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22 Sep 2017 08:50:45
Looks like its time to change the words!

Oh Romelu, Lukaku
He's our Belgian scoring hero,
With Van Gaal we scored zero,
Scoring more goals
Than Rooney, Giggs and Scholes
(To made of stone)

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22 Sep 2017 09:37:30
Did any groups complain about Park eating dogs in his own country or Nemanja going to murder you? Rom towing the company line.

22 Sep 2017 10:19:12
He's our Belgian scoring genius,

we can't sing about his penis,
were politically correct,
he's offside when erect.

22 Sep 2017 10:27:04
If people said some of the things on the street they sing at grounds they would get arrested. Not a killjoy but some chants are dreadful. It can't be that hard to come up with good ones. I loved th Kanchelskis chant as it was to a Russian tune and very original.

Perhaps I am just getting older but I seem to be more easily offended nowadays. I went to the home Liverpool game last year and he hatred in the ground was disturbing.

22 Sep 2017 12:08:59

Thats not the best game to get a family atmosphere.

Infact i'd say its the most hate filled crowd in most of football. Not saying i agree tho.

22 Sep 2017 15:58:43
It's the big softy approach that is leading to all the namby pamby footballers and PC press - killing society and competitive sport. A few years ago it would have been praise enough just to be sung about by thousands of people unwinding from their daily troubles, now it's got to meet with BS parameters. I can semi-understand the really heavy stuff, but singing about the size of somebody's manhood - Jesus, oh sorry (religious icon H Christ) .

God forbid if somebody threw a pie at Mickey Quinn these days, they would be hung drawn and quartered by the press, the FA and doogooders would ensure they were fined and banned from football stadiums for the rest of their lives.

The world's got enough BS to deal with, football chants is not one of them. Free speech people.

22 Sep 2017 17:20:01
Yes Beast, what was Morata thinking when be berated the Chelsefans for an anti-Semitic chant, clearly Lukaku was too sensitive in asking everyone to move on.

I get the PC gone mad issue, there are plenty of examples where ridiculous decisions been taken because a white middle class left wing liberal thought someone might be offended. However, anything that perpetuates a racial stereotype is not ok, nor is chanting about people dying.

22 Sep 2017 19:31:04
Personally, I see nothing wrong with the song. It’s a bit of fun, no more. It’s not singing about plane crashes or fans going to a game of football and never making it home again. It is just light hearted humour. Maybe not to everyone’s taste, but the world would be a boring place if you couldn’t do anything in case someone got a little upset. PC bullsh*t again.

22 Sep 2017 19:49:11
Brendan, are you black? If not then you (like I) don't get to decide if it offensive or not.

22 Sep 2017 20:44:11
Ask yourself this AJH. When someone told Lukaku about the song, or he read the words online or whatever. What do you think his first reaction will have been? I’m 99.9% sure he would have had a little chuckle as that’s what the song is about. It’s a bit of fun, not an attack against any person or group of people. But as the PC and anti racism brigade have jumped on it, he feels he has to make a statement against it. People need to chill out, it’s pathetic. No one is using the N word or taking the piss out of slavery or anything else that would be hugely offensive. We are talking about a song that says he is well hung. So what? As mentioned above, who whinged about eating dogs, Serbians murdering you or a certain ex Liverpool forward looking like a tranny? No one, and this is no different except it is about a black man and people get very touchy about it, due to a minority of bigoted low life’s in the world.

22 Sep 2017 21:19:58
Its only a bit of fun. too much political correctness in the world now.
Luis Suarez his teeth are offside . I love the simple ones.

22 Sep 2017 22:07:40
Brendan, how do you know how he felt about it? You didn't answer my question about Morata either.

I get the PC brigade issue and I can get as exasperated as anyone with some of the nonsense that goes on but just becaus you (and Leahy) think it is harmless fun doesn't mean it is mate. I had to sack someone once for telling jokes to Muslim staff about the Taliban, his defence was the jokes were funny and it was just a bit of fun. Funny enough, the staff didn't think so, and neither did the law. I realise the Lukaku chant was not inherently racist but it does perpetuate a racial stereotype therfore it isn't acceptable.

22 Sep 2017 23:01:16
Wish I had 78000 people singing about my huge weapon. I'd make it my ring tone!

22 Sep 2017 23:28:55
Singing about someone’s love truncheon in a very light hearted and jokey manner, and telling jokes about an organisation who carry out suicide attacks and have links to terrorism are hugely different things AJH. They can’t and shouldn’t be talked about as one and the same.

Also, you didn’t ask me a question about Morata nor my tiny todger.

22 Sep 2017 23:41:11
Safe to say we can tell who goes on.

23 Sep 2017 00:44:05
Ajh. You sacked someone for telling a joke about the Taliban. that's ridiculous. I've heard english people telling jokes about the irish and what do the irish people do, they laugh. vica versa.
Scottish Welsh irish. They can have a laugh at each other no offence taken. Where's it going to stop,
Soon races won't be able to talk to each other.
If Muslims can't have a laugh in this side of the world then they should go to Muslim countries.
You respect the country you are living in and abide by their way of life or go back to your own. And that goes for me too if I go to another country.

23 Sep 2017 06:53:57
Wow Leahy, you know Muslims are into at least third and fourth generations here don't you? How are you with the Celtic chants, are they ok? I'm not a spoilsport and I like a good laugh but if someone finds something offensive because it is t do with their race, religion, sexuality, ethnicity, then we need to respect that. The Lukaku chant might not be as obvious as to why it might offend but to suggest people just need to laugh along is a bit naive.

As for the Talban joke, he told several 'jokes' about Muslims to Muslim staff, many of them found them offensive.

Brendan, you're right, I asked Beast about the Morata chant.

This started with the Lukaku chant and has widened somewhat, I think it's a good debate as there are so many hits chanted at grounds that go beyond the pale.

{Ed001's Note - I think Leahy could do with reading Leroy Rosenior's autobiography 'It's Only Banter' about how people used to tell him that when he was racially abused. If people keep pushing racial stereotypes then they will be believed and people get judged by them.}

23 Sep 2017 07:14:40
Boys I'm talking about having a laugh with everyone not about race abuse, That's a total different thing altogether.

{Ed001's Note - the words missing the point come to mind.}

23 Sep 2017 07:46:39
People used to think throwing bananas on the pitch was having a laugh. Here's the point - if Lukaku wasn't black, that song would make no mention of the length of his penis.

23 Sep 2017 07:54:22
That's a book I must read. Did you read it ed. a good read I'd say .
Did he play for West ham in the 80s.
And then went on to management.
I think his son plays today not sure with who though.

{Ed001's Note - I can't remember who he played for, nice guy but some of the stuff he went through is surprising and the way his team mates reacted was shocking to me. His son is Liam, he is back in the Prem with one of the newly promoted teams and started last weekend, can't remember if it was Brighton or Huddersfield though.}

23 Sep 2017 08:34:20
Lots of people when challenged on inappropriate comments/ jokes/ songs say it is just banter or they are just having a laugh. It is likely they did not mean offence and didn't understand but after that point once understanding is reached you should stop. That is probably why lukaku mentioned it in my opinion. However banter is often used as an excuse when people are fully aware of the meaning and effect their words can have. Lots of bias in the world some conscious but a lot is unconscious.

23 Sep 2017 10:59:12
Just wondering if Lukaku would have said anything if Kick It Out hadn't made a fuss? Was he told he had a Duty to speak out. End of the day if it offends then it stops. Simple as. Especially our own players.



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