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10 May 2018 22:11:23
Newsflash - I now get more excitement from eating a bag of Revels.

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10 May 2018 22:36:49
This is why I’m not renewing next year and took the decision back in December and very much stand by it. I know my protest will make zero difference, but no longer willing to part my cash for this tripe. I have more fun at work and that’s the truth. I love Utd, but not willing to pour my hard earned funds into the club in its current guise anymore.

10 May 2018 22:44:08
I knew we would draw today. I reckon it is the end of Martial don't think he would be staying. Rashford is a lucky boy because he is a local lad and will be given chances.

Like Ed004 says below there is going to be some big changes this year. The team needs a kick up the ass in attitude.

{Ed004's Note - Its the attitudes that's annoying me. We need to be building our team around the likes of Bailly, Herrera, Lukaku, Sanchez etc who get stuck in and leave it all on the pitch. I still don't think we are a team others fear playing against. Hopefully we see it next season. Push 10 yards further up the pitch and play with intensity from the offset. If we are leading then sit back and counter at pace}

10 May 2018 22:59:13
Thats exactly it Ed. A lot of these players are talented and even the ones on the bench have talent but thy obviously have issues with attitude or don't give a Sh**t about playing for UTD.

Now i don't know if that's to do with the manager or if they are like this a a human being. Something needs to change. Either get rid of these players and bring players who will give their all on the pitch or get rid of the manager.

If you get rid of Mourinho who is going to come in?

I personally would back Mourinho this year and give him what evrr he eants to fix this and go all guns blazing next year with th3 core of Bailly, Sanchez, Lukaku, Herera And De Gea . We also need a fully focused Pogba or he would again be in the spotlight next year and cause headache.

{Ed004's Note - The issue with sacking Jose is it sets a precedent. He's going to finish second this season. If we sack him;
a) who do we replace him with that's better? there's no Klopp or Pep on the market
b) what top mangers would risk us? we obviously have a poor winning mentality and sack a manager that's gotten second, even last manager got sacked the day he won the FA cup. Not sure we want to get a rep of sacking a manager at first sign of stuttering}

10 May 2018 23:02:01
True ed, attitude and a bit of heart goes a long way, there's as laid back attitude with the players, it's like we will get paid anyway.
The way we are playing isn't related to a United team.
I hope there's changes, big changes.

10 May 2018 23:42:40
Exactly Ed just stick with Mourinho and give him what he wants and we will win the season next year if the players play with their hearts. The team is carrying a lot of passengera and they need to be rid.

11 May 2018 06:20:23
I find it funny how everyone blames only the players for their precieved lack of passion.

The success we have seen under Sir Alex was created by the attitude he instilled into the players. He made them want to fight, he motivated them to give thier all. So why doesn't Jose get any of the blame for out players precieved poor attitude?

We have a manager who goes from sulking to gloating but is never happy. He is living in a hotel, has flirted with other teams and is generally unhappy with being our manager. Surely if the players can see any of that then it's likely to affect their attitude in a negative way?

Jose's teams have always been about fight and grit because Jose has always been about fight and grit. However, the Jose we have at United just looks tired, worn thin, lacking anger and fight and generally unhappy. And surprise surprise that's how our team looks.

We keep blaming the players, but these players have shown more fight under other managers. So why not under Jose?

11 May 2018 06:37:04
I agree with Ed004 and I have said this before, sacking another manager will not be attractive especially now . As to Shappys point I think the players, well some of them, have been found out by Mourinho and have an attitude. In those circumstances it’s them or the manager, if the manager delivers improvement, as he has, like it or not, then it’s stand by the manager or face a club where players get what they want. We can’t have that.

11 May 2018 07:55:14
We've shown plenty of fight in big games in the second half of the season. The fact we don't for the lesser teams suggests poor attitude on their part.

11 May 2018 08:07:50
Shappy, a very simple question. Which manager was that under whom these players showed more fight? Care to enlighten please.
On the players let's be honest and agree that most of these players are sub par either talent wise or attitude wise. The likes of Shaw, Martial, Darmian etc show that week in week out either in the match day squad or possibly in training.

Its for all to see that the past few games where there is nothing to play for have been more of a showcase for these players to be put up on the shop.

Dont you think for one moment that we have over achieved with this squad? Man for man can we compete with City? They have a complete squad while we are playing sulkers. We have sacked 2 managers while the players have stayed put and there lies the problem. You can keep playing musical chairs with the managers but they will all fall till those broken chairs are changed. City have Lay Z boy recliners while we have chairs with 3 legs limping around.

11 May 2018 08:22:28
It's not finishing second that's the problem, it's the boring dull football.

It's a problem in itself but also commercially for the club. In a post above Eric79 says he's not renewing his season ticket and I'm sure there are many more like him. Sure, there are plenty of people who will take their place but the fan base will shrink as young people are more attracted to supporting City or Liverpool or Madrid etc because they play more exciting football.

My opinion is to sack Jose and set a new precedent of only exciting attacking football allowed at Man Utd. That said, we also need a massive (and I mean massive) clear out of players.

11 May 2018 08:57:27
Redman, this is an issue that has followed Jose all his career. He isn't flexible enough to work with people who aren't exactly like him.

You say these players have been "found out" by Jose. Yet Sir Alex never "found out" players. Some players played well under Sir Alex and some played poorly, yet every single one tried their best and gave their all in every game.

Jose is unable to get a tune out of players I know for a fact Sir Alex could.

The Ed's have said Jose isn't completely happy at United, and his actions back that up (living in a hotel, flirting with PSG and his general demeanor) .

So that raises the question of just how long will Jose be here for?

One more season, two? So is it worth wasting more money selling good players to bring in expensive (often older) players to suit a manger who is unlikely to stick around for the long term?

I'll say it now, we will never win the title under Jose. He just isn't the same manager anymore. I think he need to look at international management, that suits him far better now. That way he can live with his family in London or wherever he wants. His grinding style suits cup competitions (as shown with three cup final appearances in two seasons, while not challenging for the title) . Plus I think it was Ed001 who said since his time at Real Madrid he hasn't shown an interest in helping players improve individually, which wouldn't be his remit at an international manager.

I know you really like Jose, I think he has been an amazing manager, and I liked the personality he had when he first came to England. However, the Jose we have now doesn't appear to have the same hunger and drive, he seems unhappy and sullen.

He is either sulking sat on the bench or gloating about his past glories in the press room.

We won't win the title like that, we will pick up cups here and there but never truly challenge for the title. Whatever happens this summer I expect us to finish lower next season than we have this one.

I can see the signs that Jose isn't going to succeed, that is why on this occasion I would be reluctant to back the manager and move on highly talented players to replace them with expensive 29 year olds.

11 May 2018 09:26:13
Sacking another manger is not ideal but are we really ready to waste another season of this garbage under Jose. We all know he cannot and will not change nor will his style of football. How can players like rash martial sanchez and pogba all look ineffective they cannot all be that bad consistently. Our style of football is nothing short of horrendous, even with nothing to play for and a dead game we play the same stale football no ambition or thought of entertaining anyone. Does it matter who we sign in the summer does anyone actually believe that we will not be watching the same bus parking tactics against rivals next season.

11 May 2018 13:04:25

SAF had no problem with Ince Kanchelskis Hughes Beckham. It was his way or the highway no matter no much they tried.

Oh and I don’t “really like Mourinho”, my preference is recorded many times on here but there are issues that need fixing that require some cojones and sacking someone now to put (insert latest fancy football playing name) a nice football coach will end in tears again. I want good football but you have to build to it and Jose gets another year from me.



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