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16 Sep 2017 12:28:18
Rooney return to OT tomorrow and is it just me (im risking a slating with this) but although i would applaud him when they announce his name and when he comes on the pitch but that's it.

I personally think from next season he will be just another player for an opponent.

What strikes me as strange, RVP, RVN, cantona, any of the class of 92 etc even larrssoon i would have more warm feelings towards and would definitely give a standing ovation for.

And before anyone starts, i'm well aware of his records for us.

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16 Sep 2017 12:40:26
It's been a strange one with Wayne Rooney for a few years now. I'm inclined to agree with your sentiments above, however I hope he is remembered more fondly by history.

16 Sep 2017 13:07:43
Another Rooney debate, time to get the popcorn.

16 Sep 2017 13:10:13
I love the club not the players. I don't know the players they are not my friends. When they leave the lub there are very few i have any aguero or fellings for. Its a case of the king is dead long live the new king.
I hope he gets a good ovation he deserves it for his service. But to me he is just another ex player same as any other ex player.
Let me ask you this if wayne rooney saw you walking doen the street in a united jersey would he stop you and thank you for your support. No. In his mind your just another supporter. So why should you go out of your way to thank him he is just another player. Its the club that i support the players come and go and mean very little to me when there gone.
Obviously there are a few players that earn a special place in my heart but they are few and far beteeen. Once they are not playing for united most of them are dead to me as much as i am to them.

16 Sep 2017 13:11:41
Oohhh yeah. another Rooney debate. I will be cheering him no matter what. A club legend a club captain. He gave us the best years of his life and I am glad for that.

16 Sep 2017 14:02:39
I tend to agree with Jose but not the legend part. Legends don't hold the club to ransom. Legends are those who hold themselves in high standards and leave or retire in a respectful manner.
Yes Rooney has done well whilst he was here and of course Man Utd paid him well. It's a job just like any other just that highly paid no doubt short career. But Man Utd has made him rich to even retire now. He should be thanking the club.
So yes, as Jose said we cheer for him before and after the game but not during. Jose is just being professional. I don't like him less but not any more either. I give him the due respect as an ex player. Just a waste bcos of his booze and romping. Shame.

16 Sep 2017 14:26:03
See tbats what i can't shake from mind - rooney holdi g us to ransom and being a mard arse IMO.

I will never hold him. in the same regard as scholes, g nev, cantona etc even with his records.

16 Sep 2017 14:57:56
I'd be very disappointed in our fans, if he didn't get a good reception.

16 Sep 2017 14:31:19
He will get a fantastic reception far better than what he would and does get on here, why is that?

What is the club with out the players, sir matt law best Charlton, scholes Giggs Robson.
Many many more that's the history of the club. It's the players and the club I've been brought up on, memerioes of great nights and experiences, with out it how can you have any affection for it if the past means nothing .
I remember Robson busting a gut, scholes scoring a screamer hughes with a over head kick not United busting a gut or United scoring a over head kick Yyou can't have one with out the other.
With out the players and mangers what is a football club

Manchester United is a football club that is owned by the glazers but the name is built by the players and managers that have come before.

Rooney will get a great reception, fans still sing about cantona, Robson will always be hero fans who never saw them play talk about best law and Charlton.
As a lad from Ireland would you even support United with out sir Matt the babes and best.

Rooney will get a great reception because fans remember all the enjoyment all the good times everything we have shared together .

16 Sep 2017 15:41:16
Roy kean, held the club to ransom, broke the wage structure, walked out on Ireland during a world cup, slagged his team mates off and fans off on mutv while captain of United. From all accounts a bit of an unpleasant person .
Roy kean
Telling viera to see him on the pitch lined up in the tunnel.
Giving shearer a slap.
Scoring in Turin. What a man what a player always be a legend in my eyes United fans will still be talking about him in 20 years.

16 Sep 2017 15:51:05
Jred. The club is still here long after past players have gone. I don't look back too often. Sure i have good memories. But i don't dwell on them. I look forward always in all aspects of my life and don't look back. That doesn't make me wrong i just have a different perspective than you.
I don't support manachester united as an irish lad because of of the busby babes or sir matt quite insulting of you to think so and just for the record we don't all eat spuds and play the fiddle over here either. We are capable of making our own choices.
The players staff and coaches are mere transiant employees of the club i love. When memories come to mind they are fleeting. I didn't like jose when he coached chelsea i like him as our coach. Football players are not my heros i hope they do well and that their actions and play is beciming of a man utd player but when they stop making a consistently positive contribution then i hsve no interest in 90% of them anymore.
As i said above he should and will i'm sure get a great reception for he past services like most past players do.

16 Sep 2017 16:15:19
Why would any one of a certain age from Ireland support United if it wasn't in some way down to sir matt, best the busby babies and the Munich air disaster.
For me United would be just an other club if it wasn't for that chapter in our history, it is a huge part in our global appeal. We become a second team for every fan outside of England.
United where a huge club before we where a successful one in many ways.
A lot of fans support us now because we wins things but back in the day we attracted supporters largely down to our reputation born from that era imo .
Football players are not heroes nor actors or singers they are just people who do a particular thing well .
There entertainers nothing more but that's not what being a fan is about.

16 Sep 2017 16:33:31
What a load of tosh jred. Why would irish kids support city or chelsea or everton or leeds as thousands do.
To you that's not what being afan is about. People support the club in their own way . You are no better than any other fan because you love sir matt. You really do have a high opinion of yourself you are no better or more important than any other fan. You do it your way but its no better than mine or no worse for that matter. History of the club means more to you than me. Players are only important to me while they are playing for the club. I will always appreciate their efforts but that's it they ate not special people because they used to play for my club.

16 Sep 2017 17:01:44
Chill out I don't think i said any of them things, read my post again .
Why do you support United.

16 Sep 2017 17:02:59
Why do irsih kids support leeds?

16 Sep 2017 17:47:44
Always been a huge leeds support in Ireland jred i guess it's passed down through generations. There are more kids wearing Barcelona and real madrid jerseys than most English clubs. Liverpool also hugely supported and they never had a plane crash.
Many times on here you have said you dedpair of some of the fans and if that's the sort of fan the club are attracting nowadays. i'd hate if all fans were like you but they're not. Each to his own i love the club for loads of reasons. I started supporting them as it was my dads club. The club had given me great times and i look forward to more. I get great pleasure from following the club but i don't care who scores who stays or who leaves. I have my ooinions on how my ideal team ethos would be and when it differs from what's actually happening at the club i just have to support that. i'm happy if we have no home grown players in the team if we don't have any good enough. i'm happy if we have 11 home grown players in the team as long as they are winning/ competing to win. I think the edwards family and many of the executives and very smart business people and football people behind the scenes are more club legends than most of the players that get that title. There are hundreds of people over the years that have given The club more years of service than the cantonas and rooneys of this world and for only a tiny fraction of the rewards that the players get. These are the likes of people that the club is about these are the people that built the club and make it what it is today.
A beast like analogy. If i may. A movie would be no good without the moneymen the visionaries the screen writers directors producers and edititors. They are the ones who make tbe movie what it becomes. Not the actors in 99.9% of cases. that's why bond movies are still being made bond goes on actors change. To suggest as you did above that the club was built by players and managers is a slight on the real heros imo. Some mangers have exceled and given huge service and remain or did remain involved at the club but players with rare exception will do what's best for them not what's best for the club. Busby and fergie are among a rare breed of exceptions at manager level too to ve fair.

16 Sep 2017 18:21:37
Roy Keane, held in such high regard that jred can't even spell his name correctly.

16 Sep 2017 18:39:58
See i don't care about the edwards or glazers i enjoy watching football and united . Couldn't care less about clever business men .
Or what players do off the pitch they are just people like you and me.
I've enjoyed watching Robson feel lucky to be a United fan and have watch cantona strutting his stuff .
Great period of my life traveling with United home and away in the 80s.
90s real exciting time to be a fan, watching Becks and co come through scholes and kean .
70s wasn't great for a number of reasons .
If you can't enjoy it what's the point of being a football fan . But each to there own
Jesus 99 was one of the best moments in my life great memories.

I'm a United fan because of what's happened in the past not what might happen in the future .

I don't support United because we are a well run business or because we win things or spend a lot .
All that is important in the grand scheme of things but as a fan watching cantonas chip gave me more enjoyment .
When I watch a film I don't think about who financed it

A generation of fans grew up Liverpool fans because they where the most successful team, like Madrid and Barcelona.
Leeds had that a team that everyone loved to hate but a generation loved .
And United became the biggest club in the world based on not what they won but that era of busby and Munich.
I am as big a fan of Robson in the 80s as ddg now .
So many great players so many great moments imo it's what being a fan is about.

16 Sep 2017 18:42:01
I'm footy fan who cares how you spell his name.

16 Sep 2017 19:01:19
Each to their own i just have a different perspective jred. Each person supports the club in their own individual way.
It's the same ss how we look at the team differently. I think mati has been the major change that has seen better results. You think its more lukaku. Youdont value matics role as being pivitol i do. Its just a different perspective. I see the cdm role as the fulcrum that the whole team operates off. When the right person is there the rest have an easier job.

16 Sep 2017 19:11:13
United where arguably the biggest club and football brand in the world before the glazers .
Sir mat took over in 45 and left a very different club in 69 .
Best law Munich sir mat, that era made the club what it is today .
We went from just another club to one of if not the most famous club in the world .
With supporters all over the world
United didn't win a title between between 67 and 93 yet we where the biggest show in town .

How did United get to where we are now, was it down to clever owners or have they managed to cash in on the club that sir mat built?
Was our success down to the edwards family or sir mat and then fergy.

16 Sep 2017 19:19:07
Exactly Ken it's same as me arguing this is a good squad and you it's the worse in 22 year .
Just a difference of opinion.



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