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18 Mar 2018 09:04:28
Where do I start, I've not read down but I can imagine this post will be similar to many others but I wanted to remain on my own opinion and not influenced.
Firstly we won and we are in an FA Cup semi final, fantastic.
Secondly, we seem to be talking about Jose's pressers more than the team of late, I would say it's Jose at his best deflecting from the teams shortcomings at present but yday Jose called out the majority of his squad.
Is Jose right to call them out, yes probably he is, once they step over that white line the players need to stand up and be counted.
Jose rightly points out that Matic, DDG and RedRom, probably Young are the ones standing tall.
BUT, even if he is right, why say it in such a humiliating fashion, don't get me wrong these egotistical footballers don't deserve protection but to question a players desire is strong.
Jose says he coaches the players to attack and be quicker and more aggressive in attack yet we've rarely seen this in display so why are such talented lads not consistently playing to their ability?
There is only one common denominator and that's the coaching.
I've been a big defender of Jose and have bought into winning is what matters but I am beginning to see that Jose's way of managing isn't sustainable, it implodes, the players lose faith and to answer my own question Jose is now deflecting from his own shortcomings.
I want this to work, it appeared a marriage made in heaven but a few years too late.
He will win things but it will never be pretty and it'll always end in divorce.
It genuinely hurts me to say it but as much I've loved Jose maybe he isn't THE guy to be a UNITED manager.
BUT who is out there and I am loathed to keep changing manager but I worry that come post Jose in 2 years how much catching up we will have to do.
Don't get me wrong the players do need the mentality to show their talents on the pitch also but when the manager is in the press slagging you and your team mate off, let's now forget how close knit a dressing room, why would they want to go on that pitch for Jose.
Matic, RedRom, Zlatan all José backers, that's why he brings them in so he has some control of a dressing room but again isn't sustainable.
I really hope I am wrong and another summer of investment will 'finish' the squad and we suddenly play expansively, I rather doubt it and in the meantime talented players like Pogba, Sanchez, Rashford, Shaw will have been fed up and moved on.
Before anyone says 'oh but we can't keep having transision' I too have said this but post Jose it's going to be another transision and overhaul of players and mentality anyway.
Well that's my say, I hate to go against Jose as I'm a fan but he needs to show us why he's been this serial winner, an fa cup and League cup quite frankly is the bare minimum this great club should be in the hunt for.

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18 Mar 2018 10:16:29
I don't understand the big omg he's slagging the players off in public

He's right to single then out and say they were crap if that's what kind of performances they give.

The managers are constantly under scrutiny if the team is under performing so why should it be different for the players.

If I'm under performing in my job I get told I am.

There comes a point where enough is enough there on large amounts of money and it's the fans who are paying each week to watch underperforming players

They should show a bit of pride and show there worth rather than hiding and blaming the manager.

{Ed001's Note - not one good manager in business publicly humiliates their staff. Do you think that is a good way to motivate them to perform better next time? Or do you think it is a good way to turn them against him?}

18 Mar 2018 10:29:14
Welsh it is not wrong to question a players desire if the player is choosing not to live up to the badge. Maze is the first to criticise performances should they be sub par but sometimes you look at the silver lining and most of the time that lining is this - did that player leave all he could on that pitch, did he give 110%? If that answer is no then his desire should be questioned.

Maze is glad to an extent by the public barrage by Jose. Moyes has issues and kept it in house, LVG likewise. Churning over managers and spending s*** lots of cash is not the answer especially if your squad is talented but lacks the mentality to play at this level. Jose is no mug and stands up for himself, sometimes rightly other times wrongly but at least he is consistent.

18 Mar 2018 10:53:27
Ed001, what’s your take on José during the last week, is he losing it a bit, or intentionally sabotaging things with the players and fans?

For me, it seems like his standard deflect attention from his failings by blaming everyone else, but surely he’s aware that his words and actions are alienating a lot of fans and players.

{Ed001's Note - this is just the way he is. He had success and so his ego built up but he has lost the people around him who keep him grounded, so he has become egotistical and forgotten what made him the special one. What he needs is a no man, someone who turns to him and tells him when he is being an idiot. When he primed MUTV to ask him the question so he could read his prepared statement, there should have been someone to tell him it was a mistake.

He reminds me of Clough after losing Peter Taylor, he is succeeding because of the aura left around him, rather than because of what he is doing. He needs to be held down, rather than having Woodward hanging on his every word and nodding along. He was brilliant, but he was proving himself then against all the jibes of being just a translator and having Johan Cruyff against him and his style of football. Now he has nothing left to prove and believes in his own legend. It has become all about him and how he is the greatest, so if it is not going well it must be someone else failing.}

18 Mar 2018 10:57:25
Good post bolger and maze i agree with both of you.
Some of the best businesses have a name and shame policy many of the big plc corporations produce public and share holders documents highlighting areas within the business that are under performing its very common indeed. These are big billion dollar corporations. Divisions that are under performing are highlighted in public and those that run those divisions are challeged very publicaly to turn their performace around if they don't they get replaced. Simple. Its the same for jose himself if he is backed and doent turn it around he will be replaced very publicaly.

18 Mar 2018 11:11:19
Cheers ed, it does seem like he’s on a downward spiral that can only end in one way.

18 Mar 2018 11:16:58
José is a coach, not a manager. Fergie was the complete opposite. Depends what we want. Would be nice to have someone who could do both.

18 Mar 2018 13:01:44
I just think if the players can't take a bit of a roasting for not performing at a club where the fans expect the best then there playing for the wrong team.

18 Mar 2018 13:00:40
ED01 - IF you could pick 3 potential managers to take over and take the club forward who would they be?

{Ed001's Note - Sarri, Jardim and Nagelsmann. Though I would love to see Dyche or Graham Potter get a chance with a big club to see what they could do, neither look ready for a club as huge as United.}

18 Mar 2018 13:10:18
I agree bolger. But i think its clear over the past few years we have plenty of players that are at the wrong team.



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