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11 Mar 2018 14:02:06
I didn’t really want Jose and I’m not his biggest fan but I’ve been thinking about why that is and in most cases he is starting to fix my perceived issues.

1. He doesn’t promote youth. Well, Rashford has played a lot this year as had Lingard and McT is also getting a solid lid run so maybe that doesn’t hold true any more.
2. He’s a miserable nasty individual. Again, not sure why but he seems pretty serene right now. Calmer, more content, and dare I say almost likeable.
3. He plays crap football. Well, still remain to be convinced that he can change his ways on this one. I don’t think we have been as bad as some suggest but it hasn’t really been exciting this year. The odd game, the odd moment but still that defence first mind set.

Come on Jose, 2put of 3 ain’t bad, let the horses run free again.

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11 Mar 2018 14:33:07
Jose is jose Tony I don't think he will ever change and I don't see why he should.

The amount of success the guy has had with his formula is staggering.

I miss the exciting football as much ad anyone (the 2nd half of the palace game felt like years gone by and I loved it) but maybe I'm different in the fact I've never really enjoyed the tiki taka style that pep employs I've always loved the devastating counter attack one end to the other in secs which I personally don't think we are that far from we've seen glimpses of it already this season.

11 Mar 2018 15:12:18
Jamie Carragher came out and said yesterday that L'pool played defensively under Benitez so this nonsense about style is just an easy stick to beat us with.

I've warned constantly that this debate about style is a complete red herring and in my opinion we'd be foolish to fall into this trap. It's media based propaganda and we should take no notice. Not whilst we continue to improve and results remain palatable.

I don't care what anybody says progress under Jose is good. I'll admit it's been slower than I expected and even frustrating at times but he's moving us forward. We're becoming resilient, hard to beat, we're now showing that we can come from behind and when we go in front we win. All qualities the best title winning teams are built on. That's home wins against Spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool this season. Lukaku is slowly becoming the target man we need in order to make a Jose team effective. We've got two box office players in Pogba and Sanchez and the worlds best goalkeeper. It's slowly coming together. Our away form is curious and this needs to improve especially against our rivals but the signs are there. It's building, I can feel it, more than that I can see it. Confidence will grow, belief will return and I remain absolutely convinced performances will improve and the goals will start to flow.

Patience is key and not falling into the trap of believing style always trumps substance. It doesn't.

We should hold our tongues and not get to carried away with a relatively meaningless win against Liverpool (as good as it always feels), or enter into pointless debates about flair or style. Maybe we should accept that at this point in our history Jose delivers us the tonic we badly need even if some of us don't want to drink it. Maybe we should trust and believe in a man that has delivered success and trophies at every single club he's ever managed. Maybe we should heed the message of the football purists who champion the likes of Klopp, Potch and Wenger and ask them the question everybody wants to ignore. Where are your trophies?

The Utd way is the wining way and everything else is just white noise.

11 Mar 2018 15:35:24
Not really Danny, the United way is attacking football, always has been and always should be. I get the argument but let’s not settle for winning whatever the cost.

11 Mar 2018 15:47:16
He's not the manager we deserve, but he's the manager we need right now. Sounds like a Batman trailer 😂

Difficult to beat.
Improved standard of squad.
Winning ways.
Better spirit (fighting back) .

To challenge for the title we have to improve offensively. Better patterns of play. A purpose that utilises the strengths of our players. Hopefully Jose is working on this for next season.

11 Mar 2018 16:08:23
Fair enough pal I respect your point of view and kind of understand where your coming from.

I go to football to watch Utd win. I always feel a million times better when we win, even if we've played badly, rather than lose and we've played well.

I'd personally never swap a win for a more entertaining style of play.

I get the argument that we can still play attacking football and win but I think Jose only really puts more emphasis on defending against our main rivals when he predominantly sets up his teams to stop the opposition. In the other games I don't think he plays defensively and I think the problems have stemmed from inconsistencies from our attacking players rather than any tactics employed by the manger.

This is just my opinion of course and why I think the style debate is a bit of a red herring.

11 Mar 2018 16:35:47
Danny - Yesterday felt good because we beat a good Liverpool and all the players looked like their hearts were in it. These game are win at all cost games, so nobody will complain about the tactics - they worked (sometimes they don't) .

What I and many others don't want or support is playing the same tactics as we did yesterday against weaker opposition and the players not looking up for the battle in those games. We see that all too often and that is the problem.

There is no hard and fast rule, winning is always the objective, but entertaining or at least attacking football should be the rule, not the exception.

We all want the same thing, it's just some of us have different expectations on how that is accomplished and different pain thresholds.

11 Mar 2018 16:44:28
Were u gutted when lvg left Danny after all we had just won a trophy and if winning things is more important than how we do it why did people want him gone . Would you like Wenger in now he's won 3 of the last 4 fa cups so maybe arsenal supporters have him all wrong .
I stand by judge jm at the end of the season he either wins something and the ends justify the means or he duznt and all the style or substance stuff means nothing if substance brings nothing .
I didn't mind our second half yesterday as we were defending the win as opposed to defending a draw in the away game .

11 Mar 2018 17:41:08
Beast - I honestly don't believe Jose employs negative tactics against the so-called lesser teams. I think our attackers can be inconsistent especially the likes of Rashford, Martial and Lingard and I think that's why we've looked ponderous and disjointed as an attacking unit on occasions this season. I accept that against our rivals he predominantly sets us up to nullify their strengths rather than to attack but he's done that all his career he was never going change coming to Utd. You obviously think he employs these tactics on a weekly basis but I honestly don't see it that way and once our attackers mature and become more consistent I'm convinced we'll see better attacking football. Time will be the judge and whilst I can understand your argument I think if we can just be patient with the emergence of Lukaku better understanding and performing his role and the addition of Sanchez I sure things will improve.

Slate - Come on mate I think your being slightly disingenuous you know we're really talking about the league and champions league. If Jose doesn't deliver then he will rightly face criticism and an FA Cup, League Cup or Europa League can only paper over the cracks for so long. All I'm saying is the key word is progression and I don't think we should worry to much about the style at this point.

11 Mar 2018 18:21:12
Danny your correct as I'm being disingenuous to make a point, we simply dismiss other teams winning a cup, for example Wenger's success in the fa cup recently because they are nothing in the league, yet we are quick to point at it if we do the same thing as proof of the end justifies the means . If as you say the league and the champions league are the true sign of progress then that's why managers who have won nothing appear to have made progress with their teams aswell . There is no doubt we are way higher in the league than we have been recently, but there is no doubt either we were out of the running to win it around Christmas time . I agree with beast I guess I find us unnecesarily cagey sometimes against teams I think wouldn't cause us to many problems if we simply had a go at them .



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