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05 Apr 2018 07:07:25
Incredible performance from Liverpool and whilst a difficult game to watch there was some enjoyment gained from watching City finally getting a smacking.

However, looking at the Liverpool team, how much better are they man for man than United? Henderson and Milner in midfield, 2 very young full backs, Lovren at CB, a GK who remains unconvincing. That’s over half the team I wouldn’t touch and you can also argue about Lukaku over Firmino, and I still don’t particularly rate VVD. But, Klopp has them playing a fast aggressive pressing game and their front three are fast direct and on fire. Hats off to him, they are great to watch and if they keep this up who knows how far they will go?

This brings us back to the point that keeps rearing its head. We may have players who are “not good enough”, but so do Liverpool. Yet Klopp seems to be getting the maximum out of his players while Jose isn’t. Yes, “but we’re second “ I hear you say. So let me ask you this. Finish second playing as we have, or finish third playing joyous football and getting to the ECL semi finals (at least)?

Jose can buy as many players as he likes, but if he can’t get them playing to their potential then we will be stuck on a buying and selling merry go round. It isn’t just the players fault, a world class best in the world Manager should be able to get the best out of what he has, and I look at other Managers who are doing this - Klopp, Howe, Dyche, and even Hughton and Benitez, and then I look at Jose who simply blames his players. There is no room for a narcissist in this game and particularly not at our club.

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05 Apr 2018 07:50:49
Well said Tony. I for one, think we have massively underachieved this season. Pogba, hererra, martial, Rashford have gone backwards. But on the bright side Mctominay and Lingard have improved. The team still looks unbalanced and that's a worry, as we've had several windows to address the fullbacks, midfield and wing issues.
Pep and Klopp and Poch have got tgeir teams playing as teams and working hard for each other, working hard to press the opposition. Mourinho has us playing slow defensive football with no pressing at all and no urgency.
He might be a winner, but he'll win nothing this or next season by which time, he would've been sacked.

05 Apr 2018 08:10:47
Did we not just beat this great team a few weeks ago?

05 Apr 2018 08:21:31
Angel, yes we did, but answer the questions, which do you prefer, and is Jose getting the best out of our players the way others Managers are?

05 Apr 2018 09:14:25
Jose is doing a decent job, he has spent a huge amount. I read somewhere that he has already spent over two thirds of what Sir Alex spent in 26 years. I know inflation plays it's part but Jose has only been here for two years. Sir Alex broke the club record for signings many times over the years.

However, I don't think he is getting the most out of what he has. Oddly though I feel even if he was able to get the most out of this squad we would still be second to City this year. They are breaking records left right and centre and they do clearly have a better squad that we do.

So I feel if Jose got the most out of this squad we would be around 8 points better off and we would have played more entertaining football this season. But still be second place. We would however still be in the UCl, as this squad should have easily overcome Sevilla, although Bayern would probably have a little too much for us atm. But it would be close if our team was playing at their full potential.

I'm on the fence, and won't be happy or sad when Jose does leave. He has done a decent job but he needs to do better. I also worry about his handling of Shaw and Martial and his reluctance to play Mata regularly.

The question is who replaced him, Pochettino gets a lot of love atm, and I like him. He could be a good option, Tuchel and Jardim would be my top two candidates though.

05 Apr 2018 09:34:00
Good post Shaps, I agree with all of that.

05 Apr 2018 10:08:52
Done ok Jose about par for the course but this is a far better squad than we have seen .
Could definitely be playing better footy with these players.

05 Apr 2018 10:17:33
I asked the question about who realistically could replace Jose. A name not mentioned at all but who’s record is equally as good as Guardiola’s at Barcelona and got them playing some outstanding football is Luis Enrique.

05 Apr 2018 10:44:50
Ports, I'm not sure what to think about Enrique. He had Barcelona playing good football, but then so has every manager dating back to Rijkaard. Which ironically is when a certain Argentine started to make his way into the team.

Over the last decade Barcelona has had one of the best squads in world football along with arguably the greatest ever player. It might be harder to get them playing poorly than well.

Enrique's Barcelona were entertaining, I liked how they transitioned quicker from front to back, sometimes almost bypassing the midfield, which at the time was running out of legs with Xavi not being at his peak anymore. Busquets and Pique making longer passes down the channels. Of course when you have a front three of Neymar, Suarez and Messi you want to give them the ball as often and as quickly as possible. But was anything Enrique did revolutionary? Not really, he has done okay in other jobs without being outstanding. Had he never played for Barcelona would he have ever been offered the job as manager? I doubt it. I get the feeling he was kind of the right man in the right place at the right time. Could he do it elsewhere? Maybe, but he hasn't proven it yet.

05 Apr 2018 11:28:06
Good post Shaps can’t argue with any of what you have said regarding Jose. I echo your views on the current situation for us. I feel we have to press city high up the pitch like Liverpool did very well last night. On paper we have the players to do it but tactically Jose is not setting up correctly. You could argue we have more depth in our squad than the likes of Liverpool but I do think city have a superior one to us. I like the idea of Tuchel or jardim being our next manager. Massive fans of Both and with their style of play and the attacking players at our disposal, I can see us being a force. Would love to have a strong end to the season and win the FA cup. Then address the glaring issues at full back and midfield and we go again next season.

05 Apr 2018 12:18:00
Barcelona were very good not brcause of Messi but because of Xavi, Iniesta and Puyol.

Just look at Barcelona now Messi is playing deeper because he doesn't have Xavi and Iniesta is on his last legs.

05 Apr 2018 12:20:27
You guys are having a laugh if you think Tuchel can do a job.

Tuchel will melt under pressure and wouldn't be able to handle egos, don't know much about Jardim to comment bhr think he too woukd be too inexperienced to jump in a managerial role at our club.

05 Apr 2018 12:46:41
I'd prefer to finish higher up the league - means we're closer to the league title.

05 Apr 2018 13:27:58
Singh, Tuchel is under serious consideration for the Bayern Munich job for a reason. Bayern have a good habit of picking out top coaches.

Tuchel's style is exactly that of United's. Quick offensive football, vertical passes rather than horizontal ones. Quick transitions and try and score as often as you can. He has a history of giving youth a chance and helping them develop and flourish.

I don't agree with this idea we need a vastly experienced manager, sure we can't give the job to a rookie but as long as the managers ideas and the clubs align and he has a track record of succeeding then I don't think we need to be looking at someone who one the UCL 20 years ago.

We have hired three experienced managers since Sir Alex has left, Moyes and LvG were disasters and Jose who was the youngest of the three has done okay.

Sir Alex was able to keep United at the top for so long by regularly changing his assistant manager and bringing in someone younger with new ideas. It kept things fresh and relevant. It is no coincidence that the clubs football started to go down hill when Sir Alex chose he safe older styled option of Phelan over a younger more dynamic assistant.

The football landscape is a constant changing one, 10 years ago it was all about possession, now its pressing. The football changes and the managers need to change with it. However, this is hard for a manager who has had loads of success doing something a certain way. So these managers don't change but they fade and become less relevant. Look over at Arsenal if you want to see what happens when a great manager doesn't adapt to the changing football landscape.

That's why I don't want and don't think we need a manager with 20 years experience, I feel a younger more dynamic manager will be able to do a better job. Tuchel fits that bill.

05 Apr 2018 13:21:42
Disagree completely singh. There is a reason why top teams such as Bayern PSG and Chelsea are chasing Tuchel. We have gone down the ‘experienced’ manager route in our last two appointments and it’s hardly been a raving success. These appointments have also been managers who are perceived to have the ego to manage united. Jose I think has it but he is a defeat away from implosion it seems. It is time to appoint a manager who is in keeping with the modern style and tactics. Tuchel has Dortmund playing attractive football and got sacked because he butted heads with the wigs at the top. Jardim won the league against a PSG side with an open chequebook. I think there is pedigree and ability there for him to make the step up. My picks would be Tuchel, jardim and Poch.

{Ed001's Note - Tuchel was sacked as performances had dropped.}

05 Apr 2018 13:40:41
Took the words out my mouth shappy couldn’t agree more. My mistake Ed was not aware of that. But I do think Tuchel is a very good manager and would be a great fit at united. Unfortunately it seems he will be going elsewhere. Do you have any information on where he is likely to end up?

{Ed001's Note - I would say Chelsea is more likely but I do not think you have missed much. He tinkers constantly and tries to be clever, usually ends up outthinking himself and gets his tactics wrong by doing so.}

05 Apr 2018 14:11:11
Ed001, who do you rate as the best young up and coming managers?

{Ed001's Note - Nagelsmann, Gasperini, Jardim and I would put Dyche in there because he has impressed me massively with the job he has done with Burnley. Would love to see what he could do with a bit more spending power. Potter is another who has worked a minor miracle but could do with proving himself with a bit more money to spend.}

05 Apr 2018 18:06:19
Tuchel is the mini version of Guaridola who thinks they are too smart and tweaks too much like Ed says.

We need a older head because Manchester United is more then just managing a team. There is a lot more to it just look at Jose eveen he looks under pressure.

Right now we have the best manager available and that is Jose.

05 Apr 2018 18:20:06
Bayerns already confirmed Tuchel isn't going to them.

Id probably go Jardim or Dyche.

As an outside has any manager truly done anything revolutionary in the last 30 years? Or are they just rehashing/ adapting things from older periods?

05 Apr 2018 15:01:20
Tuchel all sounds a bit avb to me.

05 Apr 2018 16:27:49
Ed001, I like Nargelsmann too, I want to see him go through a rough patch and see how he handles it. He does look destined to manage Bayern at some point.

I have no idea how old you are but I wouldn't have thought you were old enough to consider the 60 year old Gasperini young. lol. Although I agree he has done a fantastic job with Atalanta.

{Ed001's Note - sorry I never bothered checking ages. My mistake. Though compared to Ed025 he is a child.}



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