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06 Apr 2018 09:19:41
For most of this season the left wing spot has been fought for by Rashford and Martial. And on the whole they have done well. They both have 12 goals, and 6/ 7 assists. Which is a good return for two young players who are only playing around half the minutes available due to sharing the role.

Last night me and a mate was discussing them both and trying to decide which one will become the better player.

Martial clearly has more natural talent, his touch and control are better, and his shooting is clinical. He also seems to link better with other strikers (Lukaku in particular) . Where as Rashford seems to enjoy his football much more and seems more willing to work hard and chase the lost causes's. He is also two years younger.

I think it will come down to who is trusted and supported better as to who will more likely become the better footballer.

If it was based purely on talent then Martial wins hands down. However, Mourinho favours hard work and following his tactics which might mean he will favour Rashford. It's a close one.

Who do you guys think will become the better player, Rashford or Martial?

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06 Apr 2018 10:11:42
Martial is the better player imo and will do even better under a different manager .
It raises a question about Mata, everyone seems to like him but I would take rash and martial over him .
Mata is an attacking player that has scored 3 league this season 15 in his last 88 games .

06 Apr 2018 11:33:03
Raahforda hard work will get him ahead of Martial. Martial has all the talent in the world but he doesn't look like trying too haed in the games he plays.

06 Apr 2018 12:12:02
I agree jred, he needs to be given more licence to run at people and attack. He seems a little hamstrung by the lack of movement and numbers when we attack. I'd quite like to see a Martial and Lukaku strike partnership. A 352 set up for me looks like the best way to get most of our best players in their best positions. Or at least it did until we signed Sanchez. Maybe a variant of 442. I just really like the look of some of the link up play between Martial and Lukaku and think we should try and get them playing closer together. Sadly I don't think that will ever happen with Jose.

Singh, I'm a big advocate of hard work. You need to work hard if you want to excel. However, I find it funny how so many people think Martial doesn't work hard. When we look at the average distanced covered per 90 minutes he is 11th out of 24 players so there are at least 13 players "lazier" than him.

Also he keeps getting games under Mourinho a manager, who as Luke Shaw will tell you, won't play you unless you are working hard in training. Which suggests that he is working hard. I think he is just unlucky to have been born with a "resting bitch face", he doesn't smile much and his facial expressions give off the impression he isn't happy or bothered. When if that was really the case he wouldn't be getting games under our current manager.

However, I do think if he was playing in a set up that maximised his ability he would far out shine Rashford.

06 Apr 2018 12:56:01
I like them both shappy both young fast and skilfull and have done well goals and assists wise despite being in and out the side and moved position regardless of form . Having 3 players martial, rash and lukaku to cover the central and left positions isn't excessive and it would be very useful if rash or martial could make the right side attacker his own spot . A forward line of those 3 looks decent to hit on the break away from home if they don't start from too deep. I see Sanchez as more a breaker down of packed defenses at home when his form returns to what he has shown in the past . We have bags of attacking talent and our goals and assists compare with anyone from the left and centrally but from the right we are getting very little compared to other teams.

06 Apr 2018 13:10:47
Shappy - I think we're at a period in our history where maybe we don't have the stability or time to wait for players like Rashford and Martial to truly mature and blossom at the Club.

The Premier League is the most competitive it's ever been and make no mistake we're in a constant battle just to finish in the top 4 never mind challenge for the title. At this moment in time we need consistent performers that can deliver week in week out, especially if we want to mount a serious title challenge and I'm not sure either Rashford or Martial are quite at that level just yet.

Both are young supremely talented players with plenty of potential but also still have a lot to learn. The harsh reality of playing at the top Clubs is it's an hard, competitive and unforgiving environment.

I don't care what anybody says neither Rashford or Martial are in the same class as Sanchez. (Not at the moment anyway) . Since Sanchez arrived we've struggled for balance, he's played left, central and on the right, but I think we witnessed in the game against Swansea that he's most effective playing from the left hand side. For me Lingard is finally showing a level of consistency and end product to match his undoubted endeavour and work rate and deserves his position at No 10. Mata provides a nice balance on the right with Lukaku up front. That for me, at this moment in time is our best attacking line up.

Rashford and Martial need to show patience, a commitment to work hard and make an impact when they get their chance. They really need to look at Lingard as an example of this.

I think Rashford as a home grown talent epitomises everything good about our Club. I think he understands what it means to play for Utd and I never get the impression he gives anything less than 100%. I have no doubt about his commitment to the Club and he's playing more than enough games for a player of his age at one of the biggest Clubs in the world.

As for Martial I'm always left with the feeling of wanting more. I rate him highly and think he has huge potential but I'm yet to be fully convinced by him. With Sanchez now added competition whether he's prepared to be patient and wait his chance remains to be seen.

06 Apr 2018 13:41:59
Age shouldn't come into it .
Sanchez has been poor to be honest so far .
Miki come with a big rep good age etc was poor do Maria came with a big rep big price tag was poor .

Really not sure why people are so obsessed with getting rid of a player like martial, don't think he has done much wrong this season to be honest .

06 Apr 2018 15:01:26
Agree jred. But then, he doesn't smile enough.

06 Apr 2018 15:05:51
Danny, I'll have to disagree with you there. I think the moment we turn our back on our identity then we have lost regardless of the result.

Our club has only really been successful for a sustained time when we have had a manager who trusts in youth and gives young players a chance. Both Sir Matt and Sir Alex built their teams and their place in our history with youth as the cornerstone.

people always talk about what benefits an older more experienced player can have on a younger player. Yet no one considered that the youngster could have a positive effect on the older players.

An older more cynical player coming towards the end of his time, his body aches and he has lost some of that spark of excitement that he had in his youth. Then suddenly this excitable young player with a spring in his step and the exuberance of youth comes bursting onto the pitch playing football for the sheer love of it. That will have a positive effect on that older player no doubt. Plus it will give him a new challenge, maybe keep him at the top of his game for an extra season or two.

We are Manchester United and we have built our history on youthful, fearless offensive football. The kind that can only be played when you have a few young players without fear of failure playing in your side.

We might win a title under Mourinho, but we won't have sustained success under him because he doesn't get what makes our club great. We need those young players in the side, they aren't just our future they are our past and present as well.

06 Apr 2018 15:14:41
For those who don't feel Rashford and Martial are doing enough, so far this season Rashford has contributed directly to 20 goals (goals and assists) and Martial to 19.

Vardy 20
Morata 19
Mahrez 19
Lacazette 17
Ozil 17
Sanchez 15

So better or equal to a couple of former "best player of the year" winners.

In fact they are only a few more goals/ assists away from matching or surpassing Hazard (21), David Silva (22) and Eriksen (22). Three of the very best players in our league, and players who have significantly more experience.

And they have managed that in a team that is playing poorly, that doesn't attack, and with around half as many minutes on the pitch as those bigger name players.

So just how poorly are they playing? Or is our poor form down to how we set up?

06 Apr 2018 16:30:04
It's hard for them to perform well when they're as well aware as us that one mistake and their out of the first XI for the next two games. Meanwhile certain players can have absolute stinkers and never get dropped.

06 Apr 2018 18:15:26
Shappy - I get the point your trying to make and understand the sentiment but in my opinion it's a flawed argument.

Busby and Fergi were both great managers two of the best the game has ever seen but what about all the other years in our history when they weren't at the Club? Mangers with such quality accompanied with both loyalty and longevity only come around once in a generation if your lucky.

We should learn the lessons of the past and we can't afford to stagnate whilst we wait for another Busby or Fergi to come and rescue us again otherwise we might be waiting a very long time. I'd be interested to know Red Man's opinion on this?

I think Jose has answered his critics in relation to blooding youngsters and trusting youth. Martial, Rashford, Mctominay even Tuanzebe and Fosu Mensa have all had good opportunities to play in the first team. It's a complete myth that he hasn't given young players a chance especially at Utd.

We can't afford to drop out of the top 4 and Jose has a very difficult job in rebuilding the team whilst keeping us competitive.

I sense from your posts that you are becoming increasingly disillusioned with Jose without actually coming out and nailing your colours to the mast.

My opinion is that whilst I think both Rashford and Martial are both very talented players they still lack real consistency and I don't think they'd fare any better under a different manager. Sanchez is a better player than both and he should start in his favoured position on the left.

Jose has made mistakes, I've been frustrated at times but I believe in the bigger picture and think we are still moving in the right direction.

We have a proven winner in charge and whilst our football will never be gung ho I truly believe that in time we'll see a much better product.

Maybe it's time to come off that fence and commit one way or the other pal!

06 Apr 2018 19:16:28
Danny, I believe players should start based on how they perform and not on what they have done previously. This season Sanchez has directly been involved in 15 goals, in around half the time both Rashford and Martial have been involved in 20 and 19 respectively. Why should they sit on the bench? Is Sanchez doing enough to force them there, not in my opinion.

I never wanted Jose, and said as much. I appreciate he is a great manager, but just not right for us. He is a poor fit and by the time he leaves most will consider him a poor choice. However, I will contiune to back until such time that it is clear he is no longer improving things at our club. I will question his decisions especially one's I disagree with. Just because I back someone doesn't mean I will blindly agree with everything they do.

06 Apr 2018 21:06:08
Stats are tottally irrelevant. There are so many playera in the leagues else where thatbhave scored tons of goals but they wouldn't be good for our league at all.

This is Martials third season, he is a lot matured then you think he is. If he could have a kid and be married at the age of 19 then i am aure he has a good head on him and is old enough to take life seriously whether that ia at home or playing professional football.

The thing with Martial is he isn't going to get a chance as a striker while Mourinho is here. His touch is poor jist look at the number times he hasn't given the ball away. I actually think Rashford has better control and can control the ball better but his finishing is poor as well as his decision making for e. g. when to shoot and when not to.

Where as Martial is not good on the wings and that is the position he is currently being played at.

I am not saying he is not talented, he has a lot of talent but he needs to be playing in his preferred position for him to play to his maximum potential or he could just chin up and work harder at his game at United.

It is totally upto him, this is a professional sport and players are just employees of our club. If they don't perform then they can be replaced with another player that has the desire to play for our club and work hard towards team targets.

Talent alone isn't enough anymore in this world you have to have the brains and be willing to what ever it takes to reach the top in sport or what ever work you are in.

06 Apr 2018 21:53:08
So you want martial sold? Will you be disappointed if he isn't. Based on what you have put above.

Any time a player is linked wuth leaving the club it amazes me how quickly people start to pick up on every perceived fault .

06 Apr 2018 21:56:12
Every player shappy mentioned was from the same league as our guys, I think it's a fair point to say martial and rashford who have alternated the role on the left and rarely played together have stats that compare with the best left side forwards that the premiere league has and while covering the left side are just 2 goals behind lukaku with twice the assists and way more likely to score or assist than our right hand side attackers. Martial can give the ball away too easily but on that subject let's me honest Sanchez is by far our worst offender since he arrived.

06 Apr 2018 23:07:22
I don't want him sold but if we can get a better player that suits the way the manager wants to player then why not.

Players come and go, if he is not happy with his position or game time then for his own same he should leave. There are lots of clubs out there which will be happy to take him.

I have backed him for a long time but as soon as a player isn't happy then i am sorry they shouldn't really be playing at our club against their wish, it just works both ways- club should be happy with the player and the player should be happy playing for our club.

Slate - Sanchez loses the ball quite a lot but i also see him chase balls like no one else in our club, he is constantly chasing every single ball until the last minute which a lot of our players can learn from.

If Pogba can have half of Sanchez's work rate he will be twice a player he is now.

07 Apr 2018 00:10:34
So what if he doesn't want to leave? Sounds like you want rid to be honest.
Do you want rid of pogba as well?

07 Apr 2018 00:31:43
Mata is more consistent and effective for the team than both of them in what he does. Tony and Rash are supposed to be goal scorers. Mata contributes so much more.

07 Apr 2018 06:20:08
Mata is committ d and gives 100% in a position that doesn’t necessarily suit him. It has been a surprise how often he has played given his previous Jose relationsship.

As for Martial and Rashford, they are both incredibly talented. I love Rashford but he hasn’t really progressed this year. He is a great lad, doesn’t seem to have been seduced by bling, a local boy made good. It is up to the Manager / coaches to develop him to his potential (yes I know he has to Di it too) .

It’s a pretty similar story for Martial. As jred says, if he wasn’t working hard in training he wouldn’t get picked. I’d just like to see him work harder in games, it isn’t just a perception, he isn’t active enough for me. A great talent who also needs some help in fulfilling it.

07 Apr 2018 08:55:52
Fair points ajh I don't think I can argue martial could be more than he has become and could learn from Matas work rate and commitment but they are both attackers and while Mata works harder, martial yields way more without having to work or try as hard . In games against tight defenses Mata and Sanchez are better at breaking that down but in big games where we sit bk and look to hit on the break we could look a bit paceless other than lukaku when attacking without martial or rash .
If the players retiring, out of contract, touted to other teams by agents aswell as lots of bit part players were all to leave the next sharkopod will sound like Richard Burton at the end of Zulu doing the role call.



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