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16 Dec 2017 04:21:10
Just a little comment I want to make about a trend that annoys me and whilst things are a little slow leading into the weekend:

Carrick has to be the most talked about "under rated" player of all time, almost every week I read about how "unnoticed" his quality and contribution has been. It really winds me up, he has been a good player, a good servant, but nothing more. The reason he hasn't been hyped is because there have been many better players than him, simples. I like him, value his contribution but this recent fad of over hyping the "unsung hero" is ridiculous, not everyone can be a sung about hero or deserves to be - it belittles the excellence of the sung about hero.

Carrick was and has always been the tier below the best, over praise is why we are in this mess, too quick to praise decent and too slow to slam poor.

So can we please stop saying he is an unsung hero because every Utd fan will rate him and has given him ample praise over the years when it has been due. But he isn't in the top echelons, just like Nicky Butt, Dennis Irwin and Gary Neville.

Just my Friday night rant.

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16 Dec 2017 05:33:47
In what mess? 2nd in the league and still in all the cups, what a disaster.

16 Dec 2017 05:53:23
Too many average players GDS2. One or two may work out but most do not.

16 Dec 2017 06:22:01
Merry Christmas to you too Beast. I am one who has talked about Carrick being underrated but that doesn’t mean I think he has been world class. My beef is with people who write players like Carrick off and ignore their contribution. He has been a very good player for us over many years and for a spell SAF said he was the first name on the team sheet; it’s easy to forget that now he is coming to the end of his career. Yes he wasn’t a Gerard,
Lampard, or Scholes but his class is often ignored. Saying someone is underrated does not mean they are a worldie, it means they are under appreciated.

I don’t think we can have a world class player in ever position, building a team is difficult and when you look at some of our most successful teams we had a number of players who were not at that top level but did very well for us. As for the players you named, Neville would have broke the England caps record if he hadn’t got injured, and Irwin was incredible for us over many years.

Interestingly, my issue is the opposite to yours, with players everyone raves about when I just don’t see it. Martial is a prime example. Yes he has huge talent and ability but he rarely shows it and in most games is a 7/ 10 at best.

16 Dec 2017 06:57:19
AJH - But who has ever written Carrick off or been overly critical?

It's like people think "hmm I haven't heard his name mentioned in a while so I have to go out of my way to highlight how important he is".

Players like Carrick and Neville have been great steady eddy's, you need them of course, Valencia is another one at the minute. I also agree with you about the over-hype of fluff players, Depay was my pet hate as he signed, too many people raving about him and I couldn't see the fuss, similar to Lukaku as well in a different way. It doesn't have to be one or the other, I just think Carrick gets this "unsung hero" thing more than genuine hero's get hero.

It's like so many fans are looking for the out of the box praise for a player and Carrick always seems to be the go-to guy. He has been a 7/ 10 player one maybe two seasons he was 8/ 10. So he is sung about enough in my book, too much in my view because too many people want to seem "astute" when saying how great he is. Matic will be the next one when Carrick retires. I even heard it about Fletcher a lot as well, who is another that did ok at best, but nothing special.

16 Dec 2017 08:18:24

I felt the same when Lukaku was signed. I’ve never been. A fan of his as he is cumbersome. Admittedly he did score a lot of goals for Everton but he’s never done it at the top.
I agree with you about average players we have in the squad.
However we are 2nd in the league, theough to the next stages of the CL and still in the league cup. We have improved on last season. Man City had a better squad whenGuardiola took over. It will take another summer transfer window to finish our squad.

Merry Xmas you filthy animal ;)

16 Dec 2017 09:23:39
We are not in a “mess”, however things could and should have been a lot better if only we had owners who didn’t plunge us into totally unnecessary debt channelling funds away from the real issues and had formed a proper transition plan to move on from SAF. It has nothing to do with levels of praise.

16 Dec 2017 11:00:41
Carrick is awesome. Always has been. You don’t year’s at United if you’re crap.

Merry Christmas Scrooge. Have fun.

16 Dec 2017 13:09:51
we could do with a 25 year old Carrick now, we would have some midfield then he has been excellent.

16 Dec 2017 14:29:20
Step away from the green and gold scarf red man 😂.

16 Dec 2017 14:51:06
I disagree about Carrick, he was excellent for us.

I also disagree about Gary Neville, for me he was amongst the best in the world in his position, better defensively than Cafu, Thuram was better defensively but not attacking enough. Lahm was better than him when he was at the end of his career. He was incredible with Becks down the right.

16 Dec 2017 15:19:02
Agreed beast and ajh. I think Carrick has been a fantastic player for us but he's not world class level. I also think that most of our players are overrated. Agree with ajh about Martial.
Ddg and pogba apart, non of the rest are going to walk into Barcelona or Madrid teams.

16 Dec 2017 15:29:21
Carrick in the barcelona team wouldn't hav3 looked out of place, Gary Neville was a top player as well.

16 Dec 2017 15:47:11
Well that made me laugh.

16 Dec 2017 15:51:00
Disagree beast. Guardiola said last season how he rated Carrick very highly and that he would have not looked out of place in barcelona’s Team. If he was Spanish or Italian he would be appreciated a lot more highly. Just because he does not charge around and score goals means he is not rated as highly. His passing range was brilliant and he has a very good footballing brain.

16 Dec 2017 16:33:24
Carrick or biscuits, I know who I would rather have. and he hails from Teesside.

16 Dec 2017 19:51:53

Take a look at what we might have done with the multi millions wasted in interest and charges. People have lost sight of what had happened off the field, allowed the owners publicity machine to soften what they have done to the club. I am not Kloot so don’t take his extremes but I recognise that we had a chance to cement our position at the top however missed it because we were replacing Ronaldo with Wigan’s winger. Real Madrid would not have accepted this at their club but too many of us did.

16 Dec 2017 20:04:47

I can assure you that was a typo and not meant in any way.

16 Dec 2017 20:52:41
So you say red man lol 😁😁😁.

16 Dec 2017 20:54:00
Haha, I did wonder Red Man!

17 Dec 2017 11:36:48
Bloody hell Redman that's a bit strong 😂😂

Only joshing mate I'll be honest I'm only looking at what we have achieved rather than what could have been. Could be worse mate Mike Ashley could be our owner.



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