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07 Apr 2018 20:27:17
What a remarkable game and where to start? After the revelations the day before I expected Pogba to step up and show his commitment to the club but in the first half he was bang average; our stand out player was Herrera making us all wonder why he has not been picked this year. We huffed and puffed and took the game to City but when hey stepped us a gear we couldn’t live with them.

Mike lost his head at a corner and suddenly we were 1 down, then they cut through us like a knife through butter and we were 2 down staring into an abyss: the horrors of City setting a record for the earliest title win by beating us was becoming all too likely. But then half time arrived and Jose got a chance to rally the troops. And boy, what a rally!

I don’t know what he said to Pogba but what a difference, an energetic, focused display with 2quality goals. Let’s give credit to Herrera for a beautiful chest down into the path of PP for the first goal, another exam0le fo why he should have been playing more. And then onto the winner, Mike making up for his mistake by volleying home from a great cross.

So what does this tell us?

1. City are not all that. Too many teams have shown them too much respect and sat back. Get after that and they struggle.
2. Herrera should play more. He is committed, and he is quality. PP was picked for weeks when he was pants, Herrera must be wondering WTF is going on.
3. Lukaku can have a poor game and we can still score 3.
4. We really aren’t that bad. When we play freely and go for it we can compete with anyone. Jose, are you listening?!
5. Chris is both brilliant and crap, personally I think he needs to be replaced but you can’t fault his commitment and effort, which we can’t say about all put players.
6. City don’t like it up ‘em, boy did they get tetchy when they were behind.
7. Pep is class, his post match interview was top notch.
8. Jose showed some class, apparently he congratulated Pep on the title at the end of the game.
9. DDG is the best in the world, another mind blowing save.
10. No idea what Jose said at half time but my God it worked.

My main take from the game was Pogba. He has the ability to be one of the best in the world but he rarely does it for more than half an hour a game, and then not that often. If he could do it for an hour a game consistently he would be right up there, I remain to be convinced.

So, onwards to next year, hopefully more teams will get at a City and take points off them and we will improve and get more points which means we might actually have a contest.

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07 Apr 2018 20:56:21
Look what happens when you allow him to play further up the pitch he scores goals.

{Ed004's Note - That formation played today was what we should be building on. Sign fullbacks and Alderwereild/Umtitti before next season and we will have a formidable side}

07 Apr 2018 21:06:03
As I said, I don’t think we are that bad, I keep banging on that we have not been playing to our potential. Not sure where the issue is but it needs sorting, I think we are only a couple of players away from being a top side (assuming we get our existing players playing to the top of their game) .

I love Herrera, he epitomises everything I look for in a player, what a game he had today. Pogba could be world class, as could Sanchez. Martial and Rashford have huge potential, Jesse keeps developing, I think full backs and CBs are the issue, a top class solid defence will allow cour midfield and forwards to crack on and do damage. Perhaps a solid CM who can control a game and dominate the pitch is what we are missing.

{Ed004's Note - Completely agree AJH. We have beaten City, Lpool, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea this season and that can't all be down to luck. We are second and deservedly so. Any other normal season and we would be bang in the middle of a title race or leading it}

07 Apr 2018 21:14:45
I've said it before and I'll say it again Pogba is a runner. He makes fantastic runs from midfield into the box. For both of his goals he was our most advanced player! The problem is he can leave us exposed when a move breaks down especially when he's playing in a two. He's brilliant at breaking from midfield and when he gets into advanced positions he also has quality on the ball.

From his post match press conference it's obvious that Carrick has been working with him which is very encouraging.

I think Pogba can also be just as effective in a two but we must understand that sometimes we'll be exposed when he vacates the midfield and a move breaks down. He must be allowed to run and break from midfield where he is so difficult to pick up. We'll gain a lot more than we lose and in the big games I'd always revert to a midfield three to provide more defensive cover.

I'm delighted for him and the one thing I will say is he never hides. He dragged us back into that game from the brink of collapse when others looked scared to be on the pitch.

On a different note I thought Jose post match comments we're very revealing. Smalling and Bailly were so poor in that first half. They we're both hiding and didn't have the courage on the ball and gave us absolutely no platform to play.

{Ed004's Note - Very good post. I agree with you that Pogba needs that license to get forward. I watched Souness and all discussing Pogba after the game and it was frustrating me that they were all saying that his best attribute is his athleticism. I thought that was doing him an injustice. Personally, I think it's his passing ability and that why's both the French manager and Jose have tried to develop him into a quarterback kind of role however he just don't have the defensive awareness or focus for that role.}

07 Apr 2018 21:48:18
I totally agree Ed. He passing is very good, he can also dribble and shoot. I also think they were doing him a great disservice but I do understand the point they we're trying to make. Those runs he makes ahead of the ball are so hard to pick up and he's also very good at carrying the ball forward on the counter. Unfortunately he definitely leaves us exposed defensively at times and that's why sometimes he needs an extra midfield to cover for him.

Your absolutely spot on I think Jose wants to use his ability on the ball more to help us dictate the tempo of the game from deeper positions but his natural inclination is to make runs forward. He's not great out of possession and your absolutely right he lacks defensive responsibility, doesn't track runners and let's people run off him. On a positive note there aren't many midfielders in Europe that can break so devastatingly from midfield. He really is unique in many respects and we have such a powerful weapon if we could just somehow find the right balance and release him to do what he does best. Maybe as he ages his game might develop and change to become more of a deep lying play maker but at the moment we should let him burst forward from midfield and let other teams worry about him rather than asking him to perform a role that at this stage of his career doesn't make the best of his unique talents.

{Ed004's Note - I can understand where they are coming from but at this stage in his career he doesn't have either the experience or desire to play deep in our midfield. As he gets older I could see him becoming a better version of Matic if his defensive play improves with experience. I think our priority (after fullbacks) now should be getting someone to play beside him and Matic that can dictate a game but has energy (upgraded Herrera basically) so someone like Veratti, prime Modric or Thiago}

07 Apr 2018 22:06:26
Yeah I agree Ed another interesting summer ahead.

07 Apr 2018 22:25:14
Sorry Eds if my earlier posts didn't get posted because of what i wrote.

Totally agree with Danny, Ed and Ajh.

Today really was some what of a turn around for some players and it has made me so proud being a Manchester United fan.

We would really be even more formidable with two proper full backs, cb and a midfield partner for Matic and Pogba.

Great great game.

{Ed004's Note - I'm not going to lie I've no idea what post you'll be referring to as there were so many that got deleted at half time. I'm hoping it'll be a lesson for the future in that the game isn't over at ht. Very happy with the attitude and drive shown by the players in the second half. They didn't act like players who didn't have faith in the manager}

07 Apr 2018 23:36:52
Totally agree with that ed. It wasnt at half time when i posted. I would never do that as i am very busy watching the match.

It was the post which included Guardiola as Fraudiola 😂😂😂.

Today the players were hurt and showed what it meant to be wearing that shirt.

{Ed004's Note - I didn't see the post so can't comment on it. Great reaction from the players today}

07 Apr 2018 22:11:26
Herrera was very good probably our best player .
For Danny and 025 why do think pogba wants to leave.

{Ed025's Note - i have never said that pogba wants to leave jred..

08 Apr 2018 12:30:30
Neither did I in fact I really hope he stays he's potentially a world class player. I recognise his obvious talent and think if we can fit him into a system where we can make the most of his attributes we'll be a force to be reckoned with.

I have absolutely no idea if he wants to leave or not, what I desperately want is for Pogba to fulfil his immense potential at our Club!



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