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01 Oct 2017 19:26:05
Reading the other pages Chelsea fans are well hacked off about Conte's approach to the City game whilst the red and blue of Merseyside are both mentioning Ancelotti. I
can't believe the Liverpool fans feel that way already, it's been a less than stellar start but it's still very early. However, Everton have been a surprise, they look very poor and whilst they lost Lukaku they did buy a few.

It's been a very interesting start this year, Burnley punching well above their weight so far but the top of the table looks good. A number of us had De Boer down as first to be sacked but take your pick as to who is next. Koeman looks vulnerable as does Shakespeare with Clement and Howe also under pressure.

If we beat Liverpool (which we should) then the howls about Klopp will just get louder, come on Jose, let's get at them. I expect a couple more Managers will have gone by Christmas, take your pick which ones.

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01 Oct 2017 20:00:57
Liverpool were always going to struggle. They never sorted their issues and they don't have a good enough squad to deal with a heavy fixture schedule.

Everton have signed many players and they must gel. Also not signing a top striker was a huge mistake. Also taking Rooney may have been a mistake too.

01 Oct 2017 20:03:01
Yes tony! Get at them on 14th.

01 Oct 2017 20:50:44
Everton are going to take time, but koeman has been very negative so far. Even if he does manage to start getting points, I can't imagine he'll play attractive football.

Liverpool haven't started well but when you watch them, you always feel like they can score. A couple of wins and they're right back in the mix.

I hope Shakespeare goes next. Just so he knows how Ranieri felt.

02 Oct 2017 00:14:23
Personally i'd love to see us but a couple of nails in klopps coffin he is a complete bluffer and bufoon that squad would do so much better under someone like anchelotti.
Everton look all over the place. Awful defence and no attack.

02 Oct 2017 05:10:39
I think Koeman will be next now that ancelloti is available. I hope palace go down as any club and the idiot who runs it that sacks 4 or 5 managers in 9 months deserves to go down. Hodgson is such a poor manager and he will be sacked sooner or later too.

02 Oct 2017 09:47:20
Everton did spend a lot of money in the summer but when you look at their team they remind me a little of us in LvG's first season. Yes there is quality there but they have a total lack of pace right throughout the team. one of Williams and Jagielka always playing makes it difficult for them to play a high line, there defense having to sit deeper means the midfield has to sit deeper or expose space between the lines that in turn means either the forward line has to play deeper or risk being isolated. The forward line sitting deeper wouldn't be such an issue if there was pace in the forward line meaning they could spring counters quickly and make up that space between them and the goal. But they don't have ant pace in their forward line. That is why they look so blunt going forward, add to that several losses and poor performances that have no doubt knocked their confidence means they are in a real sticky situation. I'm not sure how they are going to get themselves out of it, sacking the manager will not add any pace to the team which is so sorely lacking.

02 Oct 2017 10:58:52
Klopp to stay. I donโ€™t want him sacked. In my opinion heโ€™s doing a great job for Liverpool. All hail Klopp ;) .

02 Oct 2017 14:03:51
Mad Hatter youโ€™re really mad! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
But I agree with you ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘.

02 Oct 2017 14:30:31
I don't want klopp sacking either. He's doing brilliantly. Fails to sign a centre back then wastes forty million on the ox. Genius.

02 Oct 2017 16:25:32
Every time I see Koeman, and how he sets his teams out, it just reminds me of LVG. (shudder) My brother-in-law is a die-hard Toffee, and a forgiving one at that, but even he thinks Koeman is on borrowed time. Ashley Williams, so good for Wales, looks a complete liability at club level.

02 Oct 2017 19:08:40
Koeman reminds me of Slimer from Ghostbusters. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Oh and Avram Grant is Baron Von Greenback in disguise.

02 Oct 2017 19:14:00
i Was surprised when Koeman bought Williams. His best had gone. Distinctively average, still fits into the Everton team nicely.

02 Oct 2017 20:50:45
I don't think any of the real Liverpool supporters are screaming for Klopp to be sacked, but the "Keyboard warrior forum fans" probably do. can't really blame the manager for defenders who can't kick a ball rolling towards him, defenders who pass the ball straight to a opponent or a goalkeeper that needs 3 tries to catch a floating cross. But if he can't get a new cb in january or in the summer, their is something really really wrong.

02 Oct 2017 21:08:28
Nah he was told at the start of the window that vvd wasn't for sale. Shouldn't have faffed around and gone for someone else. Ox was a poor signing.

02 Oct 2017 21:33:22
Yeah well i don't think anyone disagree that AOC is a waste of money, but what manager hits with all his buys? And it was also clearly a panic buy, since they couldn't land any of their first choice targets. And its easy to scream for the managers head when the team is not winning every match, but who should they get that can do a better job? Atleast i am able to watch my team play, and still see entertaining football matches. Not everyone can say the same :D.

02 Oct 2017 22:10:19
Yeah our goals going in are awful to watch.

02 Oct 2017 23:08:31
Benitez just might end up at Everton! If Koeman gets his marching orders and klopp might be looking to escape to Bayern if some bookies have their info correct ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†.



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