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04 May 2018 21:30:33
This is awful, where is the bloody movement, the overlaps, the curved runs. We are too predictable, static and slow.

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04 May 2018 21:51:01
It’s the 91st minute we have 8 players in and around their box and no movement. No runs across the box. Are these really professional footballers. They look more like bloody bollards. Pathetic.

04 May 2018 21:55:47
Jose looks like he knows it, which is the only sliver of hope from that performance. He looked angry on the touchline. Something has to change for next season or he’ll lose even those of us who are being patient. I think/ hope he’s only too aware of that.

04 May 2018 21:58:32
This team can always find new levels of low.

04 May 2018 22:13:15
Never been convinced by jose and probably never will be but I don't hold him responsible for players unable to pass 15 ft, no one able to dribble, no one able to hit the target.

Martial, Rashford, had no defensive duties just go out and attack, be dangerous and they were just not anywhere near good enough tonight.

Another poor performance as a team to go with so many more this last 12 months -frustrating to say the least.

04 May 2018 22:32:57
Something has seriously got to happen in the summer be it player departures or some movement in the hierarchy, if not I fear that the worldwide reputation that the club has been building over a number of years will be irreparably damaged.

04 May 2018 22:35:51
It does seem that way. The club as a whole has been massively mismanaged. Any other plc that had invested as much and underachieved the way we have would see the board sacked. I accept that from a commercial perspective we are world class, but the core business, I. e. on the pitch we are non league.

In terms of players that we have bought under Moyes, lvl and Jose who have left the club we have wasted £148m.

If the likes of Darmian, pogba, martial, Shaw, Herrera, blind, Fellaini and mata leave as expected that’s another £271m wasted.

In total that’s 16 player that have cost £419m. That’s too much churn and too much wasted money. There are no excuses. We need the football side to be as well run, with a coherent short, medium and long term strategy as the commercial side.

The issue for me, this lack of strategy has been evident since Fergie left and yet I can’t see that much has been done to correct the issue. I am off to kick the cat.

04 May 2018 22:48:56
I agree with boyburrenway the players were a joke tonight. martial and rashford had a chance to stake a claim and prove why jose was wrong in them not getting many minutes. They proved why jose is right in selecting sanchez and lukaku over them. We have been woefully mismanaged over the years and it is starting to show. Perhaps Ed002 was right in predicting that we would be in this situation. we need to buy the correct players for the system and style jose wants to play next year. There is no point chopping the manager and starting again because we will be in the same situation 2 years down the line. We back the manager and invest in who he wants. If that means martial and the likes are sold then so be it because let's face it they are not much of an asset if they do not fit the way jose wants to play. Let him have the players he wants and let's try and build something. We have one great victory against a rival and we follow it up with this crap. These players need to take account for their sub par performances and cannot blame the manager when they cannot pass the ball 5 yards. it is a joke and there must be another clear out in the summer. I hope the club are working on there targets now because we cannot be chasing our targets late on in the summer. time to start acting like a proper club instead of a spoilt child in a sweet shop. We need to sign who fits the manager's vision as opposed to the big name marquee signing so Ed Woodward can get his jollys.

04 May 2018 23:12:23
I'm not as sure as you the manager is blameless park we set up with a keeper, bk 4 who rarely venture forward, 3 in midfield, 2 of which sit until we trail in games that's 7 of the team being pretty defensive and leaving attackers miles apart and isolated .
Tonight the players played poorly attacking wise but it's not a one off .
Southampton one and none, Liverpool none, Chelsea none, Huddersfield town one, Basel none, Brighton one and none, Bournemouth one, Bristol city one, Burnley one, Newcastle none, Seville none and one and west brom none,
I couldn't pick a player out tonite as the worst they were all poor bar the keeper again . It's true the players struggled to make even simple passes tonite but the set up and instructions the team follow aren't right to me either on lots of occasions and the tempo and urgency in our play only picks up when we go behind .

04 May 2018 23:13:34
Nothing like defeat to bring out knee jerk reactions.

04 May 2018 23:20:35
I agree that the manager is not blameless slate. And I’m too frequently this season I have been underwhelmed and unimpressed with his tactics. However, how many managers are we going to go through before we realise that the players are the main problem? We have a back 4 playing today that should not be anywhere near or club if we have aspirations of winning the title. That midfield three was slower and more immobile than my nan on a zimmerframe. We know that combination doesn't work and the manager is at fault here I agree. But that front three on paper should be good enough to beat Brighton. Players like martial and rashford has a chance to really put a marker down and prove that they should be playing more. And they were quite frankly shocking. There is no excuse for a lack of desire in martial case. That’s not down to the manager that’s the player. It’s got to the point where I didn’t care who is sold our bought to be honest I just want to see some passion for the shirt. Many of these players do not have what it takes to play for united and they must be shown the door. So yes I agree the manager’s tactics are poor at times but sacking him now and appointing another manager with another few years of transition isn’t the solution for me.

04 May 2018 23:21:04
Huggy. 2 years ago, myself and RedMan were harping on the fact that our club seems to have no clear strategy and no clear direction. We discussed the terrible transformation post Fergie. We also were critical of the recruitment policy or lack of it. We cited city at the time as being the new modern business model. But we were ridiculed and assured the club was moving in the right direction.
Two years later, we're still talking about the same shortcomings, lack of quality, lack of urgency, lack of passion, lack of ideas, lack of system, lack of direction.
When are the owners and board and management going to wake up and realize they can't ignore the warning signs and actually do something about it?

04 May 2018 23:41:36
I get your point park and agree with much of what u said but why years of transition it took Conte first season to be champions and guardiola 2 seasons to be champions, why are we so different itl take someone years, Conte just changed system and got the players playing better again and pep just hit the market hard and done in quickly, why is that not possible for us . I know city started from a stronger base but Liverpool didn't and they are in a champions league final.

04 May 2018 23:50:33
Aaa agree with that but for the owners and board now it's all about the money,
That performance tonight was embarrassing
No leaders on the pitch or off it.
Changes need to be made.

05 May 2018 00:40:36
Yeh fair point slate I agree I don’t see why we cannot sustain a full 90 mins of consistent, energetic and entertaining football. We only perform when our backs are against the way or it’s too late. So frustrating and it creates such a range of emotions from great highs such as after city to the lowest of lows against Sevilla which took me about a month to get over. It’s just not good enough with the money we have spent. We clearly have weaknesses but there is no excuse for these sorts of performances we have served up all too often this season. Leahy you are right changes need to be made. We have no leaders and it is showing. Perhaps signing older players is the way to fix this I don’t know. But the blame is at both the manager’s and the players door. We are light years behind city both on the pitch and it seems off it strategically and planning wise. Time we started acting like a football club and cared about winning and not a business who cares only about the £££s In the bank account. Finally, there is no excuse for players not being arsed or putting in a lack of effort. As fans I can appreciate a loss if the players have bust a gut on the pitch. People complain about Sanchez, and rightly so as he has not been good enough. But what you cannot fault is his workrate and desire for the team. He gives 110% every time he steps onto the pitch. Compare that to martial. He sulks and struts round the pitch as if he expects it to be handed on a plate. He has immense talent, up there with sane for me. But sane works his socks off and it is paying off. Bitterly disappointed about martial but if he were to leave perhaps it is for the best.

05 May 2018 02:06:14
Rashford was worse then Martial today. He was so greedy at one point when Martial was open. I think they both wanted to score today so they can secure their place in the starting 11 on sunday.

05 May 2018 07:43:42
Eric, the vast majority of the replies on this thread are considered, not knee jerk. I am totally against over the top reactions too (and try to keep my criticisms hyperbole free) but this is not a one game thing - it's been happening on and off all season so posters have every right to question what is the problem and how to fix it.

05 May 2018 08:01:39
No issues at all with criticism of our strategy and tactics, nor questioning where our club is going. I do have an issue where it’s over the top. Even Fergie was bad for the first 3 years, and even in his pomp we lost games we shouldn’t have done.

I am just as guilty of it too in my mind. One week I think Jose is the man, the next I don’t. Just trying not react to what was clearly a poor performance. Modern society we live in.

It’s not a lack of talent it’s mentality. We cannot motivate ourselves against “lower” opposition. Everyone is to blame for that at the club, especially the players. We also seem asleep until we go behind in games then switch on.



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