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13 May 2018 22:23:41
Had we won the league playing this brand of football, which well we might of but for City's unparalleled season (105 goals and 100 pts) and some awful performances against the promoted clubs, would anybody be happy here? Or would we all be bitching and moaning about the dull performances? Are United supporters the hardest of all to satisfy?

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13 May 2018 22:37:19
I would. Can anyone here actually say they enjoy watching us play? It’s a bore fest week in week out. Really is so poor.

13 May 2018 22:47:44
I’m sorry but I don’t believe people who say they would not be happy if we won the league playing this way. We haven’t won the league for 5 years so we would all be buzzing. It is all about winning full stop. Yes entertainment is very important but we play to win. Let’s say we have won a few titles and we are still playing poorly style wise then I can understand people being unhappy. But I would take winning the league again any way, shape or form because I am desperate to remember what it feels like to win the league again. We have been spoilt by the success under Fergie and so the next title win will be more satisfying and enjoyable than any of the others for me, whether we play football like city or boring football.

13 May 2018 23:08:55
Park, it’s not ALL about winning. Are you saying that any team outside the big 6 in England, who never compete for the league, do their fans not enjoy watching them play because if it’s all about winning, then what’s the point in them?

It’s supposed to be enjoyable. To pay £750 for a season ticket, plus travelling, parking, and all the rest, call it £1500 a year, surely you pay that to be entertained and enjoy yourself? I can’t rmemeber the last time I went to Old Trafford and came from there thoroughly satisfied.

I would rather have finished 4th and have a CL final playing the brand of football the scousers have watched this season than finish 2nd watching the garbage we serve up. And that’s the truth.

13 May 2018 23:29:21
Hate to admit it, but agree with stand. I rarely even go out of my way to watch us play these days. It's just so boring. If we're on tv and I'm not doing anything else then I'll put it on, but I won't spend money to watch us any more. I just end up bored and frustrated, so what's the point.

13 May 2018 23:47:07
Stand I know it’s about enjoyment but that is for the fans. At the end of the day the players, managers and clubs play to win. You don’t get trophies for taking part. I do think that attractive football and winning trophies are not mutually exclusive. You can do both as pep has shown this year and Fergie has in the past. Arsenal have played beautiful football for years but have won nothing. Ask those fans if they would sit through a mourinho season and win the title and I bet they would bite your hand off. I agree that I would much rather be in Liverpool’s position I’m not denying that. But if they had gone out to city in the quarters and finished 4th I don’t think you would be saying that. Same way if we were 4th and playing the way we are but in the champions league final I’m sure you would be celebrating just as hard as if we played champagne football. It’s a game of opinions and I respect yours but for me football is about winning. I am happy to sacrifice some style it it means we win the big honours. I would not be satisfied if we played entertaining football and only challenged for top 4.

14 May 2018 05:56:11
Couldnt agree more park!

Yes i'd love to have had citeh's season at UTD but if u ask for an either or. then i pivk winning it ugly over playing beautiful football and winning nothing.

14 May 2018 09:06:35
Jose is a cream egg for diabetics is the best way for the José out side to look at it, he is here for a moderately ok time not a long time. The squad and united should be in a decent position when he does leave as long we haven't signed papa bouba Diop in the interim. He does fit the big and old criteria.

14 May 2018 10:40:49
Totally agree ezrs.
If Liverpool lose their cl final and we win the fa cup we have had a much better season than them imo. Despite them spending more.

Spurs for all their beauty scored 1 goal more all season and have no final to look forward to.

I'd rather have substance over style but would obviously prefer both together.

We have players who have given us no style for 5 years under 3 managers. Results have now improved when we get a couple of new players the style will improve somewhat.

Get rid of the weak lily liverd cowards with no substance from our squad and get players in that match the managers desire to win and we will be fine.

14 May 2018 14:08:22
And ken what if Liverpool win the CL and we lose the final,?

14 May 2018 17:08:03
We will jabs had a better league campaign than them and they will have done better in the cup comps stand. Pretty obvious that one.



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