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18 Sep 2017 04:30:06
I don't think we should get carried away by the win. Our performance was piss poor and utterly rubbish. I was constantly being annoyed by how poor we were in the back, middle and forward too. It was like we had no gameplan. Only positive I can get is the win which fortunately is the most important thing.
We have to play far better if we are aiming to win the title. It is the first time that I ever felt so annoyed by our performance even with such flattering scoreline.

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18 Sep 2017 05:53:12
Is this a wind up mate? Surely you are not serious. I agree that we were poor in all of the second half except the last 10 mins but piss poor? No. Can't believe you are feeling more annoyed after this 4-0 win compared to the LVG dross or even the 0-0 s last year.

18 Sep 2017 07:36:05
For me the lowest point remains Moyes vs Fulham.

18 Sep 2017 08:59:45
Ryans left leg

I do think we were piss poor mate. Everton were so poor that we should have scored more than 6 goals against them. But we just messed up simple passes too. Their slow and lethargic front three still managed to penetrate our defence in more than few occasions. Most of our players decision making was poor and attack was always dimantled because of it. Our first goal was was a wonder shot. I wonder valencia wanted to hit it like that. Second goal was because of ashley williams mistake and rest followed up after because of second goal.

To clarify my previous statement, this is first time I was annoyed by the performance in a 4-0 win. Moyes and LVG annoyed me more.

I am not criticizing players but pointing out our flaws in the match and there were a lot.

This performance cannot repeat if we play against top teams.

18 Sep 2017 09:36:31
We didn't play well every game in the glory years of sir alex yet when we played poorly and still got the result everyone thought it was good sign and that was what was sometimes needed to secure a title. Hopefully the same can be said of this united side this season. I for one am very happy how its gone so far.

18 Sep 2017 09:54:01
We played "piss poor" and still won 4-0. And your not happy with that?

18 Sep 2017 10:06:17
We haven't played well for 4 games now, West Ham was a freak performance but fortunately not a freak result.

Jose has us being hard to beat and reasonably ruthless. The thing is we haven't really played anybody yet, Everton are clearly not the Everton everyone expected, the hard games come soon.

If we play the way we have up to now then we will struggle against better attacking teams. Frankly we have been getting more boring to watch by the week for me, the scorelines have flattered us in the main. Most of our fans are happy with this so Srestha will meet with criticism, I however am not happy with the play and the results are papering over the same old, side-side, slow play. So I agree we have been deteriorating since West Ham (who were at the time and until recently a shambles themselves) .

Lukaku has been an absolute donkey so far as well in all honesty, proving my fears that he will score but contribute little else and you need more from a lone striker these days. Granted he has scored a few and laid on an assist, but he has lost the ball a lot, makes the wrong runs, is static in the box and has been worse than a passenger most games - his finishing has left a lot to be desired as well.

On the flip side, our defenders and Matic have been very very impressive so far, as well as DDG when called upon. The problem as always comes from our ability to support in numbers, play the ball quickly and read what our fellow players are going to do. It's very disjointed and we need to lift it from the 6/ 10 football we have been playing. Mata isn't good enough, Lingard isn't either.

{Ed025's Note - bloody hell beast you sound like a liverpool supporter!, top of the league and scoring for fun and your still not happy?, have your moan by all means when the going gets tough, but when its good just try and enjoy it mate..

18 Sep 2017 11:08:22
Ed - I'm pleased we are doing well on the surface, but we are not playing well, or to the level we need to be if we expect to win the CL and league. We are playing just like last season with a little bit more confidence, I was moaning then as well so I don't want to be a hypocrite just because we have taken advantage of some weak opposition.

Too much euphoria on here, I wish our fans could watch the game and not see the goals or the scoreline. Everton turned up trying to keep the score down, we scored early and could have hammered them if we turned on the heat, but we didn't know how to and could easily have slipped up like we did against Stoke. We blitzed them in the end like we did Swansea, but both games were in the balance for far too long. Leicester was a terrible game to watch, we were outclassed by Real Madrid as well. So only the West Ham game was both pleasing on the eye and the score sheet for me. I was flying during the CL game against Basel so missed it, but I imagine it was similar to the other games performance wise than the West Ham freak performance.

{Ed025's Note - you will get better as the season wears on beast, the new faces will start to bed in better and once they do it will look more fluid, enjoy the good days mate as a bad result like for every team is just around the corner..

18 Sep 2017 11:14:51
Beast that sounds like a monty python sketch apart from scoring goals and providing assists what has lukaku ever done for us .
I know he wasn't yr ideal choice to buy as a striker but the bloke is scoring every game . He looks like he will score a bag full mate this season.

18 Sep 2017 11:20:45
Yeah I hope so Ed, we look solid and I do like that Jose is not tinkering when it can be helped. We'll win the league imo because we haven't left 3rd gear yet. Jones and Bailly look fantastic.

My overarching point is that what we have seen so far is not good enough to win the league, so no point getting to exciting yet. We hope and expect to improve but I am reading everywhere how dominant we are etc, when truth be told we have been sub-par and just capitalised on things we maybe wouldn't have last season.

18 Sep 2017 11:28:01
He will Slate, but so did Ibra. He has been shocking on the ball, almost every time he is asked to hold it or lay somebody in it ends up misplaced or given away.

Look I agree he is a very good centre forward, but for a team that plays with one striker and attacks as much as we do, he needs to be much better at holding it up and moving in the box when we have posession - our flare players are wasted at the minute. I have him as my captain as I think he will score 30 goals at least in all comps, but my concerns have been justified so far, his finishing isn't top class, his movement is basic, his touch is awful and his reading of the game is shocking. But he is a monster and creates havoc, he'll infuriate just as much as he will relieve - I think he needs to improve.

2 moments of quality don't account for the other 92mins of football.

18 Sep 2017 11:59:23
There's been lots of strikers beast who's game was all about goals and they didn't do much else IL not list them but there are many . I agree with some things u say and I thought for thirty mins Everton were as likely to level as we were of going further ahead . But we got lukaku to score and turn home draws into wins and to be fair he's doing that . I'm not getting carried away we are just beating teams we should be beating and should have been beating last year to, but the fact is we have and I can't knock them for doing exactly what we should have expected. The play was slow again but the attack does look potent now when we get near the box . Remember Everton may have missed two good chances but we did hit the post and lukaku missed a good chance . If we say everton could have had two then it's also fair to say we could have had 6. I didn't think we were amazing as I haven't in a few of the games and does make me think things Gona get way more testing against good sides but until these good sides can prove that then it's unfair to be harsh we have done what we were meant to.

18 Sep 2017 12:12:22
Lukaku has been the perfect signing. Not quite sure who else you think would have come in and done better?

Morata? Not for me. Lukaku has been awesome.

18 Sep 2017 12:35:46
Totally agree Slate - we look better than last year, we need to look MUCH better than last year if we want to win everything and it's early days still so we have time to improve.

Key is not to get carried away or let the result cloud our judgement. But as supporters of the club a 4-0 win is a great result, hopefully the overall performance will start reflecting the results - the other way around is what most other clubs fans whine about so all gravy.

It's a satisfactory start all in all, a lot of our rivals have played harder games this season so far, so by Christmas we will know how good we really are - league table isn't a guide yet.



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