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22 May 2018 11:31:03
How is a managers inability to manage so many players the players fault and not the managers.

Falling out with everyone, looking to sell some of our best players.

Can we afford to just buy and sell 10+ players every summer because the manager has fallen out with them.

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22 May 2018 12:39:07
I totally agree happy. Ed002 has suggested Jose does not want to be here, that he misses his family (which is understandable) . I think we should call it quits with Jose.

The German red bull team play football in the right way, they developed youth and their manager may be open to a new opportunity, I would suggest he would be a better fit.

I know people will say we need stability, but Jose ripping apart the team, casting aside our young talents and bringing the pensioner brigade will not help us in the medium to long term.

We need to get back to our heritage and move on from Jose. Wasting £200m transfer budget and losing martial is a bridge too far for me.

22 May 2018 13:00:34
Pretty nonplussed as to whether jose stays or goes. Have huge admiration and respect for what he's done as a manager but he really looks like he doesn't want to be here.

Might be a case of one more year and then bring in pochetino or allegri to take the team forwards.

If that is to be the case though then surely the board would have to step in and stop jose selling players like martial, bailly and shaw in the knowledge that they could potentially be revitalised under a new manager.

22 May 2018 13:21:51
I wouldn't mind seeing Mourinho go. It is more than how the season has gone on paper, finishing second is decent, it is rather the mood around the club. The way we went down in the Champions League and the FA Cup. along with Mourinho's attitude, has left a sour taste. He is arrogant and always blames someone else when we fall short.

22 May 2018 13:45:25
So get rid of another manager hire someone new it sounds so easy.

That would be what 4 managers in 5 years.

It's embarrassing.

A club brought up on values and tradition yet first sign of struggle we wield the axe for a 3rd time.

Not even struggle we've finished on our highest points total. Highest finish in how long.

The football may not be fast attacking and all out magical every week. but there has been spells of it. It's consistancy that's let us down not Jose.

But come on. is there not a point where we stop and think you know what. it's not that bad yeah a few tweaks here and there

It's getting on borderline embarrasing how the majority are reacting.

We don't want a reputation of sacking managers constantly.

22 May 2018 13:58:39
Who has he blamed by the way? The groundsman? The waterboy? The ticket counter agent? don't think so. He has blamed the players and he has every right to do it given how they have been playing. Its not Jose's fault if they can't complete a 5 yard pass. People actually need to get their heads out of Football Manager's ass and live in the reality. Sack one manager, get another one in. You are happy then but may be i won't be so i will call for his head. Then we get another in.

22 May 2018 13:59:33
bolger the club's values and tradition include playing attacking football and giving kids a chance, the manager can't abide by either of those but let's create arbitrary values and traditions that somehow include giving manager more time to ruin the team and bore us to death while not winning anything substantial after spending 300mn+ in 2 years.

22 May 2018 14:00:53
You are right bolger, having four managers in five years is not ideal. But you have to remember we hired jose mourinho as a short term fix, he's spent a maximum of three years at previous clubs.

Surely the club should have a plan considering he's been here two years and if he stays longer than next season he will be in unusual territory and allowing to make wholesale changes to the squad would be unwise if he's not here to see the team through for a long period.

22 May 2018 17:02:34
common sense,

the player who has played the most matches since jose has took over is rashford,

and he's given other kids a chances.

we won 2 trophies last season come runner up and lost in a final this season playing this dross football.

where has he ruined the team, he took over a team that was worse than we have now, less competitive than we are now.

its like moon said further up, plenty of people clash in jobs, he's the manager not your friend he's been hired to do a job and he's doing exactly that.

weather its pretty or ugly he's getting the job done more so than not.

22 May 2018 17:32:51
Beast - Backing the manager? how about not supporting his family being threatened on a weekly basis which has forced him to close his social accounts.

I think Mourinho is bigger than the club? not at all. I can appreciate when somebody is working 20 hour days however. And I can stand up to our own establishment when the criticism is going overboard.

I'm not sure why I'm bitter? exactly. I am a huge Van Gaal fan, he's had a phenomenal career and although it didn't work out here, let's not forget that he himself offered his resignation because of the behaviour of the fans.

Lets also not forget that Allegri decided not to manage the great Manchester United because of our fans' abuse.

I wanted Van Gaal to work out an awful lot, as you would have seen in my posts from back in the day I was lucky enough to meet some close friends of Van Gaal's and discuss what he'd be like with them.

So atleast my judgement on a manager is based on actual personal evidence.

Van Gaal had us close to playing some good stuff, we really weren't far away. You've only got to look at his last year for that. We performed relatively well IMO. not as bad as most make out.

Just like not winning the Mickey Mouse Cup V2.0 isn't a reason to cry.

I'll take a 2nd place finish after a 7th, 4th, 6th and 5th placed finish any time of the week.

Maybe it's because I'm not wearing red tinted specs? maybe it's because Getafe are my club and I don't have the same 'passion' you all do.

But a lot of you don't realise that whether you mean to do it or not you're doing more harm than good to the club.

Perhaps the levels of abuse Rashford, Martial, Jones, Smalling, Shaw, Young, and so on have endured on social media is the reason they don't give a toss about playing for the fans anymore.

If you can't see our fanbase is driving away everything that made us great then I've got a feeling you're going to hate the next few years.

22 May 2018 18:05:58
Yeah, I'd hate to turn into Real Madrid the way they go through managers. Someone should point out to them where they're going wrong. After another Champions League final.



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