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14 Oct 2017 21:02:23
Grab a coffee :)

Strange game today, much like last seasons game we looked ok in the first half but the second was awful.

I have noticed the parking the bus comment a lot, whilst my first reaction was the same i'm not so sure it's totally correct. I think the game plan is ok (with the back 4 and 2 deep CM built to counter) but the attacking players were woeful. Martial and especially Mkhitaryan provided no confidence or link up play when the ball was won so on reflection I think it's a combination of the two, sitting and playing too deep and poor use of the ball.

Couple that with Atkinson's reluctance to give us anything regarding a 50/ 50 foul when we did pinch the ball in dangerous areas.

A draw is ok I guess, never happy with not winning but it is the biggest game of the season for both clubs, form goes out of the window and it always feels more like a cup game these ones. Leaving the away ground with a point is managable and might prove important.

Matic is so good, I'll be honest I never knew how good he was using the ball before he signed but boy that guy can play for a DM.
Jones was solid and I really hope his injuries are fully behind him now because he is starting to show the form that made us sign him.
Valencia has transformed himself into the best RB in England atm.
De Gea only really had one top save to make but that save would of been a goal again'st the 19 other goalkeeper in the league today the others were hardly dangerous and routine.
The rest of the team were wasteful at best.

{Ed025's Note - your team were thoroughly boring deano and seeing as its supposed to be an entertainment industry they were a disgrace mate. swap special one for snoring one . }

Ed24 I see this down the page.

Really mate? views like this is why I guess your lot are never near the trophies at the end of the season.
While I take on board it's your opinion, I don't think anyone will be worrying to much about this game at the end of the season when the trophis are handed out. :)

{Ed025's Note - your probably right chris, i was so disappointed with united though mate, this was a chance to make a statement for me...they made one but not the one i hoped..

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14 Oct 2017 21:21:48
Oh as was I eddy, but not disgraced lol.

Sometimes you need to shut down shop and say we will not be beaten today and hope one of the attackers win the game.

Alas it didn't happen but a draw is not the end of the world, I guess it shows how far we have come to be disappointed more with the performance at Liverpool than the result. We will play a hell of better than that and lose in the future. I am never confident going into these games regardless of form.

The performances and scorelines so far I think allow us to write this one off and move on with the point.

{Ed025's Note - for me it depends on how you see football chris, if your happy to see your team graft without any purpose and dourly kill a game with no intent to entertain the fans then you should be happy, myself when i go to a game i want to be entertained and thrilled, i guess it would be a boring old world if we all thought the same mate..

14 Oct 2017 21:23:53
Got to agree with Ed 25 we were boring. We miss a truly world class player who can take a game by the scruff of the neck and also create something out of nothing. Pogba may or may not turn out to be that player but in his absence we have nobody to do it. City are playing fast fluid football which was our hallmark in our pomp. To be honest I think they are getting close to the rampant Barcelona team of a few years ago and I can see them winning this league by a good margin. Liverpool are not a good team and today we should have gone there intending to give them a really good hiding.

{Ed025's Note - my thought exactly hendon, i loved the united of 10-15 years ago, entertaining as well as effective and with a hint of steel, this one is like wimbledon in their pomp mate..

14 Oct 2017 22:14:59
To reiterate at no point did I say I'm happy with that performance, just I can deal with it and won't throw out over reaction statements like disgraceful lol.

Sure I go to and watch football to be entertained, but I'm also not so naive to think we can play pretty football every game and win. So far we have scored 4 goals a number of times this season, sit in 2nd place having scored a load of goals and have Liverpool away out of the way.
Coming into a massive away game on the back of an international break I can move on.

Sure people will 5 throw out the old "not played any big teams yet" remark but Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, Liverpool and spurs are showing maybe these poor teams are not so poor actually?

As an Everton fan I'm sure u will understand how sick u feel losing at Liverpool regardless of how well u played. U can play the best football in the world but at the end of the day losing is not fun.

{Ed025's Note - i wont argue with that chris, i suppose im a bit of a purist when it comes to football mate..

14 Oct 2017 22:23:15
Sorry eddy not purposely trying to start a debate but Wimbledon.

Come on mate I think u are either being purposely daft or unintentionally over reactive lol.

This team has played some great football this season, has scored 4 goals on multiple occasions and sit 2nd in the prem, top of our CL group and comfortable in the domestic cups.

On second thought I think your just more upset Liverpool didn't get a pastime today :)

{Ed025's Note - im a football purist chris..

15 Oct 2017 05:37:17
I see merit in both sides of the banter. Agree that it was a boring game yesterday but there will always be plenty who expect more even if we WH k Pool, Chelsea or City 4-0. It will never stop. Question will be why can’t we score more even if we win by 3 goals.
But for me it’s all about being coming away not losing rather than to give our most fiercely and historically against football team the bragging rights. Who care if we didn’t play well? If we didn’t play well then why didn’t they win? Sure they are missing their key player but we are missing our key playerS too! We are probably at 50% strength whilst they are at 80%. There are at home and we playing away. So there will always be opinions. Great to hear all dude of opinions and that happy that there are still many emotional and loyal fans.
Both managers have a job to do and us fans can only try to understand and support. I’d love us to win at Anfield but good to get out of there unscathed. I am sure Kloppy will feel same if they come to OT. But I am sure we will be different if they are here.
That said 1 pt earned and need to continue to focus on CL and challenge the PL title. Am sure City will drop somewhere somehow. Let’s see. Like I said it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Come end of season who knows that 1 pt might be very key to title and second who knows 😂😂. Good weekend all.

15 Oct 2017 12:59:37
Surely the statement is made in May ed when your lifting the big trophy?

{Ed025's Note - there is only one team lifting the PL trophy deano...and they play in sky blue mate..



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