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08 Apr 2018 07:48:54
Just watched the highlights again and noticed a few more things.

1. 3 assists for Sanchez, he may not be hitting the heights yet but he knows how to deliver a ball.
2. After our first goal, every player immediately ran back to the restart, no celebration, no jumping about, Pogba went and collected the ball to get back on with it. Great to see the determination after a poor first half.
3. For our second goal, Pogba passes the ball from the centre circle and then runs forward, he doesn’t have to break his stride and just runs on to the cross. We need to see more of this.
4. A great second half from Pogba showing us the player we thought we were buying but where was he in the first half? I’m not seeking to criticise him, I’m just trying to understand the huge difference we see in him, not just yesterday but through the season.
5. Hats off to Herrera, doesn’t play for ages and then does what he does, tidy, committed, energetic, and a brilliant lay off from his chest. I’d like to see this team carry on.
6. What a save from DDG. All the focus is on Pogba but yet another incredible save from DDG to keep us ahead.

The final point, as ever, is why don’t we see this type of play more often? One good half does not make us world beaters. We have more points, scored more goals, conceded fewer than last year and will more than likely finish second which is progress (although we may not win a trophy) . You can see the potential in this team, we just need to consistently deliver it.

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08 Apr 2018 09:17:09
That is the baffling thing Tony, why don’t we see the level of performance more often and I can’t put my finger on it, maybe was a lack of belief but yesterday showed the fans and themselves that they have it in them to be expansive and beat anyone. We’ve beaten all our rivals this season, ok some have beaten us too but if we can find that consistency we will be hard to stop.
Totally agree on Sanchez, seeing more from him now, could be a game changer for us next season and who knows this could be a turning point for Pogba, the news that came out then that performance, I hope someone shows him that 2 minute spell and says this is what your about, Herrera needs to be in this starting line up for me going forward or if Jose doesn’t fancy him a player like him, it’s of benefit to Matic and Pogba.
Top second half and tho it only delays the inevitable this will hurt city from now into next season, I don’t see teams rolling over next year like they have this for them.

08 Apr 2018 09:29:09
Great result can't make my mind up about the performance .
Some real positives but city could of maybe should of got something from the game . Don't want beating city to turn in to our cup final but it was great to see a proper derby yesterday .
Lot better more entertaining game yesterday than what we have seen for a while .
First half very poor second we showed some bottle .
Herrera for me had a good game both half and pogba showed in the second what he can do .
Can never understand the clamour to get rid of players I would far rather see talented players like pogba playing well next season at United.

08 Apr 2018 10:45:21
De geas kick for citys second goal was abysmal. Apart from a few games this season (arsenal springs to mind) i think de gea hasn't lived up to the lofty expectations he has set.

08 Apr 2018 11:06:17

De Gea is the best out there atm. One bad kick does not define a keepers standing. Plus witg the way that pitch is watered i'd be bricking it every backpass! Normally his distribution is top notch.

To be fair he has let a few in this season where I think he might have done better but saves like that last night defies logic. The way he twisted his hand to push that ball over amazes me. Such little reaction and thought time. Saves like that are as good as a goal scored. In which case he's probably on 15 for the season then!

08 Apr 2018 12:17:49
Top performance yesterday just what we need from players putting on the shirt.

There are reasons why some players play in the big games and some dont, De Gea again showed why he is the best.

Smalling needs replacing with a better center half and so does the full backs.

The rest of the team played well.

08 Apr 2018 12:43:08
My only criticism of de Gea is that he tends to be slow off his line, forcing defenders to make clearances of balls he could be collecting. This is especially problematic when you have defender like Smalling in front of you, who often seems to panic and get his feet tangled up, turning clearances and throw-ins into corners. Other than that he constantly demonstrates his claim to be the No 1 goalie in the world.

08 Apr 2018 13:02:31
I agree with DSG and Shawthing on de gea. I've said this many times before. He gets stuck to his line too much for my liking but he's the best shot stopper around and his distribution is excellent.
In answer to AJH initial post, we play cautiously as the manager instructs them to be cautious. Then we go 2 goals down and could and should have been 4 down at half time so the team talk goes as follows :
"Ok boys, my tactics were good but you didn't obey them, what shall we do in 2nd half? " To which the players answer "why don't you go back to your hotel and order your room service and watch Netflix and leave us to play attacking football and display what we're capable of".
And AJH, that's the reason why we don't play like that more often. The manager is too busy shutting the opposition down and not enough effort is made to attack. There was one occasion when we were 3-2 up and got a free kick and smalling was signalling to the bench if it was ok for him to go up into an attacking position. It is baffling.

08 Apr 2018 13:14:29
As a former keeper one miss-kick per game is good going and the pace of a Utd -City derby would I imagine create a lot more in 90 mins
DDG is the best around and made up later in game. I would of saved the second goal when I was in my prime and DDG looked like he was disappointed he didn't get to it. 😆😆.



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