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19 Mar 2018 19:09:17
"Mourinho's treatment of Luke is an absolute disgrace. If he has a problem with him the decent thing to do would be to keep it in-house. If this kind of abuse happened in any other workplace there'd be a case for constructive dismissal. It's disgusting, "
Strong words from the Shaw camp.

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19 Mar 2018 19:22:40

19 Mar 2018 19:35:21
Just to clarify that fid not come from shaws camp. It came from and i quote 'a siurce clise to luke shaw' which could be anybody from hus locsl sweet shop or kebab shop.
More sensationalism for the brain dead click bait morons.

19 Mar 2018 19:35:38
i think its a bit of both if i am honest. Shaw's fitness and discipline is clearly poor and he cannot seem to keep himself in shape. What i find bewildering is that jose praises him as the having potential to be the best lb in the league and suddenly he does not play until the other day, where he is unfit.

On the other side, i think it is clear shaw has a weak mentality and it seems that the injury he sustained has caused a lot of mental issues. So jose lambasting him so publicly is a bit harsh. But we do not know the ins and outs. Maybe jose has put the arm round the shoulder and tried the good cop approach and it is nt working. I am not sure what more can be done with shaw except his time is up and he has wasted an enormous opportunity that people would give anything for. I hope he is a success elsewhere because he has enormous talent.

What we need is players who have the mentality to play for united and are not awed by the stage or pressure that comes with the club. He does not have that (along with others) and he should be moved on. The only thing I will say is jose does seem to only criticise shaw in such a vicious fashion when there are other players in the team that are worthy of a tongue wagging publicly as well. I do not think there is anything wrong with a manager publicly slating a player. But the issue I have here is jose is the one who should be looking at himself and not blaming others as he cannot get this group of players to even play with intensity and any sort of attacking cutting edge.

19 Mar 2018 19:46:10
Ken - you mentioned the other day that you sacked 2 nice guys that didn't perform for your successful business. Out of interest when the 2 guys still worked for you did you get all your workers together and tell them that you had 2 guys who just weren't up to the task they couldn't reach your standards, no matter how hard you had tried with them, they couldn't perform to your required standards.
Obviously it's a personal issue so if you choose not to reply then I respect your privacy.

19 Mar 2018 20:21:45
Luke Shaw should have been dealt with in house, If Jose doesn't rate h7m why play him in the first place.
It's just Jose picking an unsettled player to have a go at 8n front of world football.
I l8ke to play hard myself and have managed a few under age teams but come on you don't do that.
The boys confidence must be shot now.
If Shaw is not want United need then let him go but give the boy some dignity.

19 Mar 2018 20:32:25
Apparently neither Shaw nor Valencia did as they were told but Shaw gets hooked and another public slating. It’s bullying, pure and simple, the public berating of a player when there are plenty playing as badly. Irrespective of how well or not a player is playing there is no need to go public.

19 Mar 2018 20:44:22
Jose stated he would have taken both off if he had another sub actually ajh. Read the facts not the hyberbole click bait.

19 Mar 2018 20:57:04
Sigh, you can’t help yourself can you ken? Jose said he took Shaw off because “at least Antonio defensively was capable of good positioning”. So, not only was Shaw crap going forward he couldn’t defend either apparently.

19 Mar 2018 21:05:16
There's nothing can be done about it now but if I was Shaw I'd say right I'll show you Jose. I'd run my b#lix off get as fit as I could, i have the ability I was one of the most sought after left backs a few years ago
Right come on Luke do it for yourself mate.
Even if you go to another club, I hope you get it together
At this stage I'd sack Jose before I'd let you go.

19 Mar 2018 21:08:16
Keanooh. It was slightly different. I've had to let loads of people go over the years for a variety of reasons as all employers do.
The 2 guys i referred to were both given every opportunity to turn things around. Both were subject to their figures displayed in front of all staff at both regional and national sales meetings and indeed international sales meetings.
I have a degree in hr management and i'm very familiar in employment law in europe the far east and in the states and there are big differences in all regions.
Without knowing all the facts as none of us do but based in what's in the public domain i can assure you that the club or manager would not have a bullying case if raised by shaw upheld.
The manager is contractually obliged to give public press conferences and is obliged to answer questions on player appraisals. He can choose the level of how much he wanted to share but cannont be sued for giving an honest answer to a question he is contractually obliged to answer.
He didn't have to be as forthright as he was but cannot be sued for giving his opinion.
Foul and abusive language for example towards an employee on a continual basis could mean a claim in most work places but in football it would not be upheld due to the amount of precedence.

Its quite funny listening to people talk about subjects they have no idea about.

The same people posting on here that aguero was right to throw a kick or slap at a supporter slamming the pc brigade are now trying in their ignorance to jump on a pc wagon that they have no education on.

Shappy earlier asking what sort of world we live in when people can be ridiculed in public but he himself admitted on here he vandalised a blokes car for upsetting him. Strange mentality. Obviously out of character for shappy and he also said he deeply regretted his actions so i would have thought he would be a little more tolerant.

Jose actially substituted matic one time 20 mins after putting him on. Lots of managers have done that.

Its a tough world out there if your employee publicly defies instruction he should be called out for it I've no issue with it at all.

Lots of reasons why employers or managers do what they do but trust me jose broke no law.

19 Mar 2018 21:32:24
Come on Ken, mate. "Its quite funny listening to people talk about subjects they have no idea about. "

Have you heard yourself?

19 Mar 2018 21:36:30
I hope none off them people were sacked for spending all there time on the internet .

19 Mar 2018 21:52:59
I get confused by you jred. are we still trusting in Jose?

19 Mar 2018 21:55:55
Strange comparison to make. How can understanding someone's right to defend themselves against an aggressive yob, be at odds with sticking up for someone who you believe to have been unfairly treated, especially one in a less powerful position than the other?

19 Mar 2018 21:40:13
Do we think Jose didn't try and deal with this in house already and it may not have worked?

19 Mar 2018 21:43:07
Sigh sigh tony you just can't help yourself. ' both full backs i wanted to change but i had no substitions left open to me' jm.

19 Mar 2018 21:49:45
If its during working hours jred it would be a case for instant dismissal.

19 Mar 2018 21:59:54
I agree with Ken on that point his posts about the footy always cheer me up 🤣🤣🤣.

19 Mar 2018 22:00:58
Angle in Jose we trust pal he can do no wrong.

19 Mar 2018 22:03:19
Sepp what's your problem? People are posting that shaw is being bullied which is not the case on what's in the public domain. Its funny becaise they don't know what constitutes bullying in a legal sense. If they did they woild be writing that.
The case at chelses with the doc/ physio was upheld because she was prevented and instructed and stopped doing her job and over ruled by jose where he had no authrity to do so and could have endangered the player and her reputation. Empliment law is a complete minefield and is becoming a very difficult and expensive area foot any business.
Any and all business owners are cimpelled to train and educate anybody that bandages personnel. The sue culture from the states has made its way over here and is causing gavic and while its important to look agger all employees its also important not yo strangle businesses with protocol expense and regulations that could but that business under.

In fact a lot of entrepreneurs are looking to outsource their hr function as the laws are so confusing. Hr law is a huge growing market and i'd advise any young school leaver to look at it as a potential career if they have an eye for detail and an ability to be able to stay calm in high pressure situations.

19 Mar 2018 22:22:20
You've missed my point, Ken. On a side note, I didn't know you could get a degree in HR.

19 Mar 2018 22:24:34
Jose did have subs tho he only made one change at half time .
And fellaini only come on in the 88th minute.

19 Mar 2018 22:15:38
That's the ooint Angel. Nobody knows what's gone on behind closed doors. Nobody knows the facts. Jose could well be bullying shaw I've no idea. But giving an apprsisal in an interview he is contratually obliged to give is not bullying.
He does not have to tell the truth in said interview but he can if he chooses to. Lots of managers say or do things tbey later regret. Me included i'm sure everybody on here is no different. Becks took a boot in the head. Big ron made a racist remark on tv.
People on here jumping on joses back for his honest appraisal werr defending carrager gor spitting at one of our own supporters last week.

For every ying there is a yang. Every story has at least 2 sides.

{Ed025's Note - very much so ken..

19 Mar 2018 22:30:15
Very unpleasant business with club doctor.

{Ed025's Note - i wish someone would bully me and give me a £1m pay off jred.. :)

19 Mar 2018 22:34:00
I wouldn't be going overboard jred. everyone has their faults.

I just read your posts and you go on about trusting Jose all the time and now you are slagging him a lot. just getting confused as to where you stand on the whole debacle. Just interested to know?

19 Mar 2018 22:34:25
Stevie if someone breaks into your house and you catch them and beat them to a pulp you could find yourself in prison. The law is an ass at times as you of all people should know. I know quite a few garda (the irish for police) and i'm sure its no different for you in the north or the police in the uk, the protocol and procedures you guys have to follow are unreal. One tiny insignificant error in paperwork or procedure can see drink drivers murderers rapists or even paedophiles walk free.
If someone pushes or abuses you in the street and you beat them up you could well find yourself on the wrong side of the law.
But jose broke no law. It may be construed as unethical but no employment law has been broken on the facts as i know them or the ones that are in the public domain.

Bullying is a bit of a buzz word people use a lot nowadays. But try and get a claim through the courts is difficult.
Im sure shaw was given instructions to follow in front of all if he didn't follow them to the letter then jose has no case to answer. The laws are their to protect both employees and employers. There is too many grey areas for a case to be upheld.

19 Mar 2018 22:35:44
Good post Ken. for all we know Jose has been in his ear since he arrived and might have had enough of it hence his more public criticism of him. I didn't see it as bullying. did Fergie ever publicly criticize players Ken?

19 Mar 2018 22:42:35
Aguero didn't break any law either. Didn't stop all the armchair lawyers coming on here straight away to give us their opinion.

19 Mar 2018 22:42:56
Ken - I wouldn't know or profess to know the legal implications of Jose's comments. I try and treat people the same way that I would like to be treated, I don't always succeed but I try my best.
I wonder how many people on here who support Jose's actions on Sat would find it acceptable if they were singled out and treated the same way by their boss at work.
Let's not forget that José has publicly criticised Shaw in the past with no apparent success.
For me it was completely unnecessary and just surrounds the club with more unwanted negative attention especially after the headlines we had just made with our European exit.

19 Mar 2018 22:47:26
The bloke can do no wrong 🤣🤣.

19 Mar 2018 22:55:45
To be honest, I've no idea about employee/ er law. I've never actually called it 'bullying' on here, with regard to the Shaw situation, but I assume most people believe it to be bullying in the old-fashioned sense ie. a more powerful person picking on someone in a less powerful position. I doubt very much if anyone truly believes that it's a case for an employee tribunal or José facing dismissal as a result.

{Ed0333's Note - Maybe it is bullying because when others play badly he never publicly calls them out. Shaw always seems to be the scapegoat.

19 Mar 2018 22:58:12
Yes he did angel. And the club owners klopp did it to sakho just people getting excited.
The club could have fired rooney keane and plenty of others for gross mis conduct.
If you don't like jose you can try and use it with a stick to beat him with. Same way as when i was sick of rooney he only had to turn up to annoy me. Its bias we all do it.
But what i find strange is the bloke who sits on a fence plays both sides of every debate never nails his colours to the mast and then claims he is always right. Bloody hilarious. Makes him look a right plonker and most can see right through it
Ed025 i reckon if jose won the treble for everton you still wouldn't like him mate😂
People (well most people the fence sitters and 2 faced excluded ) make up their mind and won't change their opinions no matter what. that's why generations of families often support 1 political party and never change their vote.

Everybody knows jose is not perfect far from it. But i think he is the right man to sort out the playing personnel as it stands at the moment. Football is a game of moments. Just watch and wait if sanchez were to score in 5 or 6 games on the trot playing from the left those clamouring for martial will be hiding under a rock until he goes through a lean patch then they will be out waving their martial flag again.
Im living all the posts this week great craic 😂😂😂.

{Ed025's Note - i am opinionated ken and i make no apologies for that, i have never changed my opinion of the guy since his second spell at chelsea, when he first came to the EPL he was a breath of fresh air and witty to boot which endeared him to most fans, that persona has evaporated and all i see is this massive ego who thinks the world is against him and would not smile even if he saw a chair walk, if he won the treble for everton i might just change my mind mate.. :)

19 Mar 2018 23:07:19
You can sepp several colleges doing hr degrees mate.
Im studying human behaviour at the moment in dcu in a bid to try and get a degree in human profiling. Its tough as i travel a lot.
As part of the course we studied body language i'm sure noucamp has done some stuff on it for his job its facinating. My kids can't pull the wool over my eyes anymore😂😂. I hope to retire in 2 1/ 2 years time and put some of these learnings into a potential new career at the ripe old age of 50. i'm a serial entrepreneur 😂 Thankfully ill have no financial pressures so time to start enjoying the fruits of my last 3o years of hard work.

19 Mar 2018 23:13:32
So is that another 'not going to give my opinion jred post' 😂😂😂.

19 Mar 2018 23:21:14
Angle I've give it all week pal lens asked me the same question 4 times .

All ways back up my opinion pal I also take it as a compliment how much u and Ken care about it .

Great post again pal 😂😂😂.

19 Mar 2018 23:21:26
Ed033 again that's simply not true.
He has called pogba out on more than 1 occasion recently and martial and mata and matic while at chelsea. Many more examples i'm sure. But why let the truth get in the way of a good story mate. Lots of precedence i'm afraid ed033.

{Ed033's Note - ken, we have Ed033 (me) and there is Ed0333 (not me). Please take note.

19 Mar 2018 23:30:51
Me too ed025. Never afraid to defend them either😂 it comes from getting my own way a lot😂😂 lots of people dislike me but i can live with that. We are on this earth for a short time mate make the most of it, follow your dreams.

19 Mar 2018 23:47:49
Angel jred said he doesn't want jose sacked and that he is doing ok and doing nowt wrong. But then says jose bullied shaw only 2 of his signings have worked and he has thrown in tbe towel etc etc etc. But in the same breath supports him. One flew over the cukoos nest stuff that is. 😂😂.

19 Mar 2018 23:57:06
Apologies ed033. Sorry if you feel bullied 😂😂 my mistake. I of course meant ed0333. Silly noted.

{Ed033's Note - ken, change your username to Captain Needa:

20 Mar 2018 00:01:42
🤣🤣again that a lie . I never said Jose bullied Shaw. Just put up a comment from a well know news channel .
Let's stop pretending.

20 Mar 2018 07:10:13
Jred I think you're a good poster pal that's all. So I'm interested to know what you think. when commenting, much like other solid posters on here. I was just confused by your conflicting posts over the months re Jose.

I wouldn't flatter yourself thinking I care too much 😂😂.

20 Mar 2018 07:35:25
You have just spoiled it for me 😂

People get upset if you mention anything negative about Jose.
His comments of late imo have been a bit misplaced.

20 Mar 2018 08:43:20
Lol sorry jred 😂😂

I agree, and by the way Jose does a lot wrong Like many many other managers but I sense a lot of hyperbole. There's a lot of questioning everything he does with everyone, every decision he makes, every tactic he deploys. I feel there is too much negativity at the moment. I want to see us continue to progress, which I think we have been doing, and to just give him the control needed to do his job.

I'm sure it's going to be ugly for the next while but I think he will get it right.

20 Mar 2018 09:34:39
Comes with the job for Jose.
The manner of the defeat against Seville hasn't and shouldn't sit well with fans of a club like United.

There are positives from the season but a lot is starting to get overshadowed by the comments in the press . Which for me is a concern as we have seen this before with Jose and it normally doesn't end well.

Don't want to get into the rights or wrongs of it but I don't think Jose treatment of Shaw paints him in a good light .



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