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27 Oct 2017 19:08:40
I read that Giggs is interested in the Everton job and was interested in the Leicester job and I thought that showed a level of arrogance from someone with no managerial experience. It's a shame that he is still searching for a chance an is setting his sights perhaps a little too high.

Coincidentally I then read an article where Scholes pays homage to Giggs the player and I reflected on what an incredible legend he was for us. The youngsters may not remember his early years but I remember his debut and the early seasons. He has set some records that will never be surpassed, if he had stayed injury fee then I think the appearances record would be his for keeps. He was always a first choice and if he was English I think he would be held in much higher regard.

I am privileged to have seen his whole career, his off field antics are disappointing but has may player contributed more to United over such a long period of time? I hope he finds an opening to take that first step into management, although I think he may have to lower his sights,

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27 Oct 2017 19:24:56
I think Sir Bobby Charlton would be the only one ahead of him if personal records, achievements and longevity are considered, as well as the off the field ambasadorial stuff he does for the club.

That being said there's no taking away from what giggs did in a football capacity at the club, his and scholes influence in the dressing room in their later years were invaluable in our continued success.

On his management career, I think his best route would be to obtain the wales job if/ when a premier league club comes in for Chris Coleman and then hopefully he can follow his lead and set up his managerial career.

27 Oct 2017 19:50:08
Unbelievable in his early years was he ever really considered one of the best in the world tho?
Maybe taken for granted a wee bit.

27 Oct 2017 20:16:19
Loved watching him play as a youngster and i admired him right up till when he finished. What a superb footballer. Nearly the complete player. As you say ajh lots of flaws in his character off the field but on it he was as close to the perfect player, teamate, professional as you could wish to have.

27 Oct 2017 20:18:31
Think we had a few that didn't get the recognition they deserved jred .
I hear names being bandied around all the time and half of em weren't fit to lace Giggs or Scholes boots.

27 Oct 2017 21:46:41
Clearly I love Eric, but Giggs was an 8 out of 10 game after game year after year. Scholes was exceptional, but I think he blossomed later in his career, Giggs was doing it from such an early age and to such a high standard.

Everyone remembers the Arsenal semi final goal but there were so many more.

Perhaps if was English his star might have shone more brightly as he would have been on the world stage but as legends go, he is right up there.

{Ed025's Note - great player AJH...morals of a kowloon dog mind...but exceptional footballer..

28 Oct 2017 03:40:29
Giggs was a great and at one stage was considered the best winger in the world. I think Milan bid £15m for him way back when, which may have made him the world's most expensive player (don't quote me on that, but it is a vague memory and the 90's were a bit of a jumble) .

Problem in terms of his legacy is also why he is considered a legend by many. He hung around too long doing nothing of real significance for what seemed like an absolute age. Had he retired at 31 and gone into coaching, many would consider him even more of a legend imo. I valued his commitment and he played some cracking games for us after 31, helping the team out no-end, and that longevity is part of his appeal. Double edged sword though - who remembers Michael Carrick, lol. Giggs does and did lack that charisma/ aura that most world class people have, but Messi doesn't have it either to be fair.

Private life seemed a shambles, but most people have skeletons and the fact that the brother thing was the only major tabloid article for one of the best players in world football for 20 years is pretty remarkable - especially considering the attention he would have gotten. His 'crime' was also pretty unusual as well, but that is a private matter between his family - didn't hurt anybody aside from family, messed up for sure, but not any of our business really. Nevertheless it tarnished him a lot in the eyes of many, I see a weasel on the TV now unfortunately.

28 Oct 2017 07:25:16
Beast, I think he still contributed right up until he stopped playing. He was no longer a dashing winger but he still added value both as a squad player and apparently as a leader in the dressing g room. Of course if he had bowed out early then his goal scoring record, appearances record, and honours redord might not have been achieved.

28 Oct 2017 08:32:38

“has may player contributed more to United over such a long period of time? ”

Try the late Bill Foulkes story, the Babes, Munich, the European cup, he deserves a statue at the club. Sir Bobby Charlton. Giggs should not be mentioned in the same breath as them.

Perhaps Giggs has a problem with a touch of arrogance, managed Utd for 4 games, 4 meaningless games and now only seems to want a premier managers job. Perhaps some of the fans saying give Giggs the job full time gave him the impression he could do it. No problem with confidence but he needs to show he can manage somewhere lower. He needs to get back in football because the longer he is out the more his chances recede.

28 Oct 2017 09:45:15
I think Giggs should take a leaf out of Gary's book where he said he was disrespectful to all the managers to think he could just waltz in and manage at Valencia.

He later realised that you need to dedicate your entire life to the job as a footballer would to his game.

Of course, there are a few that came from nowhere and became good managers but that's an exception rather than the rule.

It'll be better if Giggs could get a good coach like Zidane, Guardiola or Bielsa and be an understudy for a while before trying to set himself up with a small team and working his way up the ladder rather than wanting his name to do all that for him.

28 Oct 2017 09:45:45
I thought he should have retired after Moscow. Champions league winner. The appearance record was his. Couldve stayed on as a coach. Instead he carried on in some selfish quest to rack up as many appearances as possible. Ok he wanted to set an unbeatable record. But seeing him strolling around doing very little tarnished the memory.

28 Oct 2017 09:49:28
RedMan, I agree re the Manager roles but not about the players. Bobby will always be number 1 and it is difficult to compare across generations but whilst he may be arrogant and have a chequered personal life, his playing achievements stand up to anyone's.

28 Oct 2017 10:43:49

His medals may do but those two players Foulkes and Charlton stand head and shoulders above Giggs. Their achievements came from adversity.

28 Oct 2017 11:51:34
Up there with Rooney.

28 Oct 2017 11:53:10
Are you talking about Giggs or Charlton?
Charlton himself said he played well past his sell by date.

28 Oct 2017 13:41:42
Well I said after Moscow so clearly I meant giggs. But yeah bobby should have gone sooner.



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