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17 May 2018 10:35:20
I am so glad we are closing in on Alex Sandro that will be one position sorted.

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17 May 2018 13:45:18
I'm in two minds with Alex Sandro, he is highly appreciated by many in the media, yet he has looked nothing special when I've seen him play. He has had a poor season in a far slower league then the EPL and hasn't been selected by Brazil for the world cup. With Chelsea flop Felipe Luis selected ahead of him. In fact both the LB's Brazil are taking to the world cup are over 30.

Brazilians have a very mixed record when it comes to settling in the EPL.

So although he has a good reputation, it is far from a forgone conclusion that he would settle and be an improvement. The let full back we signed from Seire A was Darmian.

17 May 2018 14:38:47
I haven't watched enough of him either to be honest, but it might be a bit Pogba like again (hope not) - hype from media but when stepping onto English soil seems to be a bit out of their depth!

I did hear the commentator say that Juventus fans were frustrated with how defensive he has been playing in recent months - booing him for passing backwards all the time etc. So probably explains why we are so interested. lol.

17 May 2018 15:25:07
Dear Mr Beast,

I've been visiting this site for over four years now and I must admit that your knack of turning debates and discussions into a negative one is astonishing, to say the least.

Please don't get me wrong as I respect your views but don't you find it exhausting being negative all the time? I hope this isn't how you see or perceive life in general. I will really like to hear Mrs Beast's view of your general outlook on life lol.

Anyway, have a great day or should I say have a miserable day? lol.

17 May 2018 15:30:55
It’s part of Beast’s Charm, he used to be pretty balanced but LVG and Jose have driven him over the edge.

17 May 2018 16:18:54
Haha I'm well over the edge now - like a Looney Tunes character with the crevasse beneath.

I just take the view that if I can call it as I see it when things are truly bad, then I can be genuinely delighted when things do turn around. Rather than deluding myself that this tripe we see every week is a stepping stone to better things.

Believe it or not I am actually very very happy in life, everything I do I do well because I can honestly critique myself (and Mrs Beast) - life is a joy for the Beast 99% of the time. The only times I am unhappy is when third parties let me down and unfortunately in life you do have to rely on other people from time to time. Alas most people are happy to delude themselves and as a result the people around them tend to suffer. I prefer not to suffer in silence or pretend suffering is progress. The flip side is that those people around me benefit, (unless you happen to disagree with my honest relentless assessment of things - in other words are content with less than perfect) .

I'm casting a bleak shadow around Man Utd because things are bleak - the game we all love is terrible to watch most of the time and our club looks lost to me. But nevermind we might sign Sandro, (I bet most people commenting have just watched him a handful of times) and all will be better.

17 May 2018 16:55:12
Never seen him play but just be better than Young?

17 May 2018 17:06:12
But beast you have to accept that some people see things different to you at times so its not the truth its just your opinion.
I know you don't like jose's arrogance but surely only the most arrogant of people think they are right all the time and your coming across as only slightly more arrogant than the arrogant man you don't like😂😂
I don't think your miserable and know how happy your life is and how hard you have worked to achieve what you have and think you can be great Craic but honestly and you know I cut from The same cloth you are are coming across like you want to slap down anybody else's positivity and hope.
Hope is the essence of Any sporting fan. Not sure why your doing it mate.

17 May 2018 17:17:26
You have only seen shaw play a handful of times in 3 years but you can tell he is great😂😂? Yet all season you wanted 2 new full backs.

17 May 2018 19:11:54
Beast, your words are a breath of fresh air compared to the drivel I've been watching all year.

17 May 2018 19:41:01
I se Beast as our conscience, he brings a dose of reality that is sometime missing. We are a merry bunch made of diverse characters who generally have a good balance between the happy clappy and the doom merchants. Most of us are somewhere in between but we need those extremes to generate debate and discussion.

17 May 2018 21:19:01
There's nothing in the beasts post that I can disagree with.
I know this farmer and he calls his bulls and cows his beasts.
But he pronounces my bastes
He is a fine baste the bull over there.
What's this got to do with football I don't know but if I may can I call you the baste from now on.
Pronounce it like waste but baste.

18 May 2018 10:08:06
One of the best posters on this site is beast imo. Don't agree with a lot of his posts but that's irrelevant. Good Craic with him always.



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