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10 Nov 2017 04:56:50
It amazes me how the same people that backed LVG to the hilt despite his obvious unsuitability, are now doing the exact same with Jose because of a slight improvement in league position. And some miss-placed loyalty, a manager should earn the fans loyalty not demand it for simply signing a contract for mega bucks and looking like they hate every second of being here.

Give anybody with half a brain hundreds of millions to spend and they will show some sort of improvement. It seems to me that a lot of fans are setting the bar too low, they are judging Man Utd on what Moyes and LVG did to the club and then giving Jose some free pass for slightly improving on that period.

The board got two appointments very wrong (Moyes and LVG), why is it so difficult to believe that they got a third one wrong? We aren't in these interviews or part of that decision making process, but I could tell by watching the melt down at Chelsea under Jose that were taking a huge risk - from the get-go things have looked weird with Jose at Utd, everything about his demeanor seems like he is here for all the wrong reasons.

We won a couple of cups last season that 5 years ago wouldn't have even registered on our radar, we act like they were some great success - look at who we played and how we played in those cups! We would have been playing our reserves in those cups under SAF, like most other elite teams do, not virtually a full strength team. Even Burton fielded their reserves against us this season!

Jose has been backed to the hilt, maybe he wanted more and didn't get it, so what he had more than almost anybody else and we look like we are going backwards fast at the minute! My advice is to ignore all the spin and hear-say in the media and just watch the games and the man, it isn't right. PSG could do us a massive favour here, the fans need to realise the grass we are standing on isn't even green, it's more a light brown!

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10 Nov 2017 06:35:01
Ok Beast. Take out Jose and bring in who? Besides Ancelloti i see no one with the pedigree to be a Manchester United manager in the current turmoil. Before you give me Poch, kindly enlighten me on his achievements to be able to be considered for the highest job in the football world.

10 Nov 2017 07:22:32
Here we go again.
Beast, you are entitled to your opinion, but I will stick with mine. It was always going to take around three years to to undo the damage and correct years of inadequate investment in the squad. I think you just have to forget the money largely wasted by Moyes and LVG.

As regards the vast sums being shelled out now, José is playing catch-up in a vastly inflated market so comparisons are re not like for like.

I expect that while results have improved overall when injuries are not an issue, realistically we may not see a real change in style until the squad begin to settle down until early next season after the summer transfer window.

Chill Beast the money spent is not affecting your personal bank balance.

10 Nov 2017 07:27:57
Like many, people are still living in this "fergie" mentality dream.

Times have changed people need to stop living in the past and constantly comparing to Fergie.

Judge the manager at the end of the season not 11 games in


10 Nov 2017 08:02:25
I disagree with this comment Shan, I'm fed up of the whole it takes a certain pedigree to manage united, we have tried that now, van gaal will sort this mess out. mourinho will fix this shambles. who cares if poch hasn't won anything? He's clearly a top class coach. If Zidane can go managing Real Madrid without winning anything, and conte can go to juventus without winning anything, then why does it matter about pedigree?
Beast is absolutely spot on, we celebrated winning a trophy that we mocked Liverpool for getting to the final of the previous year.

10 Nov 2017 08:30:02
Mac it's a good post that.
Also why are we in turmoil we are making money, spending money great fan base the club us in a great position.
Look at the mess conte took over at Chelsea then won the league.

10 Nov 2017 09:46:20
I’m confused why people keep saying we are turmoil. People seem to forget what’s happened and just judge us on the last game, West Ham are in turmoil, Everton are struggling with Europa league and the league like we did last year, they are in turmoil. We are 4/ 4 in champions league and 2nd in the prem, a lot of clubs would pay a lot to be in this kind of turmoil.

10 Nov 2017 09:46:30
Agree with Bolger here. As hard is it is to take we are no longer the dominant force in the league. All our rivals have strenghtened and have top class managers and the league is stronger than it has ever been. Our era of dominance was always going to have to end sometime. That does not mean we should not have ambitions to win. But times are different now and we have no right to win. The 3 years of Moyes and lvg set the club back light years in footballing sense. Jose has inherited a falling giant and whilst he has not been his charismatic self, he’s done a decent job to get us to where we are. I agree with beast his demeanour has not been Jose of old and if he goes then I do not think it would be the end of the world. But whilst he’s here he has my full backing and that’s all we can give as fans. Let’s support the team that we all love and see how the season pans out. Let’s just enjoy it guys because come May we could be sitting here a few trophies.

10 Nov 2017 10:05:01
Agree whole heartedly with GDS2 and bolger.

10 Nov 2017 11:03:17
Does anyone else get the feeling that since José has arrived, his stay has always felt, I don't know, a bit temporary, as if he's only passing through. I want to feel attached to my manager, and see that his heart is in it. I just don't get that with José. I still think he's doing ok, and at least setting us out on the right track again. I just still can't see him as OUR manager, every time I see him in the dugout, or in interviews. This is just a rambling personal opinion, but the whole thing just feels a little transient, from the staying in a hotel, to the flirting with PSG. I want to love the guy, but he's making it very difficult.

10 Nov 2017 11:12:33
It's nuts, we are obviously not in turmoil .
People are making it out to be the impossible job .
All this talk of the club being in a mess, it will take years to turn it round, we need a big rebuild?

We are second in the league, the club looks set up to be successful imo.

10 Nov 2017 11:24:34
GdS you only have to read the posts on this page to understand the word "turmoil" mate. We are trying to put ourselves back in the league of champions.

10 Nov 2017 11:31:16
Definitely Stevie. It's like it was on his bucket list, but that bucket list was written a long long time ago and he has changed since then. I used to want to sleep with Pamela Anderson, now it lacks that appeal it once had!

He talked up the chance to manage Utd so much he kind of felt he had to do it when the opportunity presented itself, I can imagine a scene where he is drinking with SAF and gave his word of honour that he would take over when offered the job - he's now done what he promised and wants to move on. That's what it seems like anyway, the reluctant hero, Uthred son of Uthred.

He would probably see more of his family if he went to Paris, bet they would let him fly in and out of London every day and change training times to facilitate it.

10 Nov 2017 11:45:16
It's a different angle that, never mind is jose doing a good job, right man etc, does the bloke look happy?

Still living away from the family, Manchester is a bit different in lifestyle to Madrid or London.



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