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08 Feb 2018 14:47:15
I hope Jose stays with us for a while, wins us a few trophies and brings back the winning mentality in the team. But when he goes, who according to you guys should take over and what approach should we have in regards to the managers. Should the club look for a long term manager like SAF or follow Bayern structure of freshening up the things every 2-3 years. For long term I haven't seen any manager like SAF who has stayed and won with the same club. Wenger has been here long but is nowhere near fergie. The pressure of winning is ofcourse too much on the managers these days and I don't see any manager being at helm for long and succeeding in the present scenario so for me changing managers regularly at intervals of 3-4 years and identifying them in advance and having backup plans ( like Bayern does ) . I've been very impressed by Nagelsmann and Tuchel and they have proved themselves in Bundesliga. Instead of going with the old guys I think we should be looking at managers with new ideas and hunger. The game has changed a lot and these younger guys with financial backing might take us to new heights.

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08 Feb 2018 15:17:44
Personally I think managers like Sir Alex are at best a once in a generation managers. I highly doubt we will see any manager approach anything like the longevity he had. For one thing you have to be continually successful to keep your job, which is very hard. The other issue however is most top managers will look for a new challenge after a few years. Pep for example doesn’t like staying at one club for a prolonged period. He seeks new challenges to test himself, which is why he is arguably the best there is at the moment. The moment he gets too comfortable and decides he isn’t fussed to try a new challenge will be the start of his decline.

I think the trick to having a continually successful club is to have a figurehead who maintains a consistent approach, while allowing fresh ideas to grow and for the club to adapt.

Sir Alex managed this over many years by consistently bringing in a new assistant who had new ideas and he allowed them a certain amount of freedom with the team while he maintained a strong grasp of the club by having the final say. It worked beautifully.

The issue when you keep chopping and changing managers while allowing them freedom to bring in the players they want is that when the leave the next manager is often left with players suited to a different style than they would like.

Case in point only two players Mourinho has signed have been shorter than 6ft, one of those Mkhitaryan has since left the club. Jose values physicality, where as LvG valued technique. Neither are wrong to have those opinions but it's hard to get a team playing the way you want when you don’t have the players suited to that style.

Likewise at a club our size with the sheer amount of off the field commitments and organising that goes on it can be very hard to find a manager up to the task of taking on such a juggernaut. We have a massive history and even bigger expectations from our supporters. As such you need a very thick skin, around 36 hours in a day and maybe a dozen pairs of hands to keep everything running up to standard.

It's a tough job, arguably the toughest in club football. Expectations maybe be as higher or even higher at other clubs, but at no other club are you expected to manage so many aspects of the football club while maintaining those standards and living up to expectation.

I feel the only way to go is to bring in a director of football, someone who can manage all the day to day off field activities, someone who can hire coaches who’s own vision is similar to that of the clubs, someone who understands football and what its like to be in the dressing room, but at the same time has no desire to manage the team and will allow the manager tactical freedom.

Then it’s no longer about trying to find a manager who can cope with the huge task of managing our club both on the field and off it, while also sharing the club’s ethos and style and having a proven track record. All you need is to find a manager with a similar style and ethos and who has proven themselves somewhat. Bring them in for 3-5 years then find someone fresh with new ideas to reinvigorate the team and to continue take the club forward while maintaining the clubs own identity.

08 Feb 2018 16:28:56
Managers come and go . Some do better than others.

08 Feb 2018 17:29:23
We had the long term and identity model with moyes and lvg but made a u-turn once mourinho became available for quick success (epl title)
Happy that mourinho has signed an extension which tells me he wants to win the title with us. However we will have to go through the rebuild phase again when he leaves regardless of if he wins the title or not.
Winning with mourinho will make it a little better and give us more time and patience to rebuild (especially our identity)
If things don't go well with mourinho i would like us to go for diego simeone, i feel his style is similar to mourinho and might be able to adapt to a more attacking style with better players and money.

08 Feb 2018 17:57:07
Mourinho does tend to favour older players. Matic and Sanchez for example are unlikely to be key players for the next manager if Mourinho sees out his contract.

However, we will still have players such as DDG, Bailly, Jones, Lindelof, Shaw, Pogba, Lingard, Martial, Rashford and Lukaku still in their prime. Plus we have youngsters such as Tuanzebe, TFM, Andreas Pereira, Chong and Gomes who might have made the jump by then to regular first team players. Which is a very good core, and that is before we add any more players this summer and in future transfer windows before Mourinho leaves.
I think on this occasion Mourinho will definitely leave the club in a better position than he found it.

08 Feb 2018 21:14:08
If we want flair and excitement go for Sarri from
Napoli but the job may be too colossal for him as with a lot of managers. If you just want success the best man is currently in charge.
While Pep is at city Mourinho is the best chance we have to challenge them. It may not be pretty but he’s done it before and the magnitude of Man Utd doesn’t phase him as much as it would a less experienced manager.



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