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26 May 2018 23:05:37
Shame to see you believe you’re labelled as toxic Shappy. Whilst I’m more pro Jose than yourself your arguments against are well structured, thought out and very often hard to counter.

Toxic fans I would suggest have none of the above, waver their beliefs to fit in with some delinquent crowd and place as much significance on the colour of the away shirt as they do team performance.

That is most definitely not you from what I’ve read. Nor is it any of the other regular insightful posters - Beast, Jred, Park and so on.

I’m sure every club has its toxics, however United - as they embrace social media more and more - will attract more through plain old statistical reasoning. United have a wealth of tradition, not just as a club but as a loyal supporter base. If supporters such as yourselves are perceived as toxic then we may as well give up.

There’s more to United than simply winning, and it’s the ridiculous and unjustified craving for success beyond the fact that no team dominates in any sport forever that creates the juvenile, transfer seeking toxic mindset that separates true fans from those looking to boost their own fragile self-esteem and online identity.

That’s not you Shappy!

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26 May 2018 23:30:41
Shappy, have you done a MAZE, and registered under a second name? :)

{Ed007's Note - Has, Shappy's Tinder/Grinder been hacked?}

27 May 2018 00:23:38
Come on Stevie, Gumbo's post is only 5 paragraphs long, clearly not one of mine. Lol.

Cheers, Timbo. I've fortunately been around long enough not to take it to heart. I generally tend to be one of the more positive posters, not quite GDS level positive but pretty close. However, I am finding it increasingly hard to find things to be positive about atm with regards to our club. For me Manchester United means so much more than winning titles. We should be winning titles our way. What I would give for a manager who wants to bring positive offensive football, trust in youth, fight and spirit to our side.

We are all enjoying poking fun at Liverpool tonight, but look at that team for a second. Look at the quality of the players. You have one or two great players, Salah, Mane and Firmino. But beyond those three they have two jokes for goalkeepers, a very underwhelming midfield and a defence that lacks any real quality.

Yet look at the football they play, look how far it has taken them in the UCL? Klopp has improved everyone of their players regardless of their attitude. He hasn't given pitiful excuses, he has just got on with the job. He has embraced the club.

Many of our fans state that once Mourinho has had another 250m to spend that our side will start to improve. That suddenly we'll play great football, even though none of us can point to a single player in our squad who we can categorically say Jose has improved in two years at our club. Why is Jose unable to improve the players we have? Including 8 of which he himself bought.

Will more money help? Maybe? But not on what I've seen so far. And it might cost us several of our best young players to continue down this road.

27 May 2018 01:34:58
Really good read Timbo. Shaps can’t argue much with that. Over the years I have always found myself agreeing with your posts but it seems for the first time we disagree on something - the dreaded Jose topic! But I agree on the Liverpool point that Klopp has them playing out their skin. He has improved nearly every single one of their players. That’s the sign of a great coach. His man management skills are clear to see. However, he struggles to do the most important thing - win. 6 finals and 6 losses. Personally I wanted Klopp when Fergie left but it wasn’t to be.

I think buying new players is not always the problem. Especially when Jose isn’t getting the best out of the current crop of talented players. However, investment in the full backs should provide us with much needed attacking intent and threat from the wide areas. Dragging the opposition full backs wide will allow more movement inside for the likes of Sanchez, pogba and martial etc. A big problem is our movement off the ball so if that improves then I expect to see an upturn in playing style. Think we have plenty to look forward too.

27 May 2018 07:03:31
Park, investment in new full backs will only improve our attacking intent if Jose wants his full backs to attack. This session our first choice full backs were Valencia and Young, two players who have been attacking wingers for the majority of their careers. I would have thought they would have been more than capable of providing attacking intent if that was their directive.

Shaw has been dropped not because he lacks attacking intent, he is probably our best offensive full back, however, he has been dropped because he occasionally has lapses in defence.

I agree we need two new full back, strength and depth is poor at full back and two of them are 33 and 34, which isn't ideal in what is probably the most physically demanding position on the pitch.

However, I disagree that Jose will change his spots and do something different for the first time in 20 years.

If you want Jose to continue then fine, but do so knowing that it will mean more of the same and not with the hope that suddenly Jose will have an epithany and change. He won't. We may get better at grinding out results, but the style will stay the same.

27 May 2018 09:53:23
I agree he isn’t going to suddenly play free flowing football. He will still set us up defensively sound and then to counter at pace. This was very effective and entertaining while he was at Chelsea and real. At both those teams he had a very robust and dynamic midfield so hopefully the addition of Fred and another will facilitate this. I’m under no illusion we will be playing pep or Klopp football next season. But I do think quality signings in key positions will see and improvement in style and substance.



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