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02 Feb 2018 09:53:38
Hi chaps I’ve resisted from posting since the disappointing result against spurs so that I did not post something in the heat of the moment that is driven by emotion or anger.

Something that really stood out to me on Wednesday was the lack of fight and passion for the shirt. There was no old school captain player which fights for the fans and the club. You look across the pitch and there is no keano, Evra, Vidic, Robson or a Ferdinand. I’m not sure if this is just the modern game because I look at the other top 6 teams and I don’t see any old school leader. Perhaps only Kompany but he plays once in a blue moon. I feel like if the players don’t understand what it means to play for this club then they should be shown the door. I think the most telling thing was that we took pogba off and the player that we brought on was Fellaini. This here is the problem! Fellaini is not and will never be good enough to pay for us. He must be shown the door because if we want to compete with the best clubs we cannot be bringing on players like Fellaini who are just not good enough.

Tactically I think Jose got it wrong. We need to start playing 3 in midfield as there is too much pressure on matic as pogba does not perform his defensive duties at all. There is a pattern forming when we play away at the top 6 teams where we are overrun, outfought and sadly outclassed at times. If Jose does not fancy Herrera then put Carrick in there. Let’s control the middle of the park and dictate the tempo again. Every game our midfield is overrun and it’s clear to everyone we need to sort this. I think we will in the summer but until then we need to use Herrera or Carrick just to get a foothold in the game.

Finally, the defence. What can I say about this? Statistically we are brilliant but in reality none of the back 4 that played against spurs are good enough to be playing for united. Not sure if anyone agrees but I would much rather we had kept Tuanzebe and Fosu Mensah in the squad this year and used them because I do believe they are ready and good enough. I sure as hell would have preferred Tuanzebe to smalling in defence. Shaw must be first choice left back he has been very good since he has had a run of games and if he is not starting the next big game then I think we can assume he will be shown the door. That will be a big mistake like Jose had with Salah and De Bruyne. Bailly is a bigger miss than I think I thought he would be and we need to get him back ASAP. Sadly I think we need to invest in a New right back and potentially a centre back. But with the lack of protection from the midfield AGAIN, we had no chance against spurs’ press.

So I think what we saw is what we have become accustomed to in big away games. We need to just shake this defeat off and focus on beating Huddersfield this Saturday. Need to ensure we make too 4 and put all our eggs in the champions league basket as anything can happen in cup football. I think we don’t need to panic and just take each game as it comes.

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02 Feb 2018 11:56:38

I think we we're just a bit tactically naive on Wed and probably got caught up in all the Sanchez euphoria!

Our problems on Wed emanated in midfield. I think it's now obvious Pogba was told to anchor next to Matic and help the defence look after Erricson, Son and Ali. He simply didn't do the job he was asked and left Matic out to dry and the defence vulnerable. So bad was his derelict of duties that Jose pulled him off, something he hadn't done before. We responded well after the first goal and looked dangerous for a 10-15 minute spell but Spurs also looked dangerous on the counter. Time and time again Pogba ran ahead of the ball, vacating the midfield and when the move broke down we had Sanchez, Lingard, Martial and Pogba in advanced positions, a second goal for Spurs was almost inevitable!

Now this may sound like I'm being critical of Pogba, but I'm not! I think he's our most talented player and the team should be built around him.

There is a debate that he should have done his job, held his position and sacrificed himself for the team but do you pay a world record transfer on a player and expect them to anchor the midfield?

We saw in his performance against Everton that when he plays to the left of a midfield 3 we get an unbelievable player. His power, creativity and passing was a joy to watch. He was unplayable. When he plays in a two he's all over the place!

This has been an ongoing problem since he signed 18 months ago. It's been debated to death. I have seen absolutely no evidence as yet that he is learning or even wants to play a more disciplined role. Somebody commented that he plays in this position for France. Well if this is the case they'll have the same problem and how often did they play quality opposition in qualifying? They won't win the World Cup playing Pogba in a midfield two despite all their talented players!

Let's revert to a midfield 3 and get the best out of one of the most talented players in world football. As much as I love Martial his game is still developing and Sanchez is simply better at this moment in time. He should play from the left, Mata or Lingard from the right and Herrera should come into midfield. This should be the blueprint for top 6 opponents, Champions League Knockout games and even games away from OT.

At home against teams outside of the top 6 we can get away with it and play the extra attacker.

In terms of the defence they just got pulled all over the place as they had no protection. I think it's a bit harsh to be over critical and I think they've all performed pretty well this year. Smalling wouldn't be playing if Bailly was fit and neither would Young if Shaw could pull his finger out and start performing more consistently! Maybe Jones would have been benched if Lindelof was the player we were all hoping for!

02 Feb 2018 12:35:39
You have seen no evidence that pogba is learning or wants to adapt. What does that say about the player?
This is man United not pogba United.

If he wants to be a great player he needs to learn and adapt .
When United don't have the ball he isn't interested, watch him live and he is always waiting for the opp attack to break down so he can break .
He is only interested in doing the fancy stuff .
When he plays like that he is a liability in cm and simplify not good enough to play there .
So if he can't be bothered to do the dirty stuff then yer he can't play cm .
There was a debate about pogba being as good as kdb, he has the talent but he is no where near his level and won't be until he shows the same desire .2 games stand out this season for me, pogba had a great game against Everton in a 3 cm and a great game against stoke in a 2 cm .
But them games stand out, top players do it week after week .

He has the talent and attributes to be a world class cm . Has he got the desire .

There is a new show in town at the moment . Sanchez is now our creative force, pogba needs to do what he does for France control the cm get the ball to griezmann.

Like I say got the talent, has he got the desire?
Also if like you say pogba didn't do what the manager asked, he should be dropped.
Having a bad game is one thing not doing what your manager askes is another .

If Jose wants to play 4231 do you think he should sell pogba?

02 Feb 2018 14:22:55
Jred -

In my opinion you don't spend £90m on a player then don't play to his strengths. Pogba is NOT a holding central midfielder. Yes he should have followed Jose's instructions but surely you want your best players, playing their natural game in the biggest games.

I personally would build the team around Pogba and play him to the left of a midfield 3. I wouldn't play with a No 10.

In my opinion if we consistently play Pogba in a two man midfield in the big games then we will continue to struggle and challenge at the elite level.

If Jose wants to play 4-2-3-1 then in my opinion he needs to invest in a top quality No 10 and buy another defensive midfielder to play next to Matic to make that system work. (In the biggest games obviously) .

I personally would never sell Pogba, I think he's the most talented player in our squad but to get the best out of him we need to use him correctly. Of course he can do a job in a midfield two but why hamstring you best player and ask him to do a job in a position that doesn't suit him.

It's my opinion that we have one of the biggest talents in world football and if we use him correctly he can become one of the best players!

I get the impression Jose may have his blinkers on in relation to this!

02 Feb 2018 14:40:19
So Jose is wrong?
I tend to agree with Jose on this, pogba has the game and talent to be a world class cm .

So if Jose wants to play 4231 should he sell pogba?
What is it about pogba game that means he has to play on the left of a midfield 3 to play well? Or is that just based on the fact that's where he played for juve .

If Sanchez plays on the left drifting in to support the striker? Is he not going to play in the area and do the job pogba you would want pogba to do . If he was playing on the left of a 3?

02 Feb 2018 14:42:44
Also I want all my players to follow the managers instruction .
Other wise they are letting there manager and team mates down.

02 Feb 2018 18:50:49

He can't play in a midfield two in my opinion because he constantly makes runs ahead of the ball and vacates his position. If the move breaks down it leaves us very vulnerable to the counter! Arsenal have had this problem for years! Did you not see the game at Anfield when they got destroyed with Ramsey doing exactly the same thing!

Pogba also doesn't track runners particularly well and simply doesn't sense danger.

Maybe I could use David Luiz as an example. In a normal back 4 he looks vulnerable, often gets caught out of position, often ventures into midfield vacating his position and in a back 4 this can be fatal. In a back 3 he looks a totally different player and was instrumental in helping them win the title last season. The two players either side of him help simplify his game! His positioning doesn't have to be as good and he has cover if he ventures forward into midfield. Do you remember Brazil getting spanked by Germany in the World Cup with Luiz being all over the place and playing everywhere but centre half. Still sticks in my mind today. Raised eye brows were raised when Chelsea re signed him but he was transformed into a brilliant centre back in Contes system last season.

I think Pogba would be brilliant with Sanchez on that left side. Sanchez plays higher up the pitch and with Pogba running from deep creating space and linking up together I think we'd be very dangerous. Sanchez can't do it all by himself and he needs support, runners and people getting into the box. Pogba could be the perfect foil!

Obviously that's just my opinion and the way I see things, I'm certainly not saying I'm right but I've tried to explain things the way I see it.

02 Feb 2018 19:03:08
He just needs to be more disciplined in my opinion .

02 Feb 2018 20:54:40

If Jose wants in play him in a two then that's definitely what he needs pal, can't argue with that mate!

03 Feb 2018 10:00:05
I don't think that's a lot to ask and it's all pogba needs to be a top top player imo.



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