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11 Feb 2018 17:16:45
Here we go again. Players coming on saying it's poor, not good enough, started too slow, we have to kick on, not good enough. Our manager tells the players that the title is gone. It is annoying in the extreme to listen to this utter tripe.
Why are we not starting well?
Why are we not fighting for 90mins?
Why do our strikers turn to Sunday league players in front of goal?
Why do we get so sloppy when teams attack us?
Why can't £250m of strikers not finish easy chances?
Why does mourinho insist on playing a 2 man midfield?
Why is our game devoid of passion and desire and intensity?
Why is so much time spent on tactics and not enough spent on clinical finishing?
It is getting boring and embarrassing for players to come on telling us all the above crap. The manager and coaches have to take responsibility. They have to identify weaknesses and sort them out. Our shooting and finishing is worse than a league2 side. Our passing under pressure is non existent. What is mourinho and his coaches doing about it? Not a lot.

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11 Feb 2018 17:45:09
I feel your pain, glad I'm not the only one fed up with the after match interviews repeating the same thing over and over and then proceeding to make the same mistakes again the very next match. Love Man Utd don't like this team.

11 Feb 2018 18:23:03
Unless you are born with a genuine 'win at all costs' mindset, which most players aren't now. The money kills them and we see it with us.

"Sorry gaffer, didn't play well today I'll improve next week (chuckling as they look at Pogba's latest advert on their I-phone) . By the way, do you like this Lamborghini or this Ferrari for this weeks' purchase? Can't decide so I might buy both and use the rest of my weekly wage packet to buy a 2 bedroom flat in the City for my nights out. Anyway, see you at training, is it the usual: videos, Michelin star lunch, 30 mins working on goal celebrations for when we eventually score and then joining you at your hotel for a game of poker and watching Brewsters Millions on repeat? "

Jose - "Yes, same as always, you forgot your 2 hours massage and you need to change your social media face to grumpy because we lost, never forget social media".

11 Feb 2018 19:15:20
Georgie. It is the same old storey but we never change. More worrying is the amount of times we're outfought, start slowly and the other BS.
Why are our strikers not finishing easy chances. Even Raheem Sterling who had two left feet when it came to shooting, has been taught how to put away chances. So how are martial, Rashford, lukaku and co missing all these chances? Practice makes perfect but mourinho is doing 40 hours a week on tactics and how to stop opposition and not enough on scoring and putting the opposition under pressure.

12 Feb 2018 00:35:11
I know SAF has retired but boy after today he would have been fuming and he would have let the media and the players know his feelings. I miss the post match interviews he gave in which after a particular galling display he would promise to do something about the "unacceptable" performance he had just witnessed. Jose might just make some fans happy if instead of praising the poor displays the players are guilty of he takes measures to improve the poor quality we are currently witnessing.



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