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16 May 2018 14:19:56
So Smalling done with England it won't be long before United show him the exit door aswell. Can't be trusted. Johnny Evans an all-round better defender and available for £3 mill 😆😆.

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16 May 2018 14:50:34
Bit of a strange way to show someone you don't want them, start them in every game possible even when you have 5 other options in his position as well as two players on loan as well.

All the signs indicate mourinho feels smalling is an integral part of the squad.

16 May 2018 14:59:22
I am not a smalling fan but you cannot be seriously telling me that smalling isn't good enough for a team that has picked gary cahill. The sad thing for england is smalling when not asked to play actual football is england's best defender.

16 May 2018 15:09:31
Problem with Southgate is he made his bed. Smalling (and i'm not a big fan) is better than all the CB's he's taking. I'd personally go Jones and Smalling for England CB's.
Stones? Laughable selection considering he hardly plays.

16 May 2018 15:19:41
I think Smalling has been made a bit of a scapegoat to be honest. He's had a good season at Utd, has kept Lindelof out all year and will probably start the cup final as our first choice CB.

Ok he's not the greatest on the ball but he's a decent defender and I'm certainly not convinced Cahill, Maguire or even Jones are much better options.

Stones is comfortable on the ball but can be suspect positionally and sometimes he has a tendency to over play and he can become a liability.

I'm not clambering for Smalling to be on the plane but I think he can consider himself to be a little unlucky considering the other options.

16 May 2018 15:19:47
Very poor defenders selected but Smalling just can not be trusted for club or country. When all our defenders are fit Smalling does not start . There are a lot of better defenders out there that should wear our famous shirt. At best he is a squad player 😆😆Sorry.

16 May 2018 15:23:10
It's a good point that people for some reason want to ignore.

16 May 2018 15:59:47

All our defenders are fit for Saturday mate so I expect Smalling won't start then? Oh wait a minute, he will be one of the first on the team sheet as always.

This is the 3rd post now today saying Smalling will be going, the managed likes him and he is going nowhere IMO.

16 May 2018 16:45:11
I'm not a fan of Smalling. I don't think he has the footballing brain to play at this level. When it comes down to one on one duals on the ground he's very good. Even a sprint over 10-15 yards he's very good but that's where the compliments stop.

He is a huge problem in the way we play. When he's on the ball he regularly humps it up the field to no one. This happens at least 6-8 times a game were we give the ball straight back to the opposition (in fairness there are a few more culprits of this) . You can see the nervousness when he's on the ball and there is always a mistake in him.

I have to watch most corners we concede through my hands when he's playing. I'm amazed he doesn't give away a penalty every game. He never even looks at the ball coming in, instead relying on trying to rip the shirt off the attacker.

He's done well for us but I feel we could easily improve on him. It's a shame Wenger has gone, Smallish would have been a Wenger deadline day signing.

16 May 2018 17:00:02
Maybe they are giving him enough games so he is available for sale. We were told that both Smalling and Jones are up for sales and you don't put players up for sale if you intend on keeping them.

16 May 2018 17:06:39
Jose is a born winner is he not? And he usually picks Smalling.

16 May 2018 17:13:29
So Jose is playing smalling week after week risking our progressing in the league and cups to make him available for sale?


16 May 2018 17:25:04
I think when you pick a team for a big important game that you'd pick the side you felt most likely to win it.

16 May 2018 17:48:09
Its fair to say mourinho will address the back four. In all his title winning campaigns the back four was the same almost every game. He didn't trust smalling in the first half of the season n went jones n bailly but they've not been good since they were injured half way through the season which has opened the door for smalling but I dnt expect him to start next season!

16 May 2018 18:23:43
Its only been the last 3 seasons or so that Smalling insists on doing that stupid holding/ grabbing at players, its almost 2nd nature now. Last week against West Ham he did it end of first half with Anoutavic, practically a bear hug - he has to cut that out pretty quick.

16 May 2018 18:27:25
No way do i see smalling being dropped nor do I think he should be. Himself valencia and young are certain starters if fit based on team selection for most of the season.
I think jones and blind are a lot more likely to leave than smalling in the summer.
Ed002 said losing both smalling and jones would cause us an issue with English born players unless we get another English one in.

Smalling has cost us very few goals this season that I can remember to be fair to him.

16 May 2018 18:51:31
If Smalling is the best CB we have then there is some serious rebuilding needed. The fact he gets picked every week tells us where we are, either that or Jose seriously rates him. But then he seems to rate Fellaini who, whilst apparently a top bloke, and clearly someone who gives 100%, shouldn’t be near our team.

16 May 2018 19:35:03
Jose rates fellaini and he is an option gives you a plan b fits with how Jose plays . Not really my cup of T but neither is the way we play at the moment .
I think the criticism of smalling is harsh, how many pens etc has he give away?
Good 1 to 1 imo great in the air, needs a ball player next to him a bit like vidic did .
But Imo he is in the team for a reason.

16 May 2018 20:25:18
Thwre is a reason a why we won't win a titls it is because of our defence. Players like Smalling who has no technical sense and Jones who is a second away from being injured.

You keep mediocre players and you will reap second place finishes at most.

Would any of premier leagues top teams or european teams go for Smalling?

16 May 2018 20:27:49
Jred, he is good 1-1 and strong in the air, it he does like to grapple and his distribution is shocking. Early part of last year he looked class but that didn’t last. I think he’s made the best of his ability and done very well for himself all things considered.

16 May 2018 20:44:23
"Thwre is a reason a why we won't win a titls it is because of our defence"
Really? Because one thing you can say about this United team is we don't let many in, 28 in 38 games is very very good .
Only city with 27 have done better .
Goals scored on the other hand
United 68
Scouse 84
City 106 .
But the reason we won't win titles is our defense. Even tho we are only playing smalling and co to sell them.

16 May 2018 20:46:37
Well this has certainly divided us Smalling is an ok defender . When he arrived we all thought yes a Rio replacement but fact is he will never get anywhere near Rio . Some are fans of him and others like me cringe at every ball put near him . I still believe new defenders will arrive shortly and Mr Smalling will be gone 😆😆.

16 May 2018 21:08:54
Those stats are great but remember the bloke between the sticks and how many games he has saved us. Fact is are defence is poor and if Smalling and Co are the best we have then no wonder we are 19 points from winning the league. 😆😆.

16 May 2018 21:55:35
Any defender will look half good in a mouirnhonteam because he makes the olayers very discipline with defend first approach. What smalling lacks is a football brain and the trchnical ability to play out from the back.

He is awful with the ball at his feet and makes silly mistakes.

16 May 2018 22:16:40
So city don't have a good gk as well?
The fact is city have concede 1 goal less than United.
Every other team in the league more than us.
But city scored 38 more.
yer it's the defenders that the issue.

16 May 2018 22:53:56
Does the fact he picks him nearly every time go straight over yr head.

16 May 2018 23:03:49
Singh are you for real you think we don't score enough is because smalling is CB, despite it being his job to stop teams scoring against us, which for years stats prove he has done ok, do u really believe we don't score enough because smalling is centre half, the mind boggles.

16 May 2018 23:21:56
Hes picked him as much as any defender is he wrong, are all the other 6 or 7 combos wrong or do u think h just had that position wrong, Singh it looks far better to say I love mourinho but I think he's wrong about smalling than to speak utter nonsense about it.

17 May 2018 08:03:39
No one said we don't score enough if smalling is in goal. I just said if incimpetence players like Smalling is in our defence and right now we have 3 out of 4 defenders who are incompetent ar the very top then we won't win the title.

Strikers win you matches but dedence winss you titles.

17 May 2018 08:27:14
3 out of our 4 defenders are incompetent? I'd love to see our defensive stats with properly competent players, then, because I think at the minute we only sit behind City by one or two this season for goals conceded. And who is the one competent defender we have, then? Bailly? Who the manager hasn't picked for most of the last part of the season.

17 May 2018 10:34:12
I would say based on potential Baily is our on only competent defender and based on performance it is Valencia, but valencia is not good at crosses and needs replacing but don't think we will this year based on our other areas of concern.

You guys need to forget about stats in reference to defence as Mourinhos tactic is defend first and also need to bare in mind the amount of goals conceded is down to Degea being in goal as he is the reason why a lot of times we havemt conceded 2 or 3 goals a match.

17 May 2018 14:56:48
We only conceded 27 goals in 38 league games . End off.



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