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14 Oct 2017 15:31:55
Good game today lads.

I don't come here to get under anybody's skin, I'm not interested in that but I do believe we were the better team today, but I'll take the point, I look forward to the next meeting.

If we'd of had Mane today we'd of won, but same might be said about if you fellas had Pogba so no excuses, I just look at the way Liverpool played today as a positive, we did well we just couldn't put it away, which is what matters. I hope this changes for us soon.

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14 Oct 2017 15:41:36
I agree you were the better team. But your attack was just as bad as ours. Overall I think DDG and our defense come out as the top performers today.

14 Oct 2017 15:44:24
I'm a Liverpool fan, I was going to ask if they were happy with their performance because quite frankly they shouldn't be, recently they've scored for fun, not conceded and we have been the opposite, yet they still sat back, we could have been there for the taking but instead Jose stuck to what he knows. I'm here not to get under any bodies skin as you stated but surely based on both teams recent forms, Liverpool missing mane (granted you're missing pogba but their influence is not quite the same) so I wanted genuine opinions? Lukaku got no service and he's lucky he's strong because he turns like a double decker, it's only one game and maybe Jose is thinking it's a big point but I stayed last week one team will hammer the other, I think with mane fit we would have tore you up playing that, but you playing as you can (as we've seen this season) that maybe it would have been the other way. As stated not here to cause trouble but surely as Manchester United you can't be happy with today's 'performance'? I think it's more Jose not wanting to lose to Liverpool oppose to united not being capable of the win.

14 Oct 2017 15:45:27
I don't think you played well at all. Plan was to allow you all the possession and catch you on the break. You failed to take any of the chances you made, therefore it wasn't a great performance from you.

Was a pitiful performance from us though. Our plan was to park the bus and counter. The bus was average at best despite the 0.0 scoreline. Our countering was shocking.

14 Oct 2017 15:47:21
We were awful. Just awful. I couldn't watch it.

{Ed025's Note - your lucky if you never sepp..

14 Oct 2017 15:52:39
JBLP, I think with a midfield of Pogba, Matic and Fellaini, with Bailly in defence and a fit Rashford, we would have gave you a far better game. Even if you had Mane who looked very lethargic in your last game.

{Ed025's Note - even with that midfield the set up would have been the same sidney, defend defend defend, a jose trait against the bigger teams away..

14 Oct 2017 16:11:35
Never ceases to amaze me how good players get when they don't play 😂.

{Ed004's Note - I’m confused. So you don’t think Pogba, Bailly, Fellaini and Rashford weren’t big misses for united and Mane wasn’t a massive miss for Liverpool?}

14 Oct 2017 16:17:27
Ed 4
If lukaku and Miki weren't playing we would of all been saying what a massive miss they where .
As it is they both had stinkers, it's always assumed any player that doesn't play would of been great.

{Ed004's Note - Maybe it’s just me but I would have had more faith in Pogba keeping the ball and improving our supply to our forwards over Herrera/Mkhitaryan same with Bailly in comparison to Smalling}

14 Oct 2017 16:22:37
I though smalling and Jones played ok .
Last season pogba ibra wig bailly all played . The result was 00 the performance even worse.

{Ed004's Note - But we have improved as a team since then}

14 Oct 2017 16:34:59
Jred, the performance last season wasn't worse at all. It was the exact same game-plan, although executed better.

14 Oct 2017 16:37:12
The whole point of parking the bus is to nullify the opposition's attack, we didn't do that, we just got lucky that they were toothless again in attack. Last season we DID nullify their attack. The game-plan was executed perfectly.

14 Oct 2017 16:05:01
Ed25 I agree with that last season we had ibra fellaini pogba bailly all fit . The result was Liverpool 0 0 man United in a performance very similar today .
Different players same performance same result.

{Ed025's Note - same manager thats why jred..

14 Oct 2017 16:09:44
Ed025, couldn't agree more, difference is we would have had composure on the ball and our attacking would have been much better. Also Fellaini, Pogba and Bailly in the box for set pieces would have been a reason to actually cross the ball into the box.

{Ed025's Note - i was disappointed with the set up sydney, i thought you might have a good go at them and give them a scare..silly me..

14 Oct 2017 17:15:51
The performance was crap I think we can all agree on that but the bottom line is a point away at anfield is always a good point.

Look at Chelsea today I think we all take stuff for granted and as poor as we were today Liverpool wasn't much better .

There fans can go on all day about the negative tactics and parking the bus and all that bollox but at the end of the day the couldn't break us down even with their super mega hyper forward line.

I think Liverpool should be more concerned with their ineptitude than ours.

{Ed025's Note - fair point deano..

14 Oct 2017 17:18:48
It was an even worse performance last season but that's what Jose does .
I can rember Chelsea coming to OT and not playing a striker . Result 00.

14 Oct 2017 17:27:01
I said the same thing Deano mate.

14 Oct 2017 18:10:21
I saw Syd totally agreed mate and jred makes a couple of great points further up one being the Chelsea result make no mistake that is a disastrous result for them this season you will just not be able to lose points like that or you will be dead in the water, the 2nd point of his about "this is what jose does" is absolutely bang on I can't believe there are so many surprised this game is only about not losing we've all the ex players saying the same that losing is the end of the world but guess what lads we didn't lose and we can go forward and improve again.

I would also be astonished if we didn't address the lb prob in January I'm not one for having a crack at our players but I'm very very disappointed by darmian .

14 Oct 2017 18:47:06
A point at Liverpool is a good point but only if you actually try and win first. City would have been happy with a point at Chelsea but kept trying for all 3 and ended up getting them.

14 Oct 2017 19:00:06
As gutted as I was at the performance I'm not getting carried away I would quite happily bet my very soul right this second that we will finish above the astonishing Liverpool this season.

{Ed025's Note - a long way to go yet deano and to be honest you have not played much yet, your soul is a very high stake mate and if i were satanic i might just have a little dabble on that..

14 Oct 2017 19:40:39
It's here for the taking ed and for the record I've seen you destroy a few on here with what can only be described as satanic banter 🤣.

{Ed025's Note - if you knew me better deano you would know i have a halo mate..



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