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03 Feb 2018 14:42:26
The argument Wenger makes about money destroying football is valid in many respects. It may sound like sour grapes coming from him, especially since Arsenal no doubt could have afforded to have taken a few more financial risks, but those of us who read the posts on here may well recall a recent discussion where the general mood was an overriding distaste for the business of the game as it has evolved. The money is obscene, and the result is that the German, English, Spanish and French leagues are runaways. City may be the best team ever to grace the English first division but their dominance makes watching them ultimately boring. It is doubt about the outcome, rather than the constant display of superior skills, that makes for entertaining sport. And the fact that they have an unlimited amount of money at their disposal would indicate the future will be a continuation of the same.

I appreciate how rich this may sound coming from a United supporter since we were the ones who benefitted best to the previous set of financial realities and enjoyed our period of domination. And, despite this season, we are still one of the few clubs that have enough resources to compete on City's level, assuming we have the right players and manager. So, for us, all is not lost. But the game in general - at least for those of us who are older - has become something different to the one we grew up on: something has been lost. Football clubs have become investment vehicles for international oligarchs, people who have no roots in the local communities, unlike the owners of the past. We all hunger for the possibility of surprise, for that Leicester City moment, for the success that no one can begrudge, that lends a sense of honesty or purity to the sport, but I fear that anomaly was a false dawn.

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03 Feb 2018 20:46:59
I'm not sure I entirely agree to be honest Shaw.

There has never really been parity in football. For as long as I can remember the general rule of thumb has been the team (s) that have spent the most money predominantly win the big trophies.

The game has exploded in recent years with sponsorship and TV revenue raking in millions. The fact the money is more evenly distributed in the Prem League has in my opinion improved the standard of most teams. Nobody has retained the title since we did in 09 and since then we've seen four different winners (if you include ourselves) .

We see music and movie stars make millions yet nobody appears to debate or criticise their salaries. Boxers can earn tens of millions for one fight, Formula 1 drivers earn fortunes and the best Golf and tennis players also earn hefty salaries.

Football is the worlds most watched sport. It's simply a question of economics.

We also see millions taken away from the game in agents fees, profit margins etc and maybe the inflated transfer fees we have seen recently are unsustainable. Only time will tell. I also think the Clubs could do a lot more to make the matches more affordable but that appears to be wishful thinking.

The competition in the premier league is pretty healthy but if you think watching the prem league is boring just take a look around the other European top leagues.

Bayern have won the last 5 German titles in a row and are heading for a 6th!
Juventus have won the last 4 Italian titles and look well placed for another. Up until last season PSG had won 4 in a row. Monaco broke the monotony but PSG look well set to strike right back. In Spain since 2001 only Valencia and Athletico have stopped the title going to either Barcelona or Real!

Maybe the next step in the evolution of our game will see the formation of a European Super League. Where that will leave the majority of clubs throughout Europe remains to be seen?

{Ed0333's Note - super little read that thanks Danny

03 Feb 2018 21:12:03
Ps - whilst I agree that a lot of foreign investors have jumped on the back of football in the hope of making a quick buck I'm not sure how this may have impacted football in the community or with looking after the soul of the game.

From the outside looking in City's owners looked to have done a decent job in regenerating East Manchester, building fantastic spots and leisure facilities, schools and even new housing. It would appear that some of their billions has also helped to re invigorate a once forgotten about area of the City and improve the lives of those living there.

maybe I'm showing my naivety here but when did football clubs really make a telling or noteworthy contribution to the community's of which they play? Maybe the Ed's could help with this one and comment if this has significantly declined with the rise in foreign investment?

03 Feb 2018 21:48:17
I agree there are two sides to the argument and it's clear City's owners have an ultra- long term business model, which they are executing very effectively. It's a credit to them that it's included significant investment in East Manchester.

03 Feb 2018 22:18:57
"City may be the best team ever to grace the English first division". seriously?

Not taking exception at you personally - because this is something we're hearing all the time in the media, and I'm getting sick of it.

If this City team goes on to dominant the league then fair enough but to compare them to the best we've seen just in the Premier league era alone they're not even close.

The standard in the league has dropped significantly imo - Leicester winning the league being the case in point - and that major fact needs to be taken into account.

Beyond that, in those more competitive leagues, the best Chelsea team with Drogba in full flow would throttle this City side, as would the best United sides with Cantona, Keano, Scholes, Rooney and so many more, as with the Arsenal invincibles.

Likewise ask any Liverpool fan with Dalglish and Rush and their dominance and they'd say the same.

This City team are good, and the bar needs to be raised, but not to new unseen levels, just to get back to what we're more used to at United!

03 Feb 2018 21:15:43
Thanks Ed, maybe getting a little deep for a Sat night now though 😂.

{Ed0333's Note - I like depth mate. Don’t usually get it on the Man Utd Page 😝

04 Feb 2018 01:13:35
I read the original post and was astounded by how the poster dismissed some of the greatest sides to have graced the top flight over the years. There is no doubt that City have played some scintillating football over the course of this season but along the way they have enjoyed some tremendous luck ( as have some of the greatest sides) but to declare them te greatest side ever before they have won one piece of silverware is folly of the highest order.

04 Feb 2018 11:17:53
Good post, Danny. There's a snobbery about mostly working-class young lads earning so much money. Of course it's ridiculous money, but with all the billions swirling around inside football, I'd rather it went to the people that entertain us, as opposed to agents, administrators and lawyers.



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