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01 Jan 2018 02:59:15
Mourinho is getting the best this season I hope we stick with him Guardiola will bottle it before Jose will and Jose knows United will never be second best he needs time.

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01 Jan 2018 09:23:20
Guadiola will bottle it? Does it look like it? 15 points ahead of us?

01 Jan 2018 09:53:46
Happy New Year everybody.

Let's just forget about City and concentrate on getting our own house in order. Any team that can string 18 straight wins together would find themselves in an almost unassailable lead in any league in the world. I'm sick of hearing about Pep it's about time we brought some new year joy and cheer back to Old Trafford.

Looking forward to the game this afternoon. It's presents Jose with the opportunity to play Martial, Rashford, Lingard and Pogba together from the start for possibly the first time this season. Some won't agree but in those 4 we have movement, pace and power in abundance. In my opinion they are the future of out Club and should have stated more games together more often.

I'd play a 4-1-4-1 with Matic holding and Pogba playing alongside Lingard in midfield with Martial left, Mata right with Rashford up top!

Hopefully we can at least play on the front foot with some intensity and fluidity to our game. Let's get Rashford, Lingard and Pogba pressing them high up the pitch and putting some pressure on them rather than this passive, sitting deep rubbish we've been seeing in recent weeks.

Come on Utd let's start 2018 as we mean to go on! Let's be brave, take risks, play forward but most importantly work hard and show some passion. Everybody is writing us off let's show the world we can play some good football of our own. The season is only half way through, still loads to play for. Let's shake off this self pity garbage which seems to have encapsulated the Club in recent weeks and shown some fight! We're the biggest Club in the world so let's start acting like it!

{Ed025's Note - today will be a borefest danny between 2 teams set up not to lose rather than win mate..

01 Jan 2018 10:04:56
Joey, I’m assuming you had a heavy New Years Eve, how on Earth you can think that after the half season we have seen is beyond me. I don’t think Jose is getting the best out of the players we have, I think that is the major issue at the moment.

{Ed025's Note - very much so AJH..

01 Jan 2018 09:34:36
Given the fact that guardiola's team is 15 points clear of us and have come to OT and beaten us while we have managed to get a huge 3 points from possible 9 against bottom and mid table clubs, how exactly is he getting the best, whatever that means, this season?

Also as the actual facts show mourinho has already bottled it with his tactics and selections against likes of city and Liverpool. And we are not 2nd best but rather 3rd now.

01 Jan 2018 10:33:55
Come on Ed I was trying to put some New Years spin on it! I fear your right but we can only hope! All the best for 2018 and keep up the good work great site! 👍.

{Ed025's Note - ok danny, it will be a magnificent game between 2 teams who are very entertaining and will have us all on the edge of our seats, 2 mangers who are all about attack and have great personalities serving us a feast never seen before on these shores...hows that mate?...happy new year mate.. :)

01 Jan 2018 11:13:38
Much better Ed thank you 😂.

01 Jan 2018 11:25:20
I agree jose is overt achieving with this bunch. Poor players a bunch of average Joe's most of whom have never done as well as 3rd in the epl so most are doing Better tham they have every done before.
Why people think they should be doing Better is odd this bunch habe never done any better all their lives.
Manchester United.
Forget price tags these players have failed to put a consistent run of league games together for 3 diffetent managers over 3/ 4/ 5 years.
What do people expect from them?

Yes jose can be an arse and his tactics are shocking at times but a lot these players are so far below the required standard that to have them 2nd / 3rd is a huge over achievement.

Personally i'd rather lose trying to attack with kids in the squad but there are 10 or so players should be bombed out of the club.

The question of style and entertainment is a different one.
On that I whole heartedly agree the manager is at fault. But the players are just poor and until they are gone results won't improve consistently. Darmian blind smalling shaw fellaini mata miki herrera ibra and rojo should all be sold in the summer or before imo.

01 Jan 2018 12:10:32
It’s new year not April fools!

01 Jan 2018 12:16:02
I must admit Ken I tend to agree with you! Rashford and Martial are both still young and learning the game so we can forgive their inconsistency. I think Herrera is vastly overrated by a lot of Utd fans and has consistently failed to deliver under two different managers. He's a useful squad man and decent player but I think he has to play in a midfield 3 to get the best out of him. Jose didn't particularly rate Mata and sold him at Chelsea and doesn't give him what he wants. I think Miki had a standout season with Dortmund just before we bought him but before that he was a mixed bag by all accounts and dropped under Klopp.

As for Smalling he's ok but he's not progressed and has been plagued by injuries. The same can be said for Jones who has the potential to be a very good CB but just can't stay fit. Rojo had a decent spell at CB last year before he got injured but a 10-15 game run doesn't make him a good player and apart from that he's been underwhelming at best and an outright liability in some games.

Darmian the least said the better and as for Shaw two different mangers have both questioned his desire and professionalism I still don't think we really know what kind of player he can be!

I think the manger is better than the players at present. He's the one with the winning mentality and pedigree. Most like you've quite rightly pointed out haven't done much in their careers to date.

My suspicion is Jose wants to change things to quickly. I think he needs to show some patience and realise it's going to take a bit longer than expected. He needs to support his players a bit more instead of criticising them in public. If their not working hard enough then so be it but a lack of quality isn't really their fault. I think he could get more out of some players in particular Pogba and I think the key to our season should be getting him in a position where he is able to influence games more. Maybe returning to a 3 man midfield might help in this regard until we are able to inject more quality into the side.

I agree with others that's the football has been boring and over defensive at times but I'm not entirely convinced that this is solely down to Jose. I've seen Miki not working hard enough and making the effort to close players down and get up the pitch in support of Lukaku and I think the same can be said of Martial at times. Our final ball and finishing has been poor at times which again isn't really Jose's fault.

I think he needs to stop moaning and get the best out of what he's got and look to build a team rather than having all the ingredients already at his disposal like he's been accustomed in the past.

This is a 5 year project but will he stick around enough to see it through?!

01 Jan 2018 12:34:45
Ddg, Valencia, blind, young smalling, Jones, rojo, matic, ibra, pogba, Mata, lindelof, Miki .
Just some of our players that have won league titles . Lol
I actually thought Joey was on the fish.

01 Jan 2018 13:35:51
Better sack the manger then Jred!

Rojo won one Argentinian title back in 2010 I'd hardly call him a serial winner. He made 18 appearances probably as a young player just breaking through.

Mata hasn't won a league title (how ever I must concede has good experience and was a squad player in an excellent Spanish team) . I

Ibra well past his best and speaks for itself. His winning mentality and personality no longer matches his talent.

Lindelof has won titles but in a vastly inferior league the same can be said of Blind (Ajax) and Miki (Shaktar, he didn't win one in Germany) .

Young, Smalling and Jones have obviously won titles with Utd but as bit part players. For clarity Jones won the league in 2013, he made 17 appearances. The second lowest in his Utd career to date. Chris Smalling made 15 appearances that season and Ashley Young 19 (he didn't score a league goal by the way)! Smalling has one more title in 2011 where he only made 16 appearances. I'd hardly call any of them serial winners despite all of them being at the Club well over 5 years.

DDG, Valencia, Matic and Pogba are all very good players. I've already said we should be looking to build the team around Pogba.

The simply truth is whilst you can argue that Jose may have underperformed slightly, despite having won two major trophies and currently has us third in the league a lot of the more experienced players probably lack the quality to compete for the major titles and our younger ones the experience and consistency.

I'd say Jose was about par although I admit the football could be better at times. We've had a dip in form but at the moment still on track for top 4 and a decent run in the Champs Leagues which represents progress from previous seasons. Without City's record breaking start we'd probably be in a decent position to challenge for the title moving into 2018!

01 Jan 2018 14:09:32
That sounds just about right danny.

01 Jan 2018 14:42:50
Danny the current run of 9 points out of 18 is poor we are a far better team than that .
We have been 2nd most of the season had the best start to a season after 10 games of any United team .
Before this poor run we where doing really well .
Obscured a bit because city were out of this world .
And we won 2 trophies last season
And guess what we done all that with this squad . That still probably wasn't playing to the it's full level .

"Without City's record breaking start we'd probably be in a decent position to challenge for the title moving into 2018!"

And yet your arguing the players aren't good enough?

Ps what has Kane won? Said it before what a player has won is a strange way to judge a player.

01 Jan 2018 14:54:55
Danny good post tho you could maybe do the same to the serial winners in the city team?
Ederson walker stones otamendi delph sane Jesus .
KDB is a magnificent player but before he won the title with city he had only won a title in Belgium so obviously just another aver Joe.

Or as Ken puts it "Poor players a bunch of average Joe's most of whom have never done as well as 3rd in the epl so most are doing Better tham they have every done before.  
Why people think they should be doing Better is odd this bunch habe never done any better all their lives"

01 Jan 2018 15:14:28
Jred - I think we're both kind of saying the same thing maybe just from different angles. I think a lot of our players are good, we have potential but some simply can't perform to a high level on a consistent enough basis and that's why we've dropped away and seen a run of poor form. In my opinion we still lack 2-3 players to make us real contenders.

You argue that Jose has underperformed and in terms of style and attractiveness I agree but results until recently have been better. I agree he could maybe get more out of certain players including Pogba and Martial but would that be enough to compete with City I'm not sure.

I think we just need to be patient and let Jose build the side he wants. He has his weaknesses I agree but I honestly believe he is still one of the best mangers in world football and I'm not convinced anybody else could come in and do a better job.

Yes it not been particularly entertaining or easy on the eye, yes his demeanour and personality has been grumpy and sullen but the blokes a winner and he's not getting what he wants. Be it from the players, the board, the referee's, the press and even sections of his own fans. The bloke is incapable of being happy unless he's winning. Trust me if we were 15 points clear at the top of the table and the board had given him everything he'd asked for we'd see a completely different side of him!

I think it's that kind of obsession with winning that we need at our Club and despite all the bad stuff that comes with it that's why I respect and rate him so much!

01 Jan 2018 15:21:12
Ps - I agree about Kane he's been fantastic but let's just see how he performs when/ if he joins a big Club when the expectation is totally different where each missed chance, every misplaced pass and bad performance is scrutinised in minute detail. A place where your expected to win and perform in every game. No exceptions, no excuses. The game becomes a different animal. The weight of expectation can weigh heavily on some players shoulders. Maybe Lukaku is a victim of this kind of expectation and scrutiny at the moment and I think it's something Luke Shaw has definitely been unable to come to terms with.

01 Jan 2018 15:34:55
Jred - I take your point mate. Maybe the difference is players like KDB, Sterling, Sane, Jesus etc are still relatively young and at the start of their careers.

Players such as Rojo, Miki, Mata, Young, Smalling and Jones are more experienced.

I just don't think we quite have the quality yet and it's maybe more of a problem with the players this time rather that the manager. I agree he could play better football and maybe be a bit more out of some but I think he's doing ok with the players he has to work with around par like I said earlier!

Good new year debate though pal 👍.

01 Jan 2018 15:57:56
You won't see any sack the manager post from me
Be interesting to see how average and poor this squad was if pogba matic bailly Shaw martial lukaku rash Mata etc etc where playing to the top of there game a bit like delph sterling stones otamendi sane etc etc

I do think it's daft to judge a player by what his won tho .
Good debate tho pal nice to have a decent crack on here .
Have a good day pal.



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