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22 May 2018 20:41:35
Let's start a new debate, one that hasn't been done to death (apologies AJH lol) .

I've got a few opinions on our team which are quite unpopular.

Just before I stopped posting some of you would remember me not rating Rashford (this was when he broke through) .

Well, I still don't rate him.

He's Danny Welbeck 2.0 in my opinion.

I know he's young but I just don't see the hype in him.

I like him, good squad player to have around, I just don't think he's the next United homegrown king.

Jesse Lingard on the otherhand is fire.

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22 May 2018 21:11:44
Moon! My new BFF.

I love Rashford, I think he has 100% more talent than Danny. He is humble, balanced, a local boy who came through the ranks, an dsomeone who we need to support. Since Jose has taken over he has gone backwards and we need to explore why. And here’s the thing, I thing, I thought no he will impress on Russia.

As for Jesse, I refer my honourable friend to my earlier answer, I also think he is on fire and should have been considered for player of the year.

22 May 2018 21:40:52
Not a fan of Lingard, goes missing too much. Rashford needs time and games, got potential but needs to be in a attacking side.

22 May 2018 21:44:56
Rashford and lingard are good players and most certainly hold their place in the squad, but i do question their ruthlessness. The leicester away game being a prime example, they give off the impression that there will always be another chance around the corner and don't seem that clinical.

That being said though neither or them are as good as anthony martial and should be shipped out before he is.

22 May 2018 21:49:58
Rash is the player when I see him I say he is going to score here, I hope he will score cause he is s good lad. local all that .
But for me he hasn't pushed on at all this season.
Is it Jose, is it the way we play, is it the player.
It doesn't help when we have average full backs average wingers, and we sit 2 midfielders so if there is changes happening I would give him another season.

22 May 2018 22:25:48
Rash i don't think is mentally ready but i lov3 his enthusiasm and he is always trying and looks like he puts a lot of effort as well. He might be a late bloomer like Lingard but he is definitely not ready at the moment.

{Ed0333's Note - I just feel Rash needs to move in order for him to advance.

22 May 2018 22:49:09
Its true ed unless he can be patient but it might be too late for him. This is the age he ne3ds to be playing lots of games.

Just look at Harry Kane do you think Harry kane wouldve progressed as well as he has if he was playing for us, i don't think so. He needa to move to a team like Tottenham and become a player he wants to.

{Ed0333's Note - I’d take Rashford for us mate I think there’s a super player in there somewhere that is all action, rapid and can score goals.

22 May 2018 22:56:26
Rash has all the attributes
To be a very good player.

The lad has been fast tracked because he has the ability to be right up there.
At the the same age lewandowski had just scored 14 goal in the Poland league .

I think he is every good as Jesus.
No doubt jesus would of looked just as good playing for city as he did for pep at city?

22 May 2018 23:09:18
Singh how is he not mentally ready yet? His form drops with his confidence but that's just the way some players are.

22 May 2018 23:23:48
Pep loves young players and brain washes them so he can get the to do what he wants where as Jose doesn't trust young players and he is our manager at the mo.

If jose stays i think Rash should try going for a loan for a year to get some game time but at the same time i think he has had so many games this year but he just makes silly mistakes most of the time.

I just think he is trying too hard to impress.

It is funny i think i think Martial and Rashford should swap personalities for a small length of time. Rash should b3 a bit more laid back like Martial and Martial should show a bit more enthusiasm and work hard like Rashford and then we might see both of them shine.

22 May 2018 23:43:06
Eh? Pep brain washes players . Or improves then?
Come on give it up.

23 May 2018 00:27:09
I am a huge fan of Rashford, really rooting for him to succeed. He might never be a physical, back to goal #9, but other areas he can improve on. He loses the ball often by relying on pace alone to burst past defenders. He will become more effective as he mixes up his game more, playing some simple pass and move and then uses his pace more on occasion.
He has a great attitude and loads of potential. He can dribble, combine, finish, strike the ball well, press and track back, all he needs is consistency. And that can come from more minutes and support from the manager.

23 May 2018 06:51:14
I agree with moon on rashford, though don't think he is another welbeck but i don't get why people rate him so highly.

If you look at his playing style and finishing, he isn't a natural finisher unlike say a young lukaku or aguero etc, he will never be first choice striker at a team like utd.

He for me atleast is too one dimensional, you give him the ball all he wants to do is run with it and try and get his shot off but unlike say martial who is similar in that regard he does not have that level of close control or dribbling skills to really make it into an effective move. His tricks and flicks are nothing to speak about, he doesn't have to football brain of ronny to understand when to use it and when not to, add to it he is too selfish for his own good.

23 May 2018 07:53:04
I understand all the folks on Rash but I feel that he is still very young and his game will mature and change in a couple of years. If he has the patience to fight it out and be more clinical, put in effort on free kicks too and build accuracy in his shooting I feel he will be a very successful player in ManUtd.
He is still physically weak though very fast and in future will learn how to take on defenders once his game matured. He can be another Giggs I feel or another CR7. It depends on how and what he wants it to be. He is his own master of his destiny.
The same goes for Martial and how he wants to fight for his place. I like what Sagnol said about him and think he can also be greater than Lukaku. He is more nimble that Lukaku and should fight for his place.
That said I still think our key strategy is to beef up or overhaul the defense. Midfield wise we are quite ok but if Pogba has no heart then we need to cut loss. I feel there is some sort of friction btwn Pogba and Sanchez. Maybe one of them has to go, I don’t know. It’s difficult to have 2 tigers on one mountain (Asian saying) .
Ultimately as I have saying I’ll support the manager of the club (Jose or whoever) . If the board take the decision then so be it and move on. MY CLUB IS MANCHESTER UNITED till the day I die.

23 May 2018 07:59:13
He brain washes them becauase they only know of one way to play and that is the Guardiola way. That is why when teams go and attack their players they don't know how to react back or think of another way of tackling the situation.

He might improve them in a way he wants them to play but he won't improve their overall game.

I also think it is easier to a teach a young player and turn them into a Guardiola machine then teaching a experience players who has their own way of playing.

23 May 2018 09:51:16
You are nuts if getting a player to play well is brainwashing them I give up. It's rubbish pal.

23 May 2018 10:07:01
I rate Rashford and Lingard highly. Lingard, for want of a more suitable phrase, really paid his dues with a few loan deals in the Championship. I saw him in a couple of games at Birmingham and Brighton. He looked the player with real quality but was bullied of the ball a lot and I think he has definitely recognised his strengths and learned to use his footballing brain more as a result of that experience. He puts himself in good positions, has good awareness and a lovely touch on the ball.
I think Rashford has some of the same qualities. He's great at exploiting space on the pitch and is great on the ball, just like Lingard. He has the pace and natural ability which terrifies defences.
But there has been a big dip in form and confidence this season.
I think quite often with Rashford, he goes to make a run in to space and isn't picked up by our so called creative players in midfield. I think he then gets a bit frustrated and starts to make poor decisions.
Our midfield gives the ball away so much when pressed, which is obviously a massive problem. There is no creativity from our defenders. And the tactics used by our manager are more about stopping the other team play and not losing as opposed to expressing yourselves as players and going out to win the game.
The addition of Sanchez hasn't helped, who seems to be trying to beat the opposition single handed.
I don't think, especially at his age, he has become a bad footballer. A few unfortunate circumstances have conspired against him which have had a detrimental effect on his natural game. He is not Wellbeck 2.0.
I'm not too sure about how he will perform at the World Cup. He is low in confidence and again, I think he'll suffer from a lack of creativity in midfield. I hope he comes good though and scores a few goals.
He'll come good again lads because he is good and I really hope that's with United.

23 May 2018 12:02:05

23 May 2018 12:02:30
Who do you think he has improved Jred? .



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