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30 May 2018 09:27:55
If we had a chance to sign one of these players.

Who would we want to sign out of Lewandowski or Bale.

I would go for Lewandowski as i don't really trust Lukaku in big games and we desperately need another striker if Lukaku gets injured.

{Ed004's Note - Lewandowksi has gone missing in a lot of big games recently as well. I'd go for Bale personally}

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30 May 2018 10:14:57
Bale. Lewandowski was someone I wish we had signed whilst he was at Dortmund. Got a great domestic goal scoring record but ed is right he goes missing in big games, particularly in the latter stages of the champions league. I would imagine that PSG, real and Chelsea will be in for him. Will be a great signing if Chelsea get him.

I’m a big fan of Lukaku and think he has all the attributes to be world class. He is at a great age and his goal scoring record is impressive. Issue is we are not playing to his strengths and if we do he will be scoring for fun and challenging for the golden boot every season. Get someone who can cross the ball properly and you will see the impact he can make.

30 May 2018 10:34:30
Mourinho generally always plays one up top so one of lukaku or lewandowski would be on the bench, don't see that lasting long without someone throwing a hissy fit.

Also we have a gaping hole at the right wing position which is a way more pressing need. The only logical choice if we had one between the two is bale.

30 May 2018 12:03:43
Bale for many reasons:
1. RW is a priority
2. Ed 004's reason
3. Like DSG said, mou won't play both Luka and Lewa.
4. Bale is a year younger and shouldn't need time to adjust to the EPL and its baggage.
5. Bale is easier to spell :)

30 May 2018 13:21:45
Neither, one we don't need and the other is and expensive crock.

30 May 2018 13:51:13
Who would you like to see us sign shappy? We definetly need a right winger and I do somewhat share your concerns regarding bale’s injury record. I like Pulisic but again we are guying potential. Also a fan of Willian but would rather bale. If you can keep bale fit he will score 20-30 goals a season. Something we desperately need.

30 May 2018 17:06:44
Park, I wouldn't sign a right winger at all. I would invest in two world class full backs and switch to a 3412 type formation as I feel that suits our current players best.

Width from the full backs. We have three strikers in Lukaku, Rashford and Martial. Playing two as strikers would be best for their development and to give as an offensive edge.

We have a high number of centre backs (Smalling, Jones, Bailly, Lindelof, Rojo and Tuanzebe) so three at the back makes sense. It also covers for the fact that many of them look suspect in a back four system.

There is also flexibility in midfield with the three either being a holding midfielder, a box to box and a No.10 type player.

Or two holding midfielders and one No.10.

Or a deeplying playmaker with two box to box midfielder.

Matic and TFM can battle it out for the holding midfielder role.
Lingard and Sanchez for the No.10 role.
With Pogba and what looks like Fred for the box to box role.
With Herrera and McTominay also rotating around.

That way we would only need two world class full backs, and one midfielder. João Cancelo, Jose Gaya and Fred. If possible bring in Alderweireld to up grade central defence and move one of the poorer options on.

30 May 2018 17:34:43
I can see yr logic in that system shappy as we have lots of CBS and not many attackers great out wide but I find it flawed sometimes when yr wingbacks are affraid of the opponent's wingers threat and don't get forward enough it can end up a back 5 with two of the midfield defensive aswell plus the keeper and 8 of yr team end up there to stop the other team . I suppose if the wingbacks are brave and only one midfielder sits it can work but teams normally just play a front 3 against it, stretch the CBS and the wingbacks are forced bk.

30 May 2018 17:48:59
Shappy I agree actually I think the 3 at the back and two up top would suit our squad much better than 4231/ 433 does. We lack any real wingers and investing in two full backs would sort out that width problem. 2 up top would also solve the issue of game time for martial/ rashford with more rotation of the striker position. A back 3 of Alderweireld lindelof and bailly would be very strong and it perhaps this formation would enable us to get the best out of Sanchez and pogba. I just think we cannot pass up on a player of bale’s quality, but I understand the injury concerns. He would still be formidable in the striker position, no 10 or even as one of the wingbacks. Interesting to see what happens.

30 May 2018 20:05:38
Slate, it all depends on how you set up. If you look to press your opponent and try to attack them as often as possible you'll find your full backs forward more often than not. Plus three at the back with one or maybe even two players in midfield covering still gives you a solid base.

If Rojo was on the left of the back three and Bailly/ Lindelof on the right then when possession is lost and the teamnis put under pressure the players in the wider central defensive position just move out to cover that space with your holding midfielder (Matic) dropping into defence and your box to box midfielder dropping in infront of the back four to track runs from the centre.

Park I just don't think Bale is worth it. The cost of signing a player so injury prone who'll be 29 by the start of next season seems silly to me.

Far better to make signings that fit a system that get the best out of what we already have rather than trying to sign players and crowbar them in.

30 May 2018 21:02:33
I like cities way shappy, two wide attackers staying wide, three cm two of which very attacking . One cm helps the wide man the other goes in the box and the fullback moves in 20 yards each side to take the position of the defensive midfielder. I just think you end up with offensive players attacking and defensive players defending, I think tfm would be good at that on the right, a full bk when we defend and a defensive midfielder when we attack . I know it's not the way we will go Jose likes wide men tucking in and fullbacks providing width.
I would go for bale I keep thinking nah should have joined last year to late now but then I watch him and think of course I'd buy him.

30 May 2018 22:18:37
Slate, it clearly works very well for city. However, it will be very hard to out perform someone at their own game. Also I don't think we have the squad to play that way. We would need 2 fullbacks, 2 midfielders, and 2 winlde players at least. And even then there are question marks over the others already at the club to be able to step up and play that way.

If you imitate someone else you'll always be a poor imitation. Your better off playing to your own strengths. That in my opinion is half of Jose's problem. He is always changing his set up to counter his opponents rather than playing to his own players strengths. Sure you need to tweak things each game, but your entire set up shouldn't be dictated by the opposition.

I think there is a lot of poor centre backs around at the moment, they are still trying to catch up to the change in what is expected of them. You either have some who can defend but can't play out, or ones who can play out but can't defend. Very few who can do both well.

I would take advantage of that and put two strikers against teams, while three at the back for us would cover that weakness.

That extra defender will also make it harder for teams to press us high as we will always have an extra out ball.

30 May 2018 22:36:43
I don't think you'd need two fullbacks shappy if there role was fullback when defending and defensive midfield while attacking city even use Delph for that he duznt have to beat men and get to byline for a cross he just becomes a defensive midfield when they attack, I think tfm could do that and blind or Shaw could from the left, it's when they are asked to hit the byline and attack the struggle comes . I'd far rather have say bale or rashford or martial with the job of beating a man and crossing than I would a fullback . I don't feel we would need as many players as u do to play it, maybe savic and bale, then u have pogba n savic to emulate Silva and kdb and bale and martial for Stirling and sane I think that's a close call . I don't think we will play the way either of us would like to see.



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