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05 May 2018 09:18:00
"I couldn't persuade my players that second place was very important to us. I know we can do it, we only have two matches to get the four points we need. They beat us in the attitude. " Jose

It's why he needs to go. Cup Final starting place, huge wages, future at club, prove a point to manager/ fans, impress fans, respect the club, DO YOUR JOB! - those are just some of the many, many reasons why players should be doing more and if a manager can't get that message across he isn't fit for purpose.

One off blips I can tolerate, but this type of performance is exactly the same as we see almost every week with Lukaku plsying - not too sure which other player missing would have improved us too much being honest, Sanchez has not added anything, Valencia is steady but nothing special. Hardly second string team as being dressed up, and every players that played would get into the Brighton team, same as the West Brom team a few weeks ago and probably Sevilla a few weeks before that! Woefully boring and Brighton just took their chance, we created next to nothing yet again as it's negative all the way.

Had Fellaini not nicked a goal against Arsenal then we would have drawn agains their real second string, with yet another turgid performance from our superstars. I just hope PSG or the Portugal job become available this summer for him because it will be the same next year, horrible spectacle. It's alright bitching after every game Jose but you are the person paid to manage these players, the buck rests with you!

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05 May 2018 10:03:37
It says a lot about the players as they can’t motivate themselves for a cup final, they should want to play for the chance to win that trophy regardless of who is in charge.

05 May 2018 10:31:28

In terms of points gained and matches won it's been a decent season, in most years we'd be in with a shot at the title. However there is something rotten at the Club. Our best players aren't performing, Bailly has now been dropped for no apparent reason and he can't seem to motivate the players.

I think he's doing a decent job in terms of bringing some stability to the Club, returning us to the Champions League and winning some silverware, having said all that I don't think the performances have improved and we have a style of play only a mother could love.

We don't feel like a team in 2nd place, or on the up, we have no recognisable style of play or identity and I'm beginning to think this won't change.

In my opinion City will dominate whilst Pep remains in charge and I'm not entirely convinced who could do a better job.

I think in some respects the board can be satisfied with his tenure. Two trophies in the cabinet, a another final to look forward to and Champions League qualification two years running. This must at least satisfy their minimum requirement. Revenue streams remain profitable and would they risk all that because they don't like our style of play. I doubt they even care about that to be honest.

Since Fergi retired the team has lacked courage and bravery, its all been too safe and lacking any kind of intensity or urgency. Most players appear paralysed by fear and riddled with doubt. There is no consistency or belief, no vision for the future, our ideology evaporated into thin air. My biggest fear is becoming a reality that the Club will make do with almost anything as long as qualification for the Champions League is assured and revenue and sponsorship deals keep rolling in.

You won't like this but I think he deserves another year as progress has been made in respect of matches won and points gained. I do get the feeling however that he has run out of patience and ideas, deep down he knows that this team simply doesn't have the desire or consistency to challenge City and if he doesn't get the players he wants in the summer this could all implode by Christmas. Watch this space.

05 May 2018 11:24:51
So how is it mourinhos fault the players aren't capable? You can give the tools but if they don't perform that's them. Not him. Everything is there to succeed. The players let themselves down. Management only goes so far.

Clearly beast, mourinho controls those players via brain command to fail in playing to potential. All Jose's fault. Give it a rest, maybe just maybe the players have no spine. Mourinho is a serial winner, our team are serial bottlers. End of. Guardiola wouldn't have this overpaid bunch of dross playing any better and anyone who thinks otherwise should give their head a shake. The standard of our team is the problem.

05 May 2018 12:54:08
Bang on red whiskey. Poor players in too many cases.

05 May 2018 13:17:24
The standard of the team is the responsibility of the manager. If they are bottlers and no good why do they command such high fees and wages? Why are they playing dozens of games for us each season? Why after 2 years has he not remedied the situation? Every single one of them is a full international for good international sides pretty much!

Everyone to blame but Jose, ridiculous, his job is to ensure the team is prepared, advised and deliver. If he is unable to do that then I fail to see the point in having a manager.

I think some people need to look up what a manager's role is. Bitching and moaning is what we do, he is simply transferring the responsibility onto the players like all charlatans do. Staff reflect their manager in every walk of life, and you wonder why we have a team full of bottlers and prima dona's.

Imagine saying to the owner of a company that you are meant to be managing for him, 'sorry that the workforce aren't doing what they are meant to all the time, they are being told and aren't listening to me. I think we need to hire 25 new employees that may listen (the 10 or so I recently hired won't listen either by the way so I need to double the budget) . I'm pretty sure the owner of the company would identify the problem very quickly and it involves just one replacement!

05 May 2018 14:10:05
Good deal if you can get it, win and be called a serial winner and a major reason for the success but lose and it's nothing to do with you it's the players fault as you don't send them telepathic messages. Which you must somehow do when you win.

05 May 2018 15:36:38
Beast. I couldn't agree more. i'm going to write this post and put it in my calender to remind people next year. Mourinho has won lots of trophies and we congratulate him on that. However, he has been a major let down while he's been here.
These performamces are simply unacceptable. Trying and failing to motivate players should not be an option. Blaming the players for these terrible performances should not be the default mode.
What has mourinho achieved with regards style of play? Nothing. What has he done for pogba martial rashford and bailly? Nothing. What has he achieved to make us a more attacking team? Nothing.
So how are we going to turn into world beaters when tge mamager and players can't be bothered to turn up for some matches. I'm sorry, but we'll be talking about the same things next year as nothing is going to change.



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