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10 Dec 2017 22:50:51
The irony of us gifting two goals from set pieces is laughable. All I want to see is passion and determination from the players. It was a derby for Christ’s sake against our neighbours and title rivals. The players should have been harrying and pressuring city not giving them a moments rest. But instead we sat off and allowed them to play. We showed them so much respect and it is bitterly disappointing. The crowd played their part in creating a supportive atmosphere and the players and manager let us down today. What I saw today was not in keeping with the traditions of the club I love. City played the way we used to - with pace, creativity and passion. I have been Jose’s biggest supporter but today showed me that although we may win the league with him at some point, we will not do it in the United way. And that is not good enough for our great club. City have a long term plan and they are a club on the up. We have bought badly and our owners care about money. I would even say city are favourites for the champions league. What I saw today is one manager that lives and breathes a creative and beautiful brand of football. And I saw another that is happy to sit back and ‘hope’ for a mistake. That is the difference between the two sides. One manager see the beauty of the game whilst another see it in a more pragmatic way. We do not have bad players we have some fantastic skilful young players. If rashford and martial were playing under pep they would be flourishing like sterling and sane. It’s painful to admit but they have a manager who we should have signed after Fergie.

Where is our ambition? Where is the united of old? It died the day Fergie left. The club needs to take a hard look at itself if we want to get back to the top. We must invest in January and we must back the manager in the summer. I am sure after a few days I will be able to be less emotional and more objective of the situation. We must take each game as t comes and keep on winning. And then we must pray that our rivals do us a favour. Because that is what it will take for us to even have a chance.

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11 Dec 2017 06:08:24
I think that's a bit of an over reaction bud. Guardiola is no messiah and he has spent over 600 million pounds on a squad that was better than our when he arrived. We can't be great one week and and dog sh. t the next based on one result. sometimes in football the ball bounces right for you and that is the difference of a win lose or draw.

11 Dec 2017 07:35:01

Aims and ambitions. City want to have the best football team in Europe and dominate, become the English version of Barca, money is no object. Utd’s want to be the most valued brand with the asset value in mind, goals (financial) can be achieved by getting in the Champions League each year. Fundamentally that is the issue and arguments over managers, players and style are driven by that.

11 Dec 2017 07:35:36
X Files - You are right, Pep is no bloody messiah, he spent outrageous amounts of money and got the players who fit in his system.

I think Mou was really brave with the line-up, I didn't think for a second before the line-up came that we will play with Rashford, Lukaku and Martial together with just Herrera and Matic playing in the middle, with Lingard roaming free.

From the first minute, the only thing that really pissed me off was that United weren't really going for the press on the city players, and I don't mean press the defence, but allowing De Bruyne and Silva 10-15 yards to run with the ball is just not acceptable. And they aren't running sideways, but they are running towards your goal. Heckle, them for Christ's sake.

Then, Rojo and Young hoofing the ball upfield towards Lukaku is just making him run for no reason. If they did want to play the long balls, then at least ping them behind the full backs, that's where the space is (coz of City's high press), no point pinging it in the middle because the defence will just sort it out.

Sometimes, during the game, I felt that United players are just scared of the ball or getting the ball to their feet and playing through the press. All you need is a bit of movement from the people around you and the press can be countered, instead, those players would receive a pass, and then boom! upfield it went.

City didn't carve us open the way people expected them to, they got two goals which on any other day, given the way United defend, would not have been goals. Yes, they had more of the ball, but that was expected from them and Mou doesn't play a possession-based game. So that's fine.

I think because we gave city so much space in front of us, our intensity suffered and we just weren't good enough on the counter and we always looked a little concerned with the press.

Lukaku should have scored that one and then Mata could have converted that, but that was some save by Ederson and I doubt he knew much about it. But, when you are the number 9 in the team, you are expected to bury those chances.

Pogba was a big miss, I remember him turning koscielny inside out for United's third goal last weekend and when he got the red card, the first thought that I had was, that we don't have players who can do that. Pogba would have made a big difference in the middle of the park, at least he wouldn't have allowed Silva and De Bruyne to run with the ball and City would have been vary of him on the break. But that ifs and buts and those will always be the case.

I think the title race is still on, maybe we have an outside chance of catching them (this is the fanboy in me talking, not the realistic one) but we really have to up our intensity and make teams believe that they aren't playing have-beens, we still are MANCHESTER F***ING UNITED and I would them players to realise this.

On a side note, make them watch the movie United, let them feel what it really means to be playing for one of the most successful club's in the world.

Come on Bournemouth, let's have you!

11 Dec 2017 09:47:00
I have to laugh at people moaning about City spending ridiculous sums of money. Did we get all ours on free's? The difference is, their manager knew exactly who he wanted, and in what position, and they spent what was needed to get them. United fans whingeing about another team spending money, dearie me.

11 Dec 2017 10:02:55
On the money there pal.

11 Dec 2017 11:17:56
Agree with that nou. Not as if we haven’t spent a huge amount either. We haven’t invested well enough. Lukaku was a poor signing and yes he may score get 20 goals this year. But he hasn’t done it in any of the big games. I saw a stat this morning that van persie scored 7 goals against the so called top 6 rivals. Lukaku has 0 in 5 games. If we want to win the league we have to be beating the big boys and not hoping to scrape a lucky goal on the break. The number 9 at united has to stand up and show that they are big enough to be there. Van persie did that. Lukaku has not and I do not think he has the personality to be our main man.

Going onto Jose. I actually think he has done a good job to get us to where we are at the moment. The improvement has been massive and we are a different team from the van gaal days. And pep inherited a better squad than Jose. But the style of football is not good enough. At least go for t and show some passion and have a go at teams. We looked scared yesterday and couldn’t string 4 passes together. That is not good enough for our club.

11 Dec 2017 12:50:07

By no means was I moaning about the money spent by City. Of course, we've spent an absurd amount of money as well, whether we were forced or whether Mr. Woodward wanted to spend that money is debatable. I just agree with the above post with regards to the fact that, Pep inherited a better City squad than us, a squad that even in Pelligrini's time was able to play those quick passes and now, with Pep, they are able to press opponents as well.

Our squad lost their identity and even now, we don't really know who we are. Are we the counter attacking specialist? No, are we kinds to park the bus, not too sure. Are we the ones who play free flowing football and strike fear into the minds of the opponents? Again, no clear answer.

We need to start playing with a direction, we need to counter the way the other team plays, not become defensive. We need to have a plan, an execution, not a knee-jerk reaction to how the other team is playing.

Again, sorry if I came across as a whining United fan, crying about the money, but I wasn't, I was simply trying to make sense of what I saw.

11 Dec 2017 16:01:54

Never said we got our free and do you know for a fact that Jose is done with what he wants or maybe there are 3 or 4 players he would like to add but has some limitations where city and good old pep no matter where he goes seems to have an endless purse to spend.

I will take mourinho over pep personally and wait and allow the man to build the team he wants and then let's see who wins what.

11 Dec 2017 20:59:40
I was exaggerating to make a point :)



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