02:02:06
Well that's well said TBH! Great response DSG.

05 Jun 2018 08:53:22
There's a bit more to it that DSG. The problem we have with Pogba is his lack of effort, drive and committment; he just cruises around the pitch. When we see what he's capable of, such as second half against city, we get frustrated that he doesn't do it on a regular basis.

A player of Pogba's ability should be running games and far to often he goes missing. Think back to Scholes and how he wanted the ball all the time. The ball went through him throughout the match and when he recived it he knew exactly where he was going to pass it to.

Fans aren't stupid, we know when a player is being half arsed and we see it in Pogba week in week out, just as we can see a player like Kante or our Sanchez runs around like a maniac for 90 minutes every week. I think it's fair that we demand the same from Pogba and he gets it in the neck when he doesn't deliver.

05 Jun 2018 09:56:20
I agree mancman sanchez does run around like a maniac but he also gives the ball away like its gone out of fashion. he's been extremely poor since he joined and got nowhere near the stick pogba has got. Surely running around a lot can not hide the fact sanchez has been awful.

Pogbas lack of effort doesn't ring true to me, are there any running stats or distance covered stats which show he's been putting in half arsed performances? As far as i am aware our whole team has the worst distance covered stats in the premier league so hardly a problem just for pogba.

Or does his languid, sometimes casual style give off the impression that he doesn't care.

05 Jun 2018 10:37:15
Think pogba’s General style makes it seem that he isn’t trying. Ozil gets the same treatment and is an easy scapegoat when arsenal are playing poorly. But unfair to be honest. I think the reason why fans of both united and France are frustrated with him is that he is so unbelievably talented and has the attributes and ability to do things that only the best can do. But he is still inconsistent and it is very frustrating. There comes a point when a player has to step up and live up to that potential. I think he will kick on next season but if he doesn’t he has to start shouldering the blame.

05 Jun 2018 10:45:08
Park is spot on about Pogbas playing style. Ed001 told us that when he signed.

05 Jun 2018 10:55:31
Watch him live and he walks around the pitch .
Only comes alive when he gets the ball, never anticipates a pass and intercepts a pass or bust a gut to win it back, doesn't want to do the dirty work.
It's a part of his game he needs to improve.

05 Jun 2018 11:19:08
I enjoy Pogba as a player. Can be a joy to watch but its little things that let him down.

Number one is that he does not move the ball quick enough. He has the ability to play 1 or two touch but he insists on a little turn or a drag back which infuriates me.

People want Pogba to boss games. To dominate the midfield. With all his abilities it seems like he should. I don't think he's as confident as people think. Just because he's on social media and has outlandish haircuts does not mean he's confident. wouldn't be suprised if all that's hiding some sort of insecurity. Jose hammering him and the media always scrutinising can't help.

I want him to stay but we need a leader in the midfield. A Keane like attitude to take the battle on and let Pogba be free to get around the pitch and influence. He has so much ability, can pass, shoot and is strong as on ox. Would love to see him arriving late in the box like Scholes used to. We have spent 89 million on a player but do nothing to complement him. Even if we spend another 50 mill on that said player, we have still spent less than Barcelona did on Coutinho. I would take an happy Pogba and a solid midfielder over that any day.

05 Jun 2018 11:57:17
DSG, Since when does languid and casual not mean half arsed?

This notion that it is just his 'style' is just rubbish. If he put in more effort then he wouldn't be languid or casual.

When was the last time you saw Pogba sprinting anywhere, nevermind really busting a gut? Do you get the sense that he leaves everything on the pitch? I don't.

05 Jun 2018 12:59:28
Question - I remember at the time berbatov getting criticism for his languid style and fans preferring tevez. I think berbatov was a much better player but tevez was a better team player and we looked a better side with him in. Would people prefer a player with that bit of magic or someone that works hard?

{Ed004's Note - I think it's Pogbas running style that results in people criticising him a lot for his apparent lack of effort. I can't remember where I seen it earlier in the season but he was frequently covering the most ground in our side. We don't press as a team so as a result we don't really see any player bar Sanchez closing down with any intensity so I think that makes a lot of people think Pogba isn't putting the work in.}

05 Jun 2018 13:59:29
Last time I remember seeing pogba bust a gut was that run against city for his second goal. He is such a threat on those areas and for whatever reason he doesn’t do it. Down to tactics mostly but his desire has been found wanting a lot this season.

05 Jun 2018 14:21:33
Park, that's exactly the word; DESIRE! I don't get the sense that Pogba really has any and so it seems neither do many of the French. This talk of style or confidence are excuses. Either the guy does it on the pitch or he doesn't and most of the time he doesn't. He has the talent and ability so we have to assume he's not really that bothered ie he doesn't have the desire. Well, I don't have the desire to support him every week while he doesn't have the desire to play his heart out for Manchester Utd. I'd rather we find someone else who does. Unfortunately this spies to most of the squad atm. No wonder Jose has lost his patience.

05 Jun 2018 14:42:59
Park, imagine if Berbatov had the same desire and put in the same effort as Tevez. What a player he would have been.

05 Jun 2018 14:42:59
Park, imagine if Berbatov had the same desire and put in the same effort as Tevez. What a player he would have been.

05 Jun 2018 17:10:51
MancMan the combo of Berba and tevez would have been some player. Tevez was my favourite player when he was with us and that soon changed when berba joined. Very few had a better first touch.

The question has to be does pogba have the desire to be the best? Or does he have the desire to all the things necessary to be the best? It seems that he picks and chooses what he wants to do. He wants to do the flicks and tricks but not the clever runs and off the ball work. I was a believer that he would do very well under pep. I think he would be better than De Bruyne statistically. But pep demands every single player work hard for the team. Not sure how pogba would do doing that. I’m still a massive fan and want him to stay.



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