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05 Jan 2018 07:43:06
A little hypothetical question-
We sack mourinho at the end of the season, bring in pochettinho and after 2 seasons have played some of the best football ever seen at old Trafford but don't win a trophy

Even if we don't win a trophy this year, after 2 years of mourinho, we would still have a league cup and Europa league after 2 seasons whilst not playing beautiful football but getting results

What would you prefer?

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05 Jan 2018 07:53:56
If we play some of the best football ever seen, why would we not win trophies? It doesn’t have to be one or the other, it’s perfectly possible to do both.

05 Jan 2018 08:17:37
Tottenham play some great football, win nothing.

05 Jan 2018 08:47:00
Trophies first. The gunners have had long spells of playing beautiful football so ask them how they feel?

Beautiful eye catching football doesn't necessarilly equate to winning football either.

05 Jan 2018 09:13:05
But to add to the above post, i would like to see both! 🙂.

05 Jan 2018 09:21:01
I'd go for the good football over the trophies.

Most of all I'd settle for getting rid of Jose's negativity both on and off the pitch. What a boring man he is.

05 Jan 2018 09:21:54
Don't get me wrong, so would I but unfortunately with all the money involved now, football is a results first business and so far Jose has results
As I pointed to at a previous post, I would hate to see the reaction if we came 6th and didn't win a trophy last year.

05 Jan 2018 10:20:38
Man utd along with 19 other teams are competing in the prem league.

Competing to win, that is the whole point otherwise it wouldn't be a competition.

Results first aesthetics second. I love the traditional style of play etc but i prefer watching a final where we win.

If its aestheitcs first and results second does that mean fans don't celebrate if we win a major honour?

05 Jan 2018 11:35:33
Results first is the obvious choice, no one wants an "Arsenal" situation at our club.

However, why can't we have both?

I think most fans current issues with style comes from the belief that this group of players are more than capable of playing a more exciting, attractive brand of football.
We have seen it, all be it only in glimpses. I think that is where most fans frustration comes from. When we see that we are comfortably on top for 30-45 minutes but then we go a goal up or it gets to the last 30 minutes and our approach changes and actually puts us under pressure by backing off and inviting teams on to us.
More often than not we still go on to win the game, but when we do that and draw or lose because we stopped having a go at the opposition it rubs fans up the wrong way as they see we could have easily have won the game.

Away to Chelsea and at home to City are the only games where we have been comprehensively outplayed. The draw with Liverpool we could have won had we had a go at them. The other losses and draws we have been well in the game and had every chance of winning those games had we been a little braver and took the game to the opposition a bit more.

05 Jan 2018 12:06:01
Good discussion guys anr i'd definitely be choosing results of style just so we can avoid the arsenal situation.

05 Jan 2018 12:37:23
Watch Arsenal TV and you'll have your answer. Although I would argue that they don't play great football because they defend like a pub team. A defensive team can be admired just as much as an attacking on in terms of the quality of the football. Your taking about entertainment which is something totally different! Football is competitive sport not Hollywood. By definition if you play good football you'll win football matches. Utd have played good football under Jose but not on a consistent basis hence the 15 point gap to City. Everybody would like to win football matches playing with flair and immigintion but the Italians built a dynasty playing very tactical and defensive football which brought them great success. Surely football is all about winning otherwise what's the point of the game I don't really get the debate to be honest!

05 Jan 2018 12:41:39
Ps - Come on Mancman really?

05 Jan 2018 13:18:25
Munich, city, barcelona and psg will win there leagues playing attractive football .

Should we aim to win things or aim to win things playing good footy?

05 Jan 2018 13:46:56
Jose got results so far darv what results the prem is the bread and butter we finished 6th last season now we are 15 points off city your talking like the parking the bus been a huge success.

05 Jan 2018 14:33:08
Perfectly put danny.

05 Jan 2018 14:41:11
Mourinho's going to stick to what he does bes and until he is here you guya going to have to accept the style.

At the end of the day its a results business with there being only one winner so i rather be United continug 2nd then playing attractive footie and missing out on top 4.

I predicted in the begining of the season unit3d as premier league qinnera but that is only because of being a united fan.

There haa definitely been a improvement on last year and given time Moyrinho will win the league in the next 24 months with us.

05 Jan 2018 14:43:24
Tcre, we are second to only a record breaking City team. In any other season over the last 10 years we would be top with the points and goal difference we currently have. Also we are in the top 2-3 for goals scored so far this season, so 17-18 teams have scored less goals than us. So hardly parking the bus, many of those teams below us are lauded for their attacking prowess yet they have scored less than us.

I agree with have played negatively at times, yet more often than not we have beaten teams relatively comfortably. The issue is we have let in a few silly goals, probably by being negative in the final 20-30 minutes of games.

05 Jan 2018 14:48:51
Tcre, compare the two seasons:

This time last year we had 41 points, scoring 33, conceding 21. The final 16 games yielded only 19 goals, while we conceded 8, which means the average score was something between 1-0 and 1-1, hardly entertaining.

This year we have 47 points, scoring 45, conceding 16 on pace to end up with 81 points and 78 goals, 26 more than last season.

We are clearly not building a team based on parking the bus. Comparing our season to the phenomenal one City are having, which will probably see them smash all records for points and goals scored, is not the way the way to measure progress and it's completely futile. City are currently setting a benchmark next to which every premier league winner of the past, including the greatest of Ferguson's teams, Arsenal's invincibles, and Chelsea's record setting 97 pts and 103 goals, will all be found wanting.

05 Jan 2018 16:53:45
I think City are showing it's quite possible to do both.

05 Jan 2018 18:31:58
We should aspire to win with style.

05 Jan 2018 19:38:11
Of course we should aspire to win with style, but precedence is on winning because winning matches, championships, and qualification for the Champions League are the prerequisites required to create the winning and stylish team we all want. It comes down to money. If we win, the club makes more of it to fund the acquisition of stars who play with style. Without the transfer budget we will find it virtually impossible to compete at the level at which City are now playing, if only because they seem to have unlimited funding.



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