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04 Jun 2018 14:19:54
Serious question here for everyone, let's say Mourinho spends another 200m+ on players this summer, several young players such as Shaw and Martial leave.

Then next season plays out the same as this season, we play boring negative anti-football, while limping out of the UCL and finishing 2nd or 3rd 10-15 points off the leaders.

Would you still say Jose is the right man for the job and we should stick with him?

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04 Jun 2018 17:11:00
Definitely not the progression now is to at least mount a very serious title challenge. Even if the football is better to watch.
Got to say I'm quite excited about the shake up in the coaching staff think it could be a real positive for us.

04 Jun 2018 17:11:58
Let's talk about Jose for the 1 millionth and one time.

04 Jun 2018 17:12:25
There needs to be continual improvement so next season should see us going for the title (properly) and going further in the champions league if that isn't achieved then the manager isn't fulfilling his remit and should be treated ad any other manager who fails to deliver.

04 Jun 2018 17:14:04
Oh Definitely - Jose is bigger than the club, he is a winner remember, before him we were just a shell of a team with LVG as the benchmark for him to be judged against at all times. (SAF didn't exist and if he did, it was just the last fluky season playing equally as bad football that Jose is to be compared with) there should follow the biggest sarc emoji known to man!

I know this post isn't directed at people on our side of the fence Shappy, but frankly anybody still supporting what Jose brings to the table is never going to change their criteria of success/ failure or expectations. It's a thankless task as they watch a different game and expect different things from their club. I suspect they are more interested in the 'stats' than the actual display.

Each to their own, but anybody saying they are enjoying watching us or like the direction we are heading in, or think this is a recipe for beautiful, attacking football, just aren't worth the trouble trying to convince otherwise - they are lost in my eyes. But if they are happy at least that means some of our fans are, take solace in that mate because I have realised that there are just some people you can't convince no matter how powerful the argument.

04 Jun 2018 17:24:20
Nope. next season needs to be better - we need some silverware with a serious title challenge finishing in the mid to high 80s in points. the football needs to be more attacking and we need to get to the final 8 in the champs league. That would represent progress and we would have got to where SAF left us. If we continue to play limp football and end the season where we ended this one jose would have gone backwards for me.

04 Jun 2018 17:26:32
Shaw's had enough chances and is no loss. Every journo and pundit is reporting Jose and the club want martial to stay. Who's to say how we perform? We're playing 2 wingers at full back because the 2 actual full backs aren't good enough. Our best centre back spent part the season injured. Our big signing at centre back needed to adjust to a new country and league, Rojo missed almost all the season and isn't good enough. Says it all we had to rely on Jones and Smalling. And of course Dave the Save. let's see if we can improve the defence, see if Fred can add some dynamism in the middle, and if anyone can grab the right forward berth that would make a difference. How about let's see how the transfer window goes first. Your a good poster shappy and I enjoy your posts but its getting repetitive now. If however the season goes how you say, and I sincerely hope it doesn't then yes its time for him to go. But who comes in and how much time does he get before we get more sack the manager posts?

04 Jun 2018 17:32:41
Beast's post brought to you by the strawman fallacy. (Look it up. )

04 Jun 2018 17:33:54
I’m excited to see who Jose falls out with next season. Sanchez is an obvious choice, but I’m sure he’ll pull out a surprise for us.

04 Jun 2018 17:38:52
Obviously has to be clear progression shaps. If your scenario plays out then he must go. We have to be challenging for the title right into the business end of the season, minimum quarter finals in the champions league, and the style has to improve dramatically.

Beast - just because someone doesn’t share the same view as you doesn’t mean they are wrong. I’m very much in the middle on my view on Jose. I am unhappy with the style but can appreciate there have been improvements. Not everything is black or white, but can be grey too. I also am willing to give him another season, but if he doesn’t perform he must be shown the exit. Doesn’t mean I think Jose is bigger than the club or think he can do no wrong.

You’ve turned on the last 3 managers pretty quickly. To your credit you were right about lvg, and you point out some good points regarding Jose. But whose to say you won’t turn on the next manager if we are in the same situation 2 years down the line. You may get your wish of jardim and he may play great football, but we are challenging for 4th. I can guarantee you will be calling for his head because we are not challenging for top honours. I’ll be happy to hold my hands up at the end of next season and say you are right regarding Jose if he fails. But your consistent negativity gets a bit too much sometimes. Maybe I am not seeing the facts like you. But I will back whoever is manager of our great club because that’s the right thing to do, whether I like him or not.

04 Jun 2018 17:54:33
Sexy beast, it’s not just the managers that he’s turning on.

04 Jun 2018 18:06:29
I’m in favour of Mourinho staying, but it’s all about progress hence why I’m not overly disappointed with this season. If Mourinho gets the players he wants, there’s no excuses. We need to either close the gap to city, or somehow overtake them and ensure a much better showing in Europe for him to remain imo.

04 Jun 2018 17:59:58
beast i am a jose in fan, but i'm not an idiot, the football has been unattractive and boring to watch mostly if not 90 percent of the time, if i thought otherwise i would be a fool,

but at times all be it not a great deal of times there has been glimpses of the type of football we can play especially at the start of the season and as many have said on here this will be his 3rd season and the style has to be improved not doubt about that

i think we can all agree that the style isn't great to watch,

but he must be doing somthing right because we finished above the all out attacking sides like Liverpool and spurs. we are hard to beat and don't concede many.

there has been many times where our play in the final third has cost us points, that you can't blame on the manager.

love him or hate him, complain about the style the fact is he is getting the job done, all be it slowly, forget fergie that era is over.

you cannot deny we have progressed post fergie which everyone seems to revert back to when slagging jose off and if anyone on your side of the fence thought otherwise then like you say each to your own.

the team we have atm is not a team you can play attacking football with, we don't control games in the middle of the park.

the full backs are poor going forward, can't cross a ball and the centre halfs are not good enough bar bailly who up untill his injury was top.

ive said it time and time again that up untill the injuires to bailly and pogba at the start of the season we were flying.

we lack quality in certain areas

we are weak in many areas to play a style of football that's going to not only look amazing to watch while still maintaining a challenge.

{Ed025's Note - the thing is bolger as you say this is his 3rd season and for me the style has stayed the same...slow, boring at times, and bus parking against the better teams, obviously for you its all about the results and thats fine if thats what floats your boat, for me united is synonymous with style, quality and having teams that frighten the life out of the opposition, they are miles away from that at the moment if you ask me and thats solely down to the manager mate, him being an egotistical arsehole does not help matters either..

04 Jun 2018 18:34:19
Ed I would disagree that I am a fan all about the results. I've grew up only knowing united playing attacking football since the 90s

But I just didn't expect Jose to come in and implement that straight away coming off 2 managers before him who played poor football it was going to take time.

I do agree with people on here who say Jose plays boring football and it needs to improve that is something that needs to be done this season otherwise questions will be asked

I just don't think he's done that bad a job as most people are making out.

We knew what we were getting with Jose from day one.

{Ed025's Note - your right you did bolger which beggars the question why him?, once upon a time he would have been a good catch but has gone downhill faster than a fat kid on a slide in recent times, maybe its because im a bit of a purist but i have always begrudgingly admired united because of the way they played the game...but not anymore mate..

04 Jun 2018 18:47:07
I don't care who if the two you mentioned leave as they haven't contributed much. I would say Martial didn't really get many chances thus year compared to rashford but no one knows the reason why.

If jose gets the players he wanta and doesn't improve the points tally or doeant win the league next year then you would have to evaluate and see what's best available for the club.

All the top managers are at their clubs already. It also depends on how we do in champions league.

My personal opinion is we will do fine next year . Man city can't really improve on what they have done this year, most of their players will be tires coming back from worldcup and with no David Silva if he leaves they will be a much weaker unit.

04 Jun 2018 19:38:40
Don't think we are miles away from being a really good team. Remember how we were before Eric arrived? We were decent but he just provided the extra spark. I kind of feel that we are almost at that turning point again. There is a lot of talent at Jose disposal. if we click and stay clear of injuries we can be a real force.

04 Jun 2018 19:45:48
I think when Jose first came to England with Chelsea he had a massive advantage on other teams at the time with Romans dollar

He's just a very stubborn manager

Hopefully the shake up of the backroom staff will bring fresh ideas into the team.

We have a good transfer window and pre season and he proves everyone wrong.

05 Jun 2018 01:57:19
Lol - the vultures are circling, quite why you feel the need to fan the flames Shappy I have no idea. For some reason some fans/ poster's can find no good in the last season. Some seem determined that it will go down in the history books as one of the worst in utd's history.

City undoubtedly were different class all year.

Liverpool finally turned their promising team into a good run in the UCL, albeit with no trophy.

I can only summise that the relative style of our two fiercest rivals has got under the skin of our fans. Assisted of course by the media who love to write about utd.

We forget that in the early season we seemed to score 4 goals every week. But the performance wasn't good enough.

We are all seeking perfection, but I have to admit that 6-0 every week with 90% possession is pretty boring stuff.

I am optimistic about next season, but refuse to chalk up last season as the total disaster that a few would have us believe.

05 Jun 2018 05:55:00
I think it is our style that has got under most people's skin.

05 Jun 2018 13:54:04

I think I know how you feel. When Moyes was appointed manager I was utterly distraught, desolated, beyond consoling because I felt it was such a huge negative step backwards, which of course it was. You are posting in an almost desperate pleading manner for everyone to see what you see. You and the Beast want to make everyone see the “light”, realise the manager is awful and suddenly he will be dismissed and all our problems will be solved by adding a coach who may or may not be able to play attractive football. Would a new coach win anything? Probably not. I was prepared to keep my head down in shame at another year of Moyes but the club were decisive and I expect they would be if they couldn’t see improvement or a clear direction from Jose.

I doubt many enjoyed the football last year but football teams are not just built on nice footballers and fancy play, Madrid win games because of players like Ramos, not just the fancy ones. Their football has t been great this season, but what a cup to win. You ask about whether young players like Shaw and Martial leave, yet if they had half the will to win of a Ramos they would play every week.

I understand your desperation but the same argument over and over isn’t going to change the manager this summer. If Woodward does his job then the right quality of player will arrive and that will benefit the club, remember some players are and will come to play for Mourinho. I don’t think you can be definite but I would expect the board to set the manager some key objectives and that will define what happens to him. Season on season improvement would need to see us close or in front of City. We have to wait and see.



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