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11 Mar 2018 07:49:36
As the season approaches the final stages I think there are some questions to be asked.

1. Are there still people who think Morata would have been a better buy than Lukaku? 😂

2. Why do players insist on placing the ball out of the quadrant when taking a corner? Does that extra centimetre make all the difference?

3. Is Ashley Young human? I’m thinking he has to be a cyborg the way he is playing.

4. How are the Southampton board feeling? They finished 8th last year but sacked the Manager because of his style of play (one for you ken) . I’m guessing they are regretting it now.

5. Why has no-one tried to poach Sean Dyche? The job he has done is incredible.

6. Is Sanchez really tiny or are the rest of our players really tall? He looks like a mascot when hey come out.

7. Has Jose calmed down? He seems much more controlled recently and I’m all for that continuing.

8. Is anybody still advocating selling Rashford? He hadn’t been playing well but he’s still a kid.

9. Anybody betting onWest Ham going down? That’s some record Moyes is building.

10. What’s the difference between a Liverpool fan and a vibrator? The Liverpool fan is a real dick.

Thank you, I’m here all week.

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11 Mar 2018 08:20:32
Very enjoyable post Tony. And some who were writing Rashford off recently need their heads examining. As I keep saying, he's only a kid.
And I knew Young will do well against the mighty Salah.
Mourinho is not my cup of tea, but he got his tactics spot on yesterday credit where credit is due.
Are we going to see a positive reaction from Pogba or is he just going to write 5 million tweets, Instagram messages and have 4 different hair styles for every day of the week? Because from where I'm sat now, Pogba has been an unmitigated disaster and needs to take a long hard look at himself. The club has invested a lot of money in his undoubted talent and he needs to deliver. I'm not entirely convinced he was injured.

11 Mar 2018 08:39:20
Haha love that post Tony the Sanchez bit made me PMSL 😂.

11 Mar 2018 09:03:45
Unmitigated disaster? Bit strong isn't it schmid?

11 Mar 2018 09:45:27

Funny post mate, made me laugh, on question 5 Everton tried hard to get him and he didn’t want to go. I dislike Joey Barton but his new podcast is good, I recommend the interview with Sean Dyche, a fantastic look at the job he has done at Burnley and a lot of things I’ve never thought of really explained, he’s a fantastic manager and from the sounds of it a wonderful bloke.

On question 8, I think the minority slagging off Rashford don’t really understand how young he is and what an amazing talent we have if managed correctly (which in my opinion he has been, taken out the limelight when out of form etc) . Also perhaps people need to use this example when looking at Pogba, he’s had a good season and a few bad games he’s suddenly a disaster 😂 very funny. Of course he was injured, and who cares how he has his hair cut, like it makes any difference, i'd rather him at the barbers than the pub, maybe that’s just me though.

11 Mar 2018 10:28:02
Deano. Not completely unmitigated. Just a disaster. Haha. He'll come good.

11 Mar 2018 12:01:08
Gds isn't rashford just another Danny welbeck, because danny would have scored them goals yesterday, yawn. I'm sure there's a few of the eds that don't rate him either.

11 Mar 2018 15:11:03
One good game in 25 doesn't make him a Messi either.

11 Mar 2018 22:50:32
Oh there he is. shan, have a lie down mate or just have a better look at rash now and again.

I don't think anyone could equate him to the level of messi 😂😂

But he's a damn sight better than Danny welbeck and he won a few trophies.



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