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14 Feb 2018 00:23:32
ED001 what's your opinion about Pochetino? For me he is the best manager in the league (even better than Pep and ofcourse Zose) but your opinion is of significant importance.

{Ed001's Note - not sure my opinion is of all that much importance but thank you. I can't make up my mind on Poch. I love the way he gets Spurs playing, he is clearly a good coach but he has not won a thing and that is a worry. Plus recent recruitment has been uninspiring to say the least and that seems to be since he has had a bigger hand in choosing players. He seems to want physicality over ability which is a big problem. Oh and they seem to lack discipline and fold when the pressure is on.

Mixed is probably the answer. He needs a trophy to end that.}

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14 Feb 2018 12:46:14

What exactly is your opinion based on? Isn't football about winning things not playing fancy football and bottling big games?

14 Feb 2018 13:25:46
Acvording to some on here winning is not the critera to judge players or managers on. personally i think its the most important criteria.
I can't think of many top players or managers that have never won anything.

14 Feb 2018 13:13:23
ED001 thanks for response. GDS2 my opinion is always based on football. I see Spurs, with less money and a core of young and untested players, are dominating big teams and play attractive football. If we played like Spurs i would say that we are in the right direction. And when you are in the right direction trophies will come sooner or later. Ofcourse my limited English doesn't allow me to express my full ideas but overall is the brand of football.

{Ed001's Note - welcome mate.}

14 Feb 2018 15:04:22
I like Poch as coach and his football, but he needs a title to cement reputations.

Attractive football with no medals won't be remembered. That's the thing which let's him down.

Very attractive football plus titles sounds better.

14 Feb 2018 15:14:04
The criteria for a top manager is winning titles. But winning and playing attractive football can go hand in hand, as pep and Fergie have shown. I love Poch and would love him after Jose but he does need to win something soon. Attractive football with no titles is what Arsene Wenger is. And we all know arsenal fans’ opinion on him.

14 Feb 2018 15:34:56
You say the example of Wenger and Arsenal over over again. So for you the problem for Arsenal not winning is their attractive football. Its not black and white so to say if they didn't play attractive football they would won the league, ofcourse the problem with Arsenal not winning the league has nothing to do with that. Dominating games gives you more chances of winning but doesn't ensure you will win trophies. As per priteria, every manager that manage top 5 teams and can attract the so called special players will take titles sooner or later, look at Mancini. Someone else like Pochetino even if he makes magnificent job its more difficult. So the point is to make your name and take a top job, then we will see if he can win.

14 Feb 2018 15:58:29
Kane is currently the best striker in Europe.
I was amazed to read he scored his last 50 goals in 53 games .
He currently has 52 goals in his last 56 league games.
Scored more goals than any player in 2017
And has 7 goals in his last 6 CL games .

What has he won? Nothing
The best players end up at the best teams because they pay more money and win more trophies .

14 Feb 2018 16:03:06
When poch goes to Madrid he will wins things imo . That won't mean he has suddenly become a better manager it will mean he works for a club with the resources to attract the and play players capable of building a team good enough to win things.

Kane will probably sign for a similar club, it won't suddenly make him a better player . He will just be playing for a team that wins things .

14 Feb 2018 17:25:42
Why do you think he will move jred?

14 Feb 2018 17:35:38
Do spurs not have a team and players capable of winning things?

14 Feb 2018 17:41:58
I'm not being funny but take kane away from spurs and they are completely screwed.

14 Feb 2018 17:51:07
If he wins the league this year it will be 7 titles in 9 seasons in 3 different leagues.  

Who's better?

That's from a post you made just down this page jred.
Are you judging pep in what he has won? Is poch not better even though he hasn't won anything?

14 Feb 2018 17:52:00
Because they will both get paid more and probably have a better chance to win things at a club like Madrid.
The prestige of playing for a club like Madrid.
Maybe done what they want at spurs and fancy a new challenge .
Lifestyle, experience exposure .
You don't get many mangers stopping at the same club for number of years or 1 club players anymore.
Maybe it was there dream as a kid .
Who knows all of the above, maybe none of the above.

14 Feb 2018 17:52:09
I think Pochettino is a great young manager, I enjoy his style of football and he always comes across well in interviews.

However, I wonder how well he could adapt to a top club with top players. It's one thing to get the players Spurs have to run through walls for you, few if any were considered top players before Pochettino arrived at the club.

Can he have the same effect on players with big egos and a fist full of medals.

Because in the end that will decide if he is able to go to a top club and win major trophies.

14 Feb 2018 17:57:48
Like pep does . Not just luck his teams play the way they do.

14 Feb 2018 18:06:29
Winning is not easy shappy. Just look at the handful of managers that do it consistently its a small group. Wining is tough a few can do it once or twice but very few do it consistently.
Its easy to say if you get the best clubs you should win but getting players to win regularly is hard there is a certain mentality required. Pep has it jose has it poch hasn't got it yet, if he wins once will the floodgates open? Who knows but i wouldn't put money on it.
So far he has done a good job with spurs but if he doesn't get them over the winning line he will be fired or leave and then he has failed imo.

14 Feb 2018 18:27:48
I'm not sure poch is a better manager than pep . But I think poch is a very good manager just like Kane is a very good player regardless of what they win .
Singh made a comment that pep wouldn't be the best manager unless he won the CL with city, Why is that?
Thats what my reply was, he was won more than any other manager over 7 years so why should the CL with city suddenly be the bench mark?
You could argue he has managed 3 top teams so should be winning things.
But if you look at my next comment down, peps barce team was the best club team I have ever seen and his city team are playing the best football in Europe imo and that what's sets him apart .
It's not what he has won that sets him apart, managers at top teams are expected to win things (they should do they normally have the best players) it's how he has done it that sets him apart.

A lot of managers would win things if they managed city or Barcelona but I'm not sure there teams would be as good as peps .
There have been a lot of great teams over the years I've never seen one as good as peps barce .
There has been a lot of good teams in the epl but this city team look just as good .

A good manager should win the league with city or United that's probably par for the course a great manager will win it playing the type of footy city are.

With the resources Chelsea city and United have I would judge spurs finishing second as a great achievement probably above par .

14 Feb 2018 18:30:31
I still believe that Howe and Dyche keeping their respective club's in the EPL season after season, is the equal to Utd or Arsenal winning say an FA Cup. A trophy is what managers are ultimately judged on, in a society obsessed with stats, rankings and tables, but I believe other managers at smaller club's do equally good jobs on a comparable basis.

14 Feb 2018 18:35:20
Ken you say judging a player by what he has won is the most important criteria .
So what do you think of Kane compared to other players?

14 Feb 2018 18:47:56
Or some one like s dyche. If Burnley finished second in the league would it be deemed a failure that they never won it .
Kovaic won the CL, la liga and the fifa world cup . Does that mean he played well?

15 Feb 2018 08:05:08
If I could have pochettino at United, I'll have here today. He's a young manager who plays the game the right way. He's improved a lot of the players at Spurs. They play to modern tactics. And they don't come out and "start slowly" or "got outfought" or all the other tripe that our own players keep churning out but never solve.
He'll be sensational at United but we're stuck with park the bus for the next two years.

15 Feb 2018 09:26:57

When was the last time we 'parked the bus'?



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