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04 Jun 2018 00:37:49
Call me old fashioned or maybe just plain stupid but doesn't it annoy anyone else other than me that almost the first thing a new manager does is ask for as big a budget as possible to buy new players. I would love just for once to see a top flight manager come into a new club and not buy a single player but rather coach and man manage the existing squad and improve it noticeably.

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04 Jun 2018 08:27:14
Jose has improved the players, we jumped from 6th to 2nd, of all his signings only Lukaku and Matic have shone, we needed a striker to replace Zlatan and a MF to replace Carrick so in that aspect I think Jose has improved existing players as the other signings have left or been left out or been poorer than we’d like, wether some of those existing players and indeed signings are good enough to take the next step we all crave tho is another matter, no matter how good the coaching is, so spending money has to happen. Unfortunately at a club such as ours spending years waiting for existing players to reach certain heights isn’t a luxury United and jose has.

04 Jun 2018 10:28:26
Welsh red,

Has Jose improved the players? I beg to differ. I’d say he’s failing to get the best from most of them personally. How can you say about Lukaku and Matic when they’re both in their first season? I’d say Lingard is the only one who improved. Rashford and Martial have gone backward, Sanchez Is a shadow of the player he was at Arsenal, Pogba hasn’t improved, Bailly our best CB has been left out. Valencia has declined badly. In fact, Matic was poor from Christmas onward and Lukaku is not a top player. His touch is woeful, he’s not a top striker.

I think Jose is past it tbh. Look at the trophies he won in the first half of his career, and then the second. There is a significant drop in trophies won. And in this system he deploys I don’t personally think it matters who we sign. We could sign Messi and Ronaldo and we’d still be boring. That’s why I can’t get excited about transfers this summer, whoever we sign won’t make a difference playing this style.

04 Jun 2018 10:45:34
Some have improved but some haven't. It must be very difficult to get the best out of everyone who by the way are all multi- millionaires. It's all or nothing this coming season every player needs to be on board to stand a chance. 😆😆.

04 Jun 2018 10:55:02
Stand-U I think that was quite a harsh assessment. Matic hasn't been poor since Christmas, may have had an off game or so but certainly not poor. I also think young's form in the twilight of his career has to be mentioned.
We can never be more boring than we were under LvG.

04 Jun 2018 11:16:09
Rashford has been on a downwar spiral since his first 3 games for United. How has Jose led to his going backwards. He has played the most number of games for United this season.

Young has been good, so good that he has been called up for England ahead of several that most fans here would want to be playing at LB for us. Lindelof (being in his first season and only 22) has improved as the season has gone on. Valencia has been a very solid RB for us this season. How has he gone backwards, is it because of his age or Jose? Smalling has been one of the best CBs in the premier league this season. I simply can't stand seeing him play but i have to call what i see and Smalling and Jones partnership has excelled this season. Matic has been our player of the season. McTominay has been gelled into the first team. Lingard has had the best season of his career. Lukaku has scored more goals than last. Its not Jose's fault that his first touch is poor and that isn't something coaching would effect. If it were down to coaching, SAF would have done something about Rooney's first touch. Some people only like being negative and their posts show as much.

04 Jun 2018 11:39:24
Exactly, some people make us believe that any manager will not be good enough if they are not consistently winning things.

04 Jun 2018 11:53:43
Rumour has it Jose is at fault for sane not making the Germany squad.

04 Jun 2018 12:57:24
I don't think many (if any) of our fans are forming their opinion on Jose based on whether we won a trophy or not this season.

99.99% of the criticism is on account of the way we play, most of us would accept missing out to a tremendous Man City and Real Madrid so long as we missed out in style. Missing out and playing truly awful football is the issue, so please let's not misdirect or misinterpret the reason behind the criticism of Jose.

He has the tools, finances, 2 years to plan/ prepare and he has got away with murderous football - let's hope he turns it around this year. Win, Lose, or Draw I would like to do so being Man Utd. There can be no excuses next season as a third year in a job is long enough for the team to be yours in anyone's book!

04 Jun 2018 13:11:46
I didn’t say he’s improved Matic and Lukaku I said of his signings they are the ones that shone.
Valencia and Young have improved for me, Lingard as you say, McTominay integrated, Jones when he’s fit seems a better defender, Lindelof improved as the seasom wore o. In fact I would say Lukaku all round game has improved also, are we saying Jose had no impact at all on this?
Rashford has had many minutes, Sanchez will come back good imo, Martial has only himself to blame as does Shaw, Pogba is harshly treated when his stats aren’t that bad actually but jury out on him for me.
Tbh I agree with Beast, we have improved in terms of players mindset is better, points, goals, position all improved but it’s the style of football which is where he should be rightfully criticised, can’t argue anything else he’s done as it’s obvs improvement, I feel next season is a massive one for Jose.

04 Jun 2018 13:12:25
No way has Jose ruined Rashford. He has been given plenty of opportunities by Jose, admittedly a lot from the subs bench but he has not made an impact on a regular basis.
He did last season when we won the Europa League but not this season.
Yes it’s hard when coming on as a sub but you have to be ready and as a forward you must make an impact.
We never complained about Solsjkaers impact from the bench, yes that is extreme but it shows what can be done. This is a learning season for Rashford he is not yet the finished article.
Without Lukaku’s goals we wouldn’t of finished 2nd so his touch although frustrating to watch is not everything.

04 Jun 2018 14:52:33
Under Moyes the style was bad.
Under van Gaal the style was bad.
Under Jose the style is bad.

Do we pick coaches with no style?
Or do we accept some players aren't good enough for the style required?

It can't all be down to the managers that things are poor in terms of style. Didn't Jose berate them post game for not following instructions.

04 Jun 2018 15:04:02
Doesn’t Jose always try to pass the buck when things go wrong?

04 Jun 2018 15:56:06
I think most fans knew that moyes and Jose played a certain brand.
Lvg had played a boring brand for the last 10 years I think a few had there fingers crossed lvg was suddenly going to be the manager he was 10 year before .
That's maybe the case with Jose as well.

04 Jun 2018 16:41:06
Mort, I said a week or two back I find it baffling that a club with a history of playing tradition (in the main) such as ours would appoint 3 managers on the spin that are the opposite to our traditions.
As jred says Moyes we knew from Everton played one way, LVG played one way for the last decade, I think we all hoped that Jose would embrace our way, maybe it’s just me thinking he had it at Chelsea 1st time and Real he’d do it here and maybe he still will but this is what happens when we don’t watch week in and week out our opponents, Chelsea fans did say don’t expect flamboyance.
But he does get the job done more often than not and that’s where the fan base spilts, the likes of me and Beast and many others no doubt would like to see the football and win or go down playing the right way, others say it’s all about the trophies, and that’s true, it’s about winning for Jose and the club, is such an odd feeling to have winning things, improving things but not quite happy.

04 Jun 2018 17:03:20
WRD, the argument we see on this site and the one I've been persuaded by is that there is a third way. Specifically, Jose keeps it tight and grinds out results for a few seasons until he has a team he can trust to play more expansive football.

Results do matter because they mean we at least stay in contention and for example qualify for the champions league which means we can attract a better standard of player and we have the revenue to pay (for) them.

I've been told by posters on this site that Jose needs three seasons and with the pretty much unlimited budget he has, he will have the team he needs by the end of next season. Ok then, I'll wait for that to happen and then in season four I'll expect something pretty bloody dynamic from his team.

If by season four we are still labouring away and I find washing the car more exciting than watching Utd, then I will expect a massive apology from certain posters on this site for convincing me to stick with Jose when after two seasons I was pretty sure that the football under him would always be dire and we should get shut sooner rather than later.

04 Jun 2018 17:35:55
Certainly don't get me wrong if its still bad in 12 months time then the question has to be asked. But given we're still playing with players that shouldn't be here then should we not wait till the jobs done.

04 Jun 2018 18:46:18
I just think united should play a certain brand of football and be challenging and indeed winning things but I know that’s a hard combination to master.
Maybe we are all waiting in hope rather than expectation that we will see a shift in playing style. For me personally I really wanted the United/ jose alliance to work and I find it hard to say next manager please so frequently but maybe I’m clouding my own judgement by SAF being here so long, times have changed a lot even since Fergie retired.

04 Jun 2018 22:30:13
What if Jose thinks then players should be . Fellaini for example or Tony his captain smalling his first choice cb .
What if Jose picks them because he rates them and actually he wants to play the way we set up to play week after week .



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