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16 Feb 2018 15:01:33
Is there any truth to this mourinho and pogba business? To me it looks like mourinho has got his new contract and can use that as a safety net/ payout if things go belly up so he can say or do what he likes? i'm just guessing here and probably wrong but thought i'd ask?

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16 Feb 2018 16:17:21
If you believe everything the papers say, then we might as well call it a day. I think mourinho wants more of pogba and let's see how pogba reacts.
My opinion is pogba cannot play as cm or dm. We didn't buy him for that. Play him in front of two midfielders and he'll destroy the opposition. Let's hope mourinho comes to his senses.

16 Feb 2018 16:41:06
He started off in that position it didn't work out .
Maybe it's not about position? Maybe he is just having a dip in form .

This position crap is nuts, it's not like he isn't allowed out his own half or all he is doing is defending .

In fact he has been subbed or dropped last few games because he hasn't been defending or playing where the manager asked him.
Modern footy is a tactical game where u need to work hard .
And with Sanchez who is a great example of this now In the team pogba has a different role .

Maybe he hasn't really kicked on yet as much as we would like .
Maybe playing in the epl is harder than walking the league in Italy with juve .

Some big questions being asked off him at the moment and rightly so for a player of his ability .
I think he will answer them in time and prove a lot of people wrong .

16 Feb 2018 17:27:16
Pogba played two of his best games for us a couple of weeks ago. He has had two bad games on the trot which is normal (he has had many bad games since he signed) .

The only difference now is that Jose has started subbing or dropping him.

He could be trying to force Pogba out, he could be looking for a rift that will mean he leaves with a big payout after signing his new contract. Or more likely he feels more confident now to drop an under-performing player of Pogba's stature. Maybe he is trying to motivate him before the CL starts up again and we reach the nitty gritty of the league campaign.

Frankly I don't really care, it's all superficial nonsense. He should have been dropped or subbed many times since he re-signed for us. I'll be glad when Pogba joing Madrid and Jose joins PSG.

16 Feb 2018 18:05:57
Why does everyone get hung upon what is said in interviews. There a complete waste of time. There worse than mp’s with all their bulls**t. They all have an agenda.

16 Feb 2018 18:21:37
Exactly Blackpool, all that matters is what occurs on the pitch, there is no integrity or accountability anymore in the top level of the sport (or the media for that matter who are gunning for clicks) .

Pogba is talked about so much because of what he (or his PR machine) do off the pitch. His performances overall don't justify 10% of the press and general attention he receives.

I don't even listen to the post game analysis or interviews anymore if it can be helped - it's all agenda driven and attempting to appeal to those 'weak of mind'. I'm noticing statistics are becoming more and more prominent as well, you always know you are in trouble when stats are constantly being used to try and convince you what you saw isn't really what went on! When the narrative breaks down, out come the stats.

16 Feb 2018 18:58:02
Jred. I think his form has dipped as he's playing out of position. If he's being asked to defend then we're never going to see the best of him. If he was playing in the right team with the right formation, he'll destroy the oposition.
He's rubbish at defending and tackling. So what's next, are we going to play Sanchez at centre half?
It's nonsense to say players should adapt. We're talking about a pisition that is very critical. It's what wins matches. People like John O'Shea adapted because he was being asked to play at centre back or full back and a lot of players can adapt to that. But not many attacking midfielders can play as defensive midfielders. And more crucially, not many top teams are playing with a two man midfield.
Whichever way we see it, mourinho is to blame. Pochettino will have this team playing sensational football.

16 Feb 2018 19:24:27
I honestly couldn't disagree more . Every young player needs to do the basics right .
Every player needs to be adaptable especially midfielders .
For god sake " Paul pogba isn't good enough to play cm against Newcastle "

You would think he is being asked to stand in one place and isn't allowed to go in the opposition half .

A player needs and does play in a different position with a different tactical job every game . Some times 2 or 3 different roles during a game .
He played in a cm 3 on the left against Newcastle.
Newcastle? jono was twice as good as him.



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